Grief Continuing Education Workshops

Online Grief Continuing Education

What’s Your Grief offers online grief workshops for professionals looking to expand their understanding of grief and bereavement.

Our training philosophy emphasizes providing a strong foundation in grief theory and research with tangible applications to practice. See each session registration page for continuing education details.

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What to Expect

Live Zoom Sessions + Replay Recordings

All sessions are live via Zoom with recordings provided to all registrants.


Professional development and training activities rooted in the most current grief best-practices and research.

Developed for Professionals, but Open to All

Workshops are developed for social workers, therapists, counselors, chaplains, and psychologists. But as big believers that ALL people can benefit from grief education, they are open to anyone who would like to attend.

Monthly CE Workshop Calendar

Understanding the Grief of Traumatic Loss

This training will provide clinicians a framework for understanding the grief of traumatic loss, specifically exploring the relationship between acute stress, trauma, and grief. The session will identify the impact of trauma responses on bereavement and appropriate intervention. Building on the shattered assumptions theory of trauma and post-traumatic growth research, clinicians will learn practice approaches to support clients who have experienced traumatic losses and indications that referral for trauma treatment is appropriate.

February 8, 2024

12:00pm-3:15pm EST

Grief Therapy Techniques: A Foundation For Clinicians

There has always been a deep need for therapists, social workers, and counselors to provide grief and bereavement support to clients. And yet the majority of Masters and PhD programs in theses fields do not require coursework in grief therapy approaches and techniques

April 11, 2024

12pm-3:15pm EST

Working With Ambiguous Grief and Non-Death Losses

From coping with divorce or loss of job to losing a loved on to dementia, incarceration, foster care or addiction, therapists and other professionals are often supporting those dealing with these types of misunderstood grief. In this training, we will review the body of literature around ambiguous loss, from assessment to intervention.

May 9, 2024

12:00pm-3:15pm EST

Positive Psychology Tools for Grief Counseling

June 13th, 2024

12:00pm-3:15pm EST

Grief Support for Addiction and Overdose Losses

The first half of this session will assist professionals in understanding and providing support to families coping with this non-death grief. The second half of this program will assist professionals in responding to the unique grief following a substance-related death.

July 11, 2024

12:00pm-3:15pm EST

Ethics and Personal Loss, Countertransference, and Self-Disclosure in Grief Support

While historically psychology, counseling, and social work discouraged self-disclosure, in recent years researchers and clinicians have adopted a far more nuanced approach to the use of self-disclosure. Unfortunately, there still remains limited education and training

October 10, 2024

1pm-4:15pm ET

Grief Support Intensive: Essential Theory and Interventions for Working with Grief - SAVE THE DATE

This twelve-hour intensive is developed to provide clinicians with the essential theoretical and practical knowledge required to support clients grieving both death and non-death losses. Using research around risk and resilience after loss, alongside the most current theories of attachment and the dual process model of coping with loss while restoring life, participants will learn tools for helping clients integrate the loss into their lives while maintaining a dynamic internal continued bond with loved ones. Participants may register for the full 2.5 days or participate in individual sessions.

September 12-13, 2024

11am-6:15pm ET

Supporting Grieving Children

This workshop provides a foundation of childhood bereavement and tools for supporting grieving children. It will provide a framework for grief and developmental age, guidelines for talking to children about death and grief, tools and creative activities for helping kids . . .

November 14, 2024



I have been working in grief and bereavement for over thirty years and can honestly say this was the best continuing education session I have ever attended.

Lynn, Clinical Social Worker

As a clinical supervisor for both therapists and interns, I have now made all of your continuing education webinars required for all our new staff and interns. I sought out grief education for our team and participated in many live and self-paced options through many of the ‘big’ CE providers. None provided a fraction of the insight, research, or relevance as those provided by What’s Your Grief. Your clinical experience and engaging presentation style, coupled with a tremendous knowledge of the field, make for a great session every time. Thank you

David, Social Worker

Incredible training. I came into this thinking I was here to learn for my clients but came out with so much more understanding of my own grief. I am a bit embarrassed to say that for many years I have listed ‘grief’ as one of the issues I help clients with. This workshop highlighted how little I knew about supporting people in grief and how outdated my ideas were. I now feel much better equipped to help clients and to understand my own experiences. The three hours flew by. This session completed my CE hour requirements for the year, but I will still be signing up for several of your upcoming sessions.

Susan, Psychologist