Mother’s Day Grieving: A List of WYG Articles to Help You Cope

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As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to offer a new piece of wisdom from our travels. Perhaps something shared with us by a reader or a personal observation from 16 years of grieving a mother that might help you with Mother’s Day grieving. And, I will say, I have several stray tidbits that may be worth writing about, but none felt right this week. 

We’ve already written so much on topics related to Mother’s Day that I think the best thing we can do is put everything together in one place to share with you. And I can promise with a large amount of certainty that, as someone who will always opine about grieving a mother (while being a mother), that we will continue to write about these topics as long as we exist. 

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Articles About Mother’s Day Grieving

Other Articles About Grieving a Mother:

Grieving a Grandparent:

Pregnancy Loss

Articles About Remembering and Memory

Parenting While Grieving

Grieving a Complicated Relationship

New Resource Announcement: The WYG grief community

Have you heard that WYG is starting a virtual grief community? Though the doors to the community haven’t opened yet, we’re currently collecting interest via a waitlist. We’re really excited for this grief community to be up and running and see a lot of potential for discussion on a wide range of topics and in a number of different formats. Whether you consider yourself a talker and joiner, or someone who likes to listen and observe, all are welcome! Check out a few additional details and sign up for the grief community waitlist here.

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After writing online articles for What’s Your Grief for over a decade, we finally wrote a tangible, real-life book!

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Let’s be grief friends.

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3 Comments on "Mother’s Day Grieving: A List of WYG Articles to Help You Cope"

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  1. Barbara  May 9, 2022 at 7:13 am Reply

    How to move forward without guilt anymore in a difficult relationship with a lot of fighting towards the end when mom passed.

  2. JamesDeane  May 8, 2022 at 12:04 pm Reply

    My wife passed 2018. 5 years now with out her I was working at a job for. 11 years 3 years I tried to reach out to talk to a woman to talk to she ghost me. I kept trying to reach out to her over time I lfeel in love she called in to my work sabatoge my job list my job because of her at 66 I had to collect my scocial sercurty I live alone in my house. I cry a lot I , I want to join a gym. But don’t falllow thru. I go to flea mart s. Sell stuff. I want to fine love again but don’t know how. Married 33 happy years. No I’m alone with my dog and my cat it’s hard to clean inside my home I’m lonly. Sad at times maybe I could fine someone. Who s been thru the same. Who understand s I’m not going to kill myself. I’ll get in trouble with god , I know I must go on I talk to my wife a lot , nothing is the same. Anymore. It’s so. DEEP. To think. About know one is never ready how to handle this ,in dealing with a loss , how your affected how lonly it gets how to motivate yourself to move forward. And to deal with your feelings my life today. I. Step out of the race of life and sit still and think of yesteryear , but I can’t control life , I have to live in it and try to cope it hurts , it’s sad , I feel out of place, my wife passed in our bedroom on Valentines night found her after work , my world is gone , and here I am. To. Go forward , I don’t do holidays I’m alone most of my life , I look at life differently now, how much I appreciate it and what’s around me , I’ve always been in tune with nature. There’s a reason for every thing , I live day by day , nothing is existing anymore. Turned my cable off 5 years ago. My wife said to me. One time. ,,,, don’t waste it. How do I deal with that when it was just us ,, I still wear my wedding ring ,, she was everything to me ,, I have to meaning to be exsited in my life what’s left of it. I lost interest. What’s going on in the world don’t really care , I know now the most important thing in life is. Love. Injoy the one your with ,, The Beatles,, I see that now and feel it. I understand it ,, so. I Eat. Breath. Feel ,cry. , think , wounder, I’m nome. I think DEEP what’s next to come ,, I try not to get. Depressed,, I feel like that bottle. In the ocean with a note inside. ?? You think of. Your life ,, what’s the. Purpose behind it. Where to now. What’s next I know I have control of it ,, but ??,,

  3. Jill Robbins  May 5, 2022 at 6:25 am Reply

    32 years on after the death of my mum at 58 years of age during a surgery that went wrong, I’m still in pain and grieving. It has messed up my whole life. I had to look and care for my father for 15 years following her death, I had to grieve for us both. I had to work full time and care for my father who was a hard man to love as he was never there for us 3 children. when my mum work evenings, he just slept in a chair until she came home and then I was the youngest and had to be in bed or upstairs when she came home from work at 8pm, I missed and grieved for her then. I used to sit on the stairs just to hear her voice. Brings tears to my eyes even now.

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