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The WYG Online Grief Professional Community

Sharing. Collaboration. Mentorship. Support. Education.

People in many roles and professions find themselves supporting those experiencing loss — for example, doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, funeral professionals, chaplains, and the list goes on. Ultimately, this community is for anyone working to support and assist grieving people. The better the grief support available to people who are grieving, the better off we all are. 

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Why did we start this community?


Before starting WYG, we worked on a small team of mental health professionals at a non-mental health organization. Though the organization respected and valued our work, we often felt like the odd-team-out. In some ways, we spoke a different language, valued different things, and occasionally worked towards competing goals. 

When you have a private practice, work from home, or are the only mental health professionals on staff, opportunities for connection, idea sharing, support, and guidance aren’t always built-in. Yet, due to the nature of your work, having access to these things is an immeasurable benefit. Even at larger grief organizations, many teams still wish for more access to education and for ways to connect with colleagues outside the organization but find it hard to make the time or know who to connect with. 

After years of longing for more community in the grief professional space, we started the WYG online grief professional community in an effort to fill this gap. We hope this community will allow individuals working with grief in a wide range of capacities to connect, share, support, and learn from one another. 


What does the community include?


Whether you’re a joiner or someone who likes to read, watch, and process on your own, we offer spaces and conversations that you will find helpful and engaging. Some of what you’ll find here includes:

  • Asynchronous discussion forums
  • Learning sessions on a wide range of topics
  • Grieving as a grief professional supportive group
  • Groups for asking questions, seeking advice, and sharing best practices
  • Book Club
  • Access to recordings of past educational sessions
  • Community bulletin board for sharing your events
  • 20% discount on WYG CEU events and print materials
  • And much more!

What is the community space like? 


The WYG online grief professional community is a continuously evolving private membership-only community hosted on a user-friendly and intuitive platform, away from the distractions of social media sites. 

Community members can engage in live sessions through a calendar of events that includes informational webinars, book clubs, discussion groups, and other meetings. 

Members can also connect and follow along in their own time through forum discussions, webinar replays, event bulletin boards, and member-to-member chat.

Membership Information:


Monthly Membership: 

Members can join on a month-to-month basis for $19 per month. You can cancel your membership at any time throughout the year. 

Yearly Membership: 

Members can join on a yearly basis for $180 per year. Members can cancel their membership at the end of the year.  

* If the cost of membership is difficult, contact us at whatsyourgrief@gmail.com to discuss available assistance. 

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We wrote a book!

After writing online articles for What’s Your Grief
for over a decade, we finally wrote a tangible,
real-life book!

After writing online articles for What’s Your Grief for over a decade, we finally wrote a tangible, real-life book!

What’s Your Grief? Lists to Help you Through Any Loss is for people experiencing any type of loss. This book discusses some of the most common grief experiences and breaks down psychological concepts to help you understand your thoughts and emotions. It also shares useful coping tools, and helps the reader reflect on their unique relationship with grief and loss.

You can find What’s Your Grief? Lists to Help you Through Any Loss wherever you buy books: