After 12 Years my Mother is Still Everywhere

My mother died twelve years ago on October 23rd and though my actual memories of the days and weeks that led up to her death have faded, my feelings of sorrow are bone deep. I don’t need to remember with any amount of clarity in order to feel overwhelmingly sad. There was a point, years ago, when I believed I would someday be beyond the bewilderment of grief, but twelve years later, as the arrival of autumn has once again knocked me off kilter, I am reminded how foolish it is to have any assumptions about grief.

As I approach this October 23rd, I find it hard to parse my feelings. I feel good, bad, grateful, deprived, strong, vulnerable, and a hundred other things. My memories, thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions about life and loss have gotten all mixed up. I am a paradox of opposite emotions, which is confusing but fine. Life after a loss is simply perplexing and if I didn’t know that it was normal to experience grief years after a loss, I think I’d be feeling pretty crazy right about now.

As the years roll by, my feelings of loss change shape and I’ve noticed that lately they’re fixated on the passage of time. I’ve actually found that the more time I place between me and my mother, the more acutely I ache for the past. My mother was “home” – it existed within her – and now that she’s gone I’ll never be able to truly return. I’m untethered, yet I’m supposed to moor my own children to the world. It’s baffling to think that I’m their stability when so many days I feel like a crumbling pile of sand. I wonder if my mother ever felt this way – washed away by the tide and rebuilt again by the children the next day. There are so many things I wish I could ask her.

“Time heals all wounds” is a particularly laughable phrase among people who are grieving. Time doesn’t really heal all wounds, it just rolls in like a slow-motion tsunami and carries you off down the shore. Yes, you may find yourself removed from the extreme intensity of grief, but you’re also further from the physical reality of your loved one and a past where they could be heard, seen, and embraced. Time doesn’t heal, it simply creates a distance. And realistically, who wants to put distance between themselves and someone they love?

The distance is a loss that needs to be grieved, but on the other side of the paradox is the reality that so many roads still lead back to her. Over time she has become a part of me, my children, and my family on a cellular level. Physically she is very gone, but psychologically she is everywhere. While both truths have the ability to make me sad, the latter brings me immense comfort.

It’s been a while since I’ve written an emotional essay about my mother, but this time of year just gets to me. If you relate to nothing else that I’ve said here, I’m sure you can empathize with the annual grief-funk that so many of us experience. Some years just hit me worse than others, and I have no doubt that my grief is exacerbated by whatever head space or stage of life I’m currently in. Twelve years after my mother’s death I understand that the vulnerability to experience grief is always with me. Some days it lies dormant and some days it becomes inflamed like emotional rheumatism.  Certain experiences, like a particular time of year, flip a switch and I am flooded with feelings of grief, nostalgia, yearning, and whatever else bubbles up to the surface.


October 12, 2018

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  1. I understand exactly what you mean and I relate to every word so much, I feel like I could have written the same. I miss my mother so much every minute of the day, and it does not get easier. My mother was the person who brought life into my life, and now everything without her just has no meaning, even playing with my kid just feels like it is a robotic movement now, because my own mum is not here. Sometimes I take comfort in the fact that hopefully I will catch up with her in the next world (if there is one), otherwise every day is now just another day that I can not seem to make meaningful anymore.

  2. I am so happy to have found this site. My Mother passed away 10 years ago. I am an only child, although an adult, she was my only family member. My Father passed when I was 12. It was her and I my entire life. I had cousins that she took care of and lived with us. Not one of my extended family came when she passed. I believe if I would have had some family support that it could have assuaged the pain some.
    For all of my extended family, I showed up for them to support them with their tragedies. Last summer, I was with one cousin and she was heartless about my loss….cruel and heartless.
    I am so glad to know that I am not alone in aching for my Mom. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her a 100 times. I am
    certainly not the same person with out her.
    On her death bed, I promised her I would make a good life for myself. I have. I married a wonderful man. He has children and I love them like my own. My life so good today. But, my heart aches with out my best friend. I too have turned to faith to help me. The thought of never being with her again is too daunting. And I so agree, time does not heal.
    Blessing to all

  3. Thank you for your essay. I lost my mother 9 years ago. Sometimes I fear that the intense grief I’m still experiencing at various times is abnormal. It is so strong and so debilitating at times and I just don’t know what to do. I fear that others will not understand since ‘so much’ time has passed. I’m lost without her and just don’t know how to cope some nights. Reading your essay and some of the other comments is comforting in that I realize there is no timetable for ‘getting over it’.

  4. My mom died two days ago. My brother died 6 years ago. My mom had broken heart syndrome from my brothers suicide, and her heart unexpectedly failed the day after Christmas this year. What the fuck kind of place is this? I’m not religious, I wish I were. I’ll just choose to believe she’s with my brother somewhere now

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. My mom passed in June and I’ve gone through waves of anger, guilt, confusion and all those emotions and feelings that are stupid hard to cope with. I grieve for her in waves. Some weeks I get on easily, some others it all comes back to present and I just miss her all over again. The first week was the hardest. I literally felt a part of my body had died, even my limbs hurt.
      You’re not alone, lots of love for you.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. My mom died on Christmas Day, unexpectedly, from a ruptured aneurysm. The sadness is real hurting pain. I have a young daughter and I’m trying to be strong for her, but it’s almost impossible. My father died 14 years ago and I know things will be less painful with time, but your pain never goes away.

  5. 2 AM, Christmas Day 2019

    Dear Mom,

    My first Christmas without you, and I feel so untethered and alone without your physical presence.

    At the same time, thankfully, I am filled with gratitude for the richness of my life, the life you helped guide, and filled with the best experiences and uncountable examples of your boundless and unconditional love.

    A few hours ago, for the first time in decades, I attended what was once called the Pageant of the Holy Nativity, or the Christmas Eve Midnight Service at First Presbyterian Church.

    As I write, I am listening to Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

    Growing up and attending First Presbyterian Church was just one of the vast number of your great ideas all my life, as was having me join the various youth groups and choirs during my grade school and high school years. I would not have independently come up with the idea to attend church. Nor would I have chosen to join youth groups and choirs, or go to summer camps, on my own. But the experiences they provided, thanks to you, are fondly remembered parts of my life.

    As I sat in the church last night, I remembered growing up and participating in the annual production of Handel’s Messiah, with incredible choirs, stringed instruments, grand organ music, thrilling pageantry, dimmed lights, the smell of genuine frankincense, and narration that seemed like God himself was speaking.

    In my youth, the Christmas Eve services were such acclaimed performances that no-cost tickets to attend ran out weeks ahead every year, and the church filled to standing room only for both the evening and midnight services.

    Last night I was struck by the largely empty but still very beautiful church. And how I missed the absence of the performance of Handel’s Messiah, replaced by a nice, but greatly diminished program that felt lacking because I remembered how wonderful the Midnight Service had once been, and how I once reveled in the majesty of being there and being part of it. Much like life was when you were physically part of it.

    The experience last night, many years later, made me think about how many elements in my life, particularly in nature, are still beautiful to see, just as our church is still physically beautiful to see.

    But while the world around me is still beautiful to behold, your physical absence from my life, with only memories to keep me company, leaves a void that can’t be adequately filled or substituted with memories. This despite how many wonderful memories there are, and the great clarity of detail these memories possess.

    Being alone in our beautiful church without Handel’s Messiah for the Christmas Eve service seemed in a way like my life in a beautiful world, without you physically present.

    You have always been the integral, irreplaceable part of my life

    I was incredibly fortunate to share several deeply felt and meaningful conversations with you when we knew your time on earth was drawing to a close. Among your many comforting words before you died, you said, “I will always live in your heart”.

    We shared the journey as a team all my life.

    I will always be thankful to have remained at your side, holding your hand, until life left you.

    The challenge now is trying to cope with your death and develop the ability to emotionally bear you living only in my heart and memory.

    While the pain of loss and loneliness engulfs me daily, honoring you, giving tribute, and talking about you have been helpful, I am very glad to say.

    To honor you, this was my first year of making your legendary Pumpkin Chiffon pies solo, continuing a Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition you began when you were twenty-one years old. That was sixty-seven years ago, before you married Dad, and several years before I was born.

    I made seven of your magnificent pies, following the recipe and your detailed instructions to the letter. These were given to friends and family, people you loved, who love you.

    Each slice of your Pumpkin Chiffon pie is a bit of heaven that brings both heartache and joy as I recall many past Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, holiday experiences, and countless good times shared with you, Dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and many other family and friends who now live only in memory.

    I am so lucky, and have always been grateful to be your son.

    I miss you so much Mom……

    You will always live in our hearts.

  6. ❤️just wanted to add to this beautiful forum of LOVE and open hearts. I am always searching out stories about grief for the passing of our “mothers” My mom died 5 years ago in January and I feel exactly like so many of you here- I have been working on a documentary about our last 18 months together and beautiful presence of the love she left behind- our relationship was volatile and messy, but the love was and is always there.

  7. My momma died unexpectedly December 28 1998 her birthday is December 29.. she was 49 years old. It’s been 21 years this month and my heart is still broken and I think of her everyday! I’m now 45 and I promise to those who still their momma that when she dies she takes a part of you with her that’s never filled.. time doesn’t make it easier you just learn to grieve and live your life around the hurt.. I wrote a poem a couple months ago that’s the truest of my feelings and no I’ve never even read many poems so where this come from was straight out of my heart! I’ll share it below… to all of you my heart is the same as yours and one day we will meet again with our moms hang on your not alone she’s with u always!

    I think of you day and night,
    Without you here nothing feels right.
    No matter where I go or what I do, nothing takes the place of you.
    I think maybe one day I won’t miss you so, but as time goes by my hurt seems to grow.
    I need you so much to help me through, there are times I am so lost and don’t know what to do.
    You gave me life and unconditional love, now you watch over me from up above..
    My life will never be the same without you here, I just want you back & now it’s so clear..
    Your gone forever and as my days pass by, I’ll miss you forever until the day that I die.
    You are so perfect now u have wings, I know you are happy and loudly you sing..
    I long for the day that I see you again, life is a struggle it’s a battle I’m in..
    I’ll carry you with me deep inside
    I love you so much this mother of mine

  8. I lost my mom last August 03,2019 due to an accident. It was my most painful experience. She was healthy and perfectly fine. She could have lived a long life if that accident didn’t happen. She is the most perfect mom anyone could ever have. I’m just 18 years old and I’m an only child. I’ve been surrendering my pain to God. I don’t know when will I fully recover. Although I have been strong and happy on the outside, I’ve been struggling and completely broken on the inside. Whenever I cry, i lock myself in the comfort room and cry without making any noise. Not only I lost my mom that day but I lost myself and I am now not doing good on my academics. It was my mom’s dream for me to be an accountant but without her on my side I think I can’t do it. My ability and confidence before was gone and I don’t think I can regain it. I just miss her so much. I wanted to talk to her, hug her, kiss her and just be with her together with my father. Just like the old times when we gather in our house to pray together 3 of us. I hope I can make her proud eventhough she’s gone. I’m entrusting everything to God and I hope I can fulfill her dream, our dream. I love you mama. I will forever be your baby girl.

    • I can relate to your story because I have been studying accounting for the past 3 years and the loss of my beautiful mother has left such a massive scar on my soul, I had to drop out of the last semester because I couldn’t bring myself to focus on it anymore. I’m much older than you but I started at the beginning of 2017 and 3 months into the year, my mom was diagnosed with grade iv glioblastoma (brain cancer). I watched her go from seemingly healthy to completely immobile and barely responsive over the course of 31 months. each step in the process was a very emotionally painful one, knowing what awaited at the end. we wanted to believe she had a chance but the sad reality is that few people with that diagnosis do.

      She passed away nearly 2 months ago and I’ve never cried so much in my adult life before. The thought of never seeing her again in this life is so unbearably heartbreaking to me, I decided to put my faith in Christ because I need to believe that she is in heaven, knowing eternal peace, free from the pain and sickness of this world and where I desperately want to see her again. I pray to God to let me see her in my dreams. I actually have a couple times but they were not good dreams. I still look forward to having a dream where she is happy and healthy. it feels so wrong that she had to go like that, she didnt deserve that at all. she was a very good and loving person. right up to the end, when nearly all her senses stopped functioning properly, she was able to muster the ability to say, “I love you, son” even though she wasn’t able to say much else. she was used to saying that phrase so much it was automatic for her at that point.

      I thought I would resent God for allowing this to happen, but interestingly enough it had the opposite effect because this pain was the ultimate catalyst for me deciding to accept Jesus Christ into my heart – something my mother had been trying to get me to do for years despite my pride and stubbornness.

      When we say that we lost our moms, that is really only true in one sense: physical. Her essence is certainly still with you and permeates much of your life, no doubt. That is no small thing. In that sense she is still very much here with you, but also more importantly she is very much alive in the Kingdom of Heaven. That is what I believe. I have confidence you will make your mother proud of you and you will see her again. Please be strong and continue to pray to God for guidance, healing and strength in this time of difficulty.

  9. Thank you for publishing. I just loss my precious gem on October 22, 2019 and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. The pain is real. I still believe that I will see her knowing she’s not there. I loved my mother and miss her so much. My life has drastically change.

  10. Thank you for sharing and have this blog created. You just described myself complete 🙁 , having my mom in heaven for 5 years as today it’s been so hard. I am glad I found you…

  11. Thank you so much for that piece.

    I am a fifty three year old man who lost my beautiful mum to cancer twelve years ago and I still grieve for her. It’s the anniversary of her passing today and like every December 4 I feel like someone has pierced my heart with a lance.

    I can’t complain though, at least I got to spend 41 years on this mad planet we live on with my mum, compared to some of the stories here I was a lucky man.

    Lots of love and good will to everyone who has posted here.

  12. My mom has been gone 3 years, I miss her every day, I know I always will. She was an amazing woman. Some days the grief is worse, it hits me like a freight train, and it feels like the floor has been pulled out from under me. This is a poem I wrote for her:

    My Mom’s Shoes

    © Annette R. Hershey

    Dear Mama, walking and thinking of my childhood days,
    waves of memories crashing in, as I hit replay.
    You’re in every scene, appearing with the morning light.
    I can talk to you, even though you’re far from my sight.
    I wish I could stop these tears escaping from my eyes.
    I am grown; it’s the heart of a little girl that cries.
    Fragments of memories, they seem to spin ’round and ’round
    as my heart travels through a familiar stomping ground.
    Dear Mama, falling leaves of memories scatter my path.
    Start of a new season, running from the grief and wrath.
    I hear echoes of footsteps; I’ll never be alone.
    Your path will be ably tended, never overgrown.
    I found your paved path; it’s clear, as far as I can see.
    Each step a bit easier; you left your shoes for me.

  13. Thanks for your post. It has made me better understand my husbands grief, he lost both his grandparents over the last 3 years, and his mother, (their daughter) has just passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago. He is an only child, and with children ourselves it is impossible to really understand what he is going through. His relationship with his mother was so strong, it was truly unbreakable. After she left his dad, it was just him and her. And now he has to arrange the third funeral in as many years, but this time for the women who would have helped us through this, and pointed us in the right direction. Thank you for making me look at his grief differently, and prepare myself for how it is going to impact on our future. We miss her terribly, and we are not yet able to consider what we may feel in the future.

    • Today is my mom’s death anniversary. Can’t believe 9 yrs have passed in a blink of an eye. Sometimes I still feel like all this happened yesterday and somehow if I could just go back in time I could have saved her. Grief is an amazing thing, teaches you all those lessons that you never wanted to learn. Makes you go crazy at times and keeps you wondering how did it come to this point.
      Never knew I could feel so lonely in this noisy world surrounded by all those friends and family who just don’t understand why you can smile the same way again.
      Maybe.. just maybe.. I am overly sensitive or else nobody really gets me at all..
      Wish I could just embrace you one more time and tell you how much I loved you.. I could finally move on.. but we don’t get everything we ask for in life.
      Missing you so much mama.

      • I just lost my mom on November 30, 2019. I have never felt pain and loss like this. I feel like it will never stop. My mom was my best friend, my sage, my adviser, my confidante . She was the one person I knew who cared about me no matter where I was, who I was with, or what I was doing. No one else will ever care for me on that level ever again. I’ve been trying to get back into work and life but I just keep crying. I have moments I am ok, and then something will remind me of her and that she’s gone and the feeling of loss overwhelms me. I have a full life and I can’t stand it right now. My body actually aches with the grief I feel. I am grateful for the support of friends and family but I can’t imagine ever feeling good again. I miss our daily conversations, her insights, her clever gifts and thoughtfulness. She had a great heart and was a special soul. I believe fully she is in heaven, and have had some signals from her, even messages. The only thing that gives me some solace is that she is not in pain and that I will see her again in the after-life. My sympathy is with everyone who has experienced this loss and I pray for God to comfort all of us.

        • Dawn I understand how you feel with the physical symptoms of the shock of grief. My mother’s death this summer devastated me on many levels. I was frightened by the actual illness it caused my body. I had never experienced anything like that in my life. A social worker associated with the Hospice Team assured me this is normal. It is a panic attack type reaction our bodies have. Make sure you eat and look after yourself. I was so grief stricken I passed out a few times. You will make it through, I promise. But its going to be hard; I’m not going to lie it’s tough. It helps me a great deal to reach out to others who have experienced the loss of their mom. Take care, I will be thinking of you and it looks like we have lots of company.

  14. Today 2019 has been a very rough year is an understatement. I actually lost both my parents within 30 days of each other. I am sitting here looking at old photos on FB, in tears and how the pain of losing my precious Mama so unexpectedly from an undiagnosed UTI that resulted in renal failure, after having back surgery, on February 20th of this year. The pain is still so intense like it will always be. I feel myself just bumbling along because I have no choice. She was my best friend, my everything to me and my children. We took care of her, she took care of us… She was our life. I think of everything that has transpired to the days leading up to her passing, and how I ultimately had to make the decision to pull the plug and let her peacefully go. Did I do the right thing? should I have given more time? Why wasn’t I there the last days to know that something was wrong, maybe I could have saved her had I been right there. Funny thing is 3 weeks before she passed, she made a comment to me, that she felt like she was going to die. I told her to be quiet, don’t say that. I keep thinking of the signs that I missed. The guilt will always be with me, no matter what anyone says. I miss her so much, everything is still her and everything reminds me of her. My biggest is I have not had a visitation dream from her, at least that I can remember and I look for her everywhere, every day. I just need to know that she is ok, that her soul is well. I love and miss you so much, Mama.

    • Your story is so much like my own. My mom just passed away two weeks ago. I am so unbelievably sad and am always on the verge of tears all day long. So many what ifs. So much guilt in if all the medical decisions that were made were the right ones. Could anything else be done to have helped her live longer. I too ask her daily for a sign that she is ok and I am waiting for her to visit me in my dreams. Problem is I am not sleeping much these days. I just miss my mama so much! I can’t believe she is really gone and I can’t see her or have a conversation with her again.

      • My mother died on 2nd of November and I am devastated. I canhardly breathe, I miss her so much. I just cannot accept that she is gone forever. It feels like too much to bear.

      • Same here. My mom died November 3rd. Even writing the words is surreal. I walk around fragile, in a trance and feeling crazy. Some moments i think I’m strong and then someone will say ‘how are you?’ And i can’t even respond because I’m in such pain. She lived with us and was such a big part of our home and then just like that my beautiful mother of 56 years is just gone forever. My 18 year old son is having a tough time as they were so close and he sat by her side at the end, which means i have to try to be strong for him but its beyond difficult. And even though i know in my head that i did everything for her, the guilt over whether i could have done differently when she became critical is probably one of the most prevalent emotions and one i may never resolve.

        My many friends have been amazing since i now have no family, but no matter how much they listen to me, stop by or try to keep me busy, nothing changes the reality. I was searching the internet tonight desperately hoping I’d find an article that says it gets easier, but none do. Because really how could it?

  15. My mother died this past April. She was 86. Last week was her birthday. I felt angry because how dare there be November 7th & my mom not be here. Finally i am letting myself feel the grief. I just say Mommy over & over. And i cry. I just finished crying & found this article. How wonderful to find words that speak to someones heart & soul. Thank you for sharing & giving us room to grieve our precious mothers.

  16. It’s really a touching story, I lost my mother on 12/11/2015 and yet I was in my finals of S6, I went through hell till now and my life can’t be the same since then because she was the mother and the same time a father. I didn’t get any chance of seeing my daddy because he also died when I was a baby,
    Life without both parents is not easy, So you with both or one parents Love and Respect Them unconditionally,

  17. My mom passed July 8th of this year and some days I find myself really dwelling on guilt. My mom was bipolar and schizophrenic with a dependent personality disorder and she was in a group home at the time of her passing. From February this year I was unable to even speak to her because the facility she was in wasn’t allowing her to speak to anyone or have visitors. I was pregnant with my second child and didn’t even get to tell her. I was almost 8 months along when I had gotten the news and it’s still fresh in my mind and at first it wasn’t hitting me until I had gotten done making her arrangements. I got along fine but I think it was the denial that helped atleast get me through until I was 3 weeks postpartum. I read more into my moms medical records over the daily reports from the group home she was in where she thought it was her fault for not being able to hear from family or why she got transferred from her previous group home that she did wonderfully in. To the out right abuse that happened there and then to the last report of what/how her death happened. My mom died alone and my heart literally hurts because there wasn’t a damn thing I could’ve done about it. It hurts even more because I have worked as a CNA in long term care facilities and whenever I knew one of my residents was passing I made sure they knew they were loved when their family didn’t come in to visit and it eats at me every day that I couldn’t do that for her. I just hope she knows now how much she was loved and how much I wish that I could’ve been there even if I couldn’t have saved her.

    • I do not understand what type of facilities can forbid patients to be visited by their beloved family members? How is that even possible? It can not be the truth…That is completely wrong. As we see that brought only death to your beloved mother. What good brings that type of isolation? I can’t believe…that must be forbiden !

      • The reason why they can legally do that is because it’s a mental health type facility and they had court orders for her treatment. Her and my dad were still married but in the state I reside in, if you don’t have paperwork of a mental health power of attorney they can go over your marriage if they deem you a danger to yourself and/or others. I may not be able to sue the crap out of them, but I’m vowing to do what I actually can do by providing the best care I can after I go back to school for my nurse practitioner, for her. She may not be able to see it now but I know she’s with me.

  18. Thank you so much for that beautiful piece. My mother died on 6 July 2017. I found your blog by googling ‘how many years after my mother’s death’ because I’m still so sad. In the first year I cried every day, well actually almost every hour. In the second year I noticed it wasn’t every day so I thought I was ‘getting better’. But now I’m starting to realise that grief has a much longer trajectory than I’d first anticipated. Like many of your commenters I was very close to my mother. So this phrase of yours struck me with such force: “My mother was “home” – it existed within her – and now that she’s gone I’ll never be able to truly return. I’m untethered…” Reading it I cried sad, happy, relief and recognition tears. But to make matters worse, my mother was English. My family is English and that means they/we are quite reserved. So i know she would have hated all this sentimentality and emoting. Anyway. Thank you again and to all the other contributors. I wish us all well in our grief.

    • I cry every day and will never stop…my mom died 30. Sepember 2018 – she was my home . Thank you for this piece, it is exactly how i feel. I miss her so much. Love and miss you always my dear mom, she was gone in one instant, heart attack, she was never sick, never took a pill or anything. she was only 67…

  19. Well my mother past away in 1990 and one of my friend came in with a plant so later I put it in a clay pot but it did not live a few days ago I was thinking about the plant so few days later I went to a friend house and I noticed a plant at the house I use to live in so when I came home I was thinking of the plant so I was talking to a friend and I talk to my sister and they was saying things I did not want to hear do last night I went over ther and talk to the lady at the and that was my mother plant 29 years later I am going to get her and bring her home oh God I cried

  20. Thank you so much for writing this. I don’t usually respond to anything online but I am thinking it might be somewhat helpful. My mom passed away in August 2018 on the 17th at 75 years old. I now look at the 17th of every month differently. I am 36 years old and still feel like a big baby missing my mommy. She had a lung disease that seemed non-threatening for about 10 years but suddenly became the catalyst for many things in her body to begin going wrong, very quickly. After survivng sepsis in April of 2018, she contracted it again in August and had a major stroke. She was so active and tried so hard to take care of herself. She died in the same hospital building in which I was born. I always think about that-that she held me there for the first time and I held her hand and said goodbye to her there for the last time. She was unconscious for a week before a ventilator that had been placed in was removed and she passed. A week after her funeral I gave birth to my 2nd child. He came 2 months early. I started bleeding and had a placental abruption. Thankfully he is fine and God helped him progress without any medical issues. I am annoyed at myself for many things, but one thing was having the silly rule of not telling my mom my baby’s name before he was born. I told her a few days before he passed although she remained unconscious. I hope her spirit heard me. I have trouble looking at life for what it is, and I constantly think about if she were here she would see this or that in our lives. I should be thankful for my son and thankful that she saw my 1 year old daughter grow up for a year. I’m just still in disbelief. I wear her clothes and find it almost supernatural how her scent remains through so many washes. It gives me comfort somehow.

    • This is exactly how I feel and describes my feelings beutifully. My beautiful mom has passed awY only a year ago September 30, 2018. Just writting this is surreal. My dear mom is everywhere, I miss her so much . My mom deserved better so much better. I love you and miss you forever

  21. Hi All

    My Mum died back on the 18th of October 2010 and it’s now October 2019 9 years on from her death and it still doesn’t feel surreal at times one minute she is with you and the next she is gone. I still find it very hard to this day to think that she is not with us anymore and sometimes thinking about it makes me worse I know I should be okay with it and able to move on with things and accept it but I can’t for some reason. Then my dad took not well back in November 2018 and passed away on the 12th of January 2019 so that is both parents gone now.

    So I know what it’s like to be griefing many years from when it happened and it is okay to be sad it’s part of the friefing process one day you can accept it and move on with your life

  22. so nice to know one is not alone in all these thoughts and feelings…for me, i consider the years after my mum’s death to be
    “add ons”…years i’m living but under a great shadow or discomfort with completely different perspectives about absolutely everything….the only silver lining i find is that “trivial things seem so much more trivial” and so do those “silly worries we
    have about everyday things”…because nothing can come close to the loss…i have to be particularly patient when i hear
    others worry about trivial things now…the thing that consoles me is knowing that I’m not that far away from joining her..
    i don’t know where we go but for some reason i’m pretty sure where she is i’ll go (even re law of physics)
    everyone’s posts spoke to me somehow

  23. Thank you for your thoughts. You are a very gifted writer. I lost my mother 2 years ago this month and it still feels like yesterday. I saw my mother everyday of my life until she passed. You are correct in saying your mother is home.

  24. I found this today because for whatever reason I am just really missing her today. My mom passed away December 24, 1996 when I was 19 years old. It’s almost been 23 years and I still have days where I am just so sad about losing her. Not a day passes where she doesn’t cross my mind but some days it just still hurts and I wondered if that was normal. I’m glad I read your post, it lets me know that I’m not alone in this type of grief.

  25. My beautiful mother went to be with the Lord April 18th, 2016. That day will forever be the worst and most tragic day in my life because my life changed forever in a very terrible way. According to American Cancer Society, mom had one of the worst and most aggressive type of cancer studied in cancer journals. She was also diabetic. I couldn’t even be there for her in her last days because she lived in the UK and I in USA. I was denied a UK visa twice, was only granted after I called the embassy crying that I needed to go and bury my mom. I didn’t make it in time for both her funeral and burial. I arrived two hours after she was buried.

    I loved my beautiful mother, she was the love of my life. I have never felt so alone in this world since she went to heaven. I struggle everyday with her passing! I’m still in shock and have panic attacks all the time! I ask myself a million times a day everyday, “did my beautiful mommy really die?” I just can’t accept the fact I will never see or talk to mom ever again and it breaks my heart into a billion pieces. I know I will never ever be happy again, because there is this pain deep down inside my heart that never goes away. Even when I try to be happy, the pain is always starring right back at me. I literally cry for my mother everyday. My siblings don’t understand why I still mourn our beautiful mother instead of celebrating her life. Nobody understands how I feel. I will mourn my mother till the day I take my last breath.

    My life has no meaning anymore. My beautiful mother was my all in all. She meant everything to me, she was my world, my very own best friend! I never really knew the meaning of death until my beloved mother went to be with the Lord. Being alive is painful, I just want to sleep and never wake up because I can’t imagine life without mom. I feel going for therapy is a waste of time and have never bothered to!

    I’m glad I found this blog because I now know I’m not the only person who continues to struggle with the death of a very much loved and cherished mother. May our beautiful mothers rest in eternal perfect peace until we reunite with them in heaven in Jesus name. Amen…

    • When I read your 2nd & 3rd paragraph I was thinking… “These are my words. All of it. My exact words.” I even wrote these words in her obituary/tribute. I wouldn’t do anything crazy, but I truly don’t care or want to live without my beautiful Mom. I always knew it would be the end of me. I’m so sorry you (and all the others) lost your Mom too. I hate when people say the wrong things. I guess it’s not their fault. A lot of people just don’t know what to say. Then you just have some truly ignorant people. Even some of my own relatives who I simply had to pull away from. They wouldn’t just say stupid things, but very inconsiderate and hurtful things. It actually made me realize I do not like them nor do I need these negative & toxic people in my life. I’m glad I found this site which actually was several months ago as I was anticipating my Mom’s death. I just want to be with her as I’m sure you and everyone else does.

      • I am crying as Im readying through your words, they describe how i feel every day. i lost my beautiful mom only a year ago Septembar to 30, 2018 for no reason-10 days after her 67 birthday.i miss her every day and cant imagine living in this life without her. I have no words, i think through ly that im in shock. i happy i found this forum . i wait for day to join my mom.

    • I just buried my beloved mother/best friend today. You wrote everything that I am feeling, word for word. I don’t know that I survive this or that I even want to survive this. I just want to be where she is. I’m not married, I have no children, she was my life, my everything. I’m lost…

      • My mother just died on October 29th of this year. It was unexpected and she was only 49. I cannot imagine living my life without her and I do not want to be here. I just want to be with her, wherever she is. I have never felt so sad and everything seems meaningless now. The holidays won’t be the same and I wish I could have said goodbye. I love her so much and I feel so lost.

    • Oh Beautiful soul, I understand you oh Soo well!! My Beautiful Mother passed just 3 weeks ago. I NEVER knew pain like this until now . I also know how you feel about not wanting to go on. My mother was my ALL I would gladly Die to give her her life back. BUT Even though we feel this unbearable pain must try to live for our Mother’s our Beautiful Mothers would not accept us not being happy or trying to live out a good life. I know it’s easier said than done, sometimes I breakdown and cry so bad I can’t breathe and I’m a grown strong man. I just pray me and you can find some kind of happy acceptance one day they would want it and they are still with us and watching us in spirit. I don’t know you but I love you because I understand you. Much Much love.

  26. Coincidence!?! I burst into tears after reading your first paragraph on the eve of the 15 year anniversary of my mom’s passing….October 23, 2003. What are the chances I read your post out of the blue tonight and my eyes immediately saw October 23.

    My mom was 52 and taken far too soon from a brain tumor. I was 23 and raising a 6 year old little boy and a baby on the way. My mom was my rock, my cheerleader, my best friend and so much more. She was there for me as a teen mom and had I not had my parents help, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The day I lost my mom I also lost a part of myself. . It’s an inexplainable feeling hurts in such a heavy way.

    Reading your post made me feel like I was reading about myself and my exact thoughts! Maybe tomorrow will be a little brighter knowing someone is feeling the same grief and that I am not alone in that grief.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! I couldn’t have read this at a better time. October has gotten the best of me once again but you’ve given me inspiration. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and giving you strength to make it through the day. You are not alone in your grief. No amount of time can change the fact that at times we could really use our mom’s love, advice, and support in so many ways.

    Sorry for ramble.

  27. Your article hit me. My mom died at 31 with gastric CA and I was 12. I feel that not enough time was spent. I look in mirror and see her, hair,eyes, smile. I journal, visit grave, but I have became more depressed as I was diagnosed with gastri CA at 40. It’s been an battle but I understand her struggles. My daughter has an 50/50 of also having it in years. I guess I just have so much guilt, no friends, my dad won’t talk about my mother but to down her. I find comfort in my English shepherd . I go every day with smile, dressed perfect, socializing , active in school, but inside I’m dying. I thought after 33 years it would be easier but it is getting harder. I hide my emotions but would love to be like Thelma and Louis. Grief is hard, and sometimes it takes forever to get better. I know everyone says pray, but sometimes that doesn’t take the pain away.

  28. my mother was gone to this exact day, six years ago.

    it’s noon time now, oct 10 2019, and six years ago she breathed her last breath, under induced coma. it was quick, i was taken aback and i never really recovered since.

    got stressed out for a long time and only discovered i had a depression (diagnosed professionally) a year ago. i don’t want to think whether it is related or not.

    i think it’s not going to be as bad, but it is still.

    to those who are suffering still, seek help. i did. and i am still walking and going through the moments, one day at a time.

    happy world mental health day, too.

  29. I have nothing profound to say except that I lost my mother May 5, 2013. I miss her everyday. On bad days I cry like a baby. Nothing will ever make the pain go away, not even time. Sometimes it hurts so much I’m at a lost. My mother’s death hit me harder then anyone could possibly imagine. To each their own, who is to tell us how long to grieve for. Because I know I’ll always be saddened by my mother’s sudden death.

  30. I lost my mom July 2015. I was only 15 at the time and I felt as if my whole world was crashing down. I sometimes feel so selfish because I still have a father and little brother who cares about my tremendously but the feeling of not having my mom here is horrible. I thought that as time goes by that it would get better and it hasn’t. It’s gotten worse. Seeing everyone in the comments gave me a little comfort. To know that I am not alone and that there is in fact others who still feel this way is bittersweet. I pray that each and everyone of you in this thread as well as who reads my comment is healed from the pain of missing you’re mother. One day we will all be reunited but until then continue to cherish those loving memories.

    • Hi Danielle
      I lost my mom about 4 months ago .It is really sad, i wish i were aware, i wish i had a small look at my right now feelings, it was suddenly with no marks! Now it is me finding my self alone everyday somewhere and the rain of teers. It just goes on until the physiology permits…. and the other days….
      My life is no more as beautiful as before!

  31. Mom was the Love and Meaning in my life. Without her, a profound emptiness prevails with only grief, loneliness, and regret to keep me company

  32. My mother died September 11th, 2018… it’s been a year. That day is already such a terrible day for so many, but last year it was my family. Mom died at 67, one day after my father and her’s 49th anniversary. I became that dumb Green Day song ever since. I just want to wake up when September is over. That trigger to cry still hits often, all I can say is I will be there for anyone hurting and that everyone should see a grief counselor. But that little locked room in your head filled with all of those memories of your lost loved one – it provokes many emotions but I truly believe it helps keep them with you in every step of life thereafter.

  33. This is my first day back to work since my Mom passed away from Ovarian Cancer on Sept 13th ’19, she just turned 66 years old a couple of weeks prior. She was diagnosed about 3 years ago and fought bravely until her body couldn’t take it any more. We went and saw her the night before she passed and she lit up when she saw my daughters – her grand daughters were the light of her life and she was with them almost every day since the day they were born (my older one is 9). I thought we had so much more time with her and I feel so guilty about not spending quality time with her. Every time we saw her, she said she was ‘fine’, but turns out she was just protecting us.

    My heart is broken and I don’t know how to start mending it. I go to therapy, but haven’t been since she passed and I’m not sure why. I have so many feelings in my heart – anger, sadness, depression, etc and I just feel cheated that she was taken from us so soon. I’ve been crying and it helps somewhat, but these feelings come right back after I’ve calmed down for a bit. It just seems there is no end in sight and I don’t know how much more of these feelings I can take.

    I want her back and I want to be with her, but I know that won’t happen anytime soon. Everyone tells me that it’ll get better with time, but I don’t know. She was such an important part of my life and was the glue that kept my family together and now she’s gone. I’ll never forget her and the great times we had, but I’m at a complete loss right and am not sure how to move ahead. My heart is aching and I am at a loss for words and don’t know what to do.

    • Know you are not alone. The grief, the guilt, all of it I have experienced. I lost my mom Oct 29, 2005. I had 48 hrs to take her home with hospice help, & deal w the fact she was dying. Every year in the Fall I have a hard time and Im very emotional. I talk to her for comfort. I know she hears me, because I feel better afterwards. Look for the signs…your mom will send you signs she is with you. Be still and listen. I promise you she is there, she can hear you!.Sending you prayers and hugs!

    • Hi Mark,

      I believe what you’re feeling is pretty normal. It’s confusing to me too as to what to do. Sometimes I wonder if I’m still in shock (my Mom passed August 7th) and other times I can’t take all the pain that surfaces. It is so incredibly ridiculous it seems at times. I was going to see a therapist or counselor, but I’m afraid too much will come out all at once. I wonder if we’re going in and out of the stages of grief. I don’t mean to compare because everyone is not the same. I just know it’s only 1 month for you and a little over 2 months for me. I’m not saying that means we’re both definitely in the exact same place. I’ve read many other people’s comments and I also understand where they’re coming from even though I only lost my mother a couple months ago and it’s not years yet. I will miss her for the rest of my life which probably won’t be for long. I truly believe that people die of a broken heart. I know that to be true. I hope work gives you some kind of relief or a temporary diversion at least. I try to tell myself that my Mom would not want me to suffer so much, she would want me to be happy. It would bother her if she knew that the way I truly feel is that my life is pretty much over and that I could never possibly be happy again without her. I do believe that we all might learn to carry on (not move on because it sounds like you’re leaving the loved one behind), but I’m 100% sure, at least for me, that I will never ever get over it in a million lifetimes. I wouldn’t. I believe we just somehow learn to deal with it and the grief probably never fully goes away. I’m sorry if this makes you feel worse, but I hope you come to maybe understand what I’m trying to say. I just know that you don’t have to feel such intense pain each and every day. It’ll come in waves, but like some of these other people are saying… it can be all of these years later when a wave just hits or something you see, hear, or feel causes the switch to flip and everything comes flooding back. I’m going to try my best to talk to her, write, and somehow celebrate her life. I wouldn’t ever do anything crazy because then I know that I can’t dream about her and I just don’t truly know if there is definitely a heaven. That’s the only way I can see her is when I dream about her and think about her. I did get a pretty strange sign… Something that happened to me on the night of my birthday that I honestly was not looking for. I didn’t even think right away when it was happening, but it is just so uncanny that there is truly no other explanation as to what happened that it had to be her. So I’m not saying I know for sure there’s a heaven or not. I just have a feeling that there might really be an existence after this physical life. My birthday was in September. I didn’t see an apparition or anything like that. I only told a couple of people about it and when I got their reaction I decided just never to tell anyone again. I decided to just to keep it to myself and hope that it was truly my Mother. Honestly, there really is no other explanation as to what happened. I guess I’m holding onto that and one or two other things that happened right before she passed. Either way, I truly hope that you are okay. Just a stranger here letting you know that someone cares. Sending virtual hugs.

  34. My mom died when I was 10, six years ago today. I’m sitting in my English class scrolling through these comments because I feel so separate from the rest of the class, like I’m in a glass box and everyone is looking at me even though only a handful know. She was sick for about four years prior to her death, breast cancer. It spread quite quickly then it got stagnant for a while. From her breasts, to her lymph nodes, to her rib bones, to her entire body and brain. She never wanted to let that stop her. I wish I had a fraction of her dedication. She was my home, and now my house still feels empty. I could go on forever and ever about her. Her face, which is sometimes hard to remember, her voice which I can’t hear or imagine anymore, her mannerisms. I miss her dearly and as sad or morbid as it is, I am glad to have found all of these comments with everyone’s stories, because now I don’t feel so alone. It only took six years to find this wow.

  35. Such a beautiful essay! 40 years ago, on November 7, I lost my mother suddenly! Whether 12 years or 40, the pain and grief is real!

  36. My mom passed away 3 weeks ago, she was 56. She had a liver cyst for 20 years and after not taking the right medication she had to be operated in an emergency. She stayed in the ICU for 15 days and after recovering well, she succumbed one morning. I have so much regret, I could have easily saved her. I wish we had done more. I have this huge void in my life, life will never be the same. Nothing makes me happy, nothing brings me peace and comfort. I have lost a huge part of my life, I have lost the will to live. My dad and 19 year old sister need my support.

  37. Thank you for writing this… my mother will be gone 14 years September 21. This writing allowed me to give myself a break. I am human.

  38. Thank you for writing this and sharing it! My mother passed away in 2008 and I can get through weeks without thinking about her. Then I see a picture, or smell a fragrance, hear a song, and she is right there again. Today, I saw the obituary of a total stranger, and I became overwhelmed with thoughts of my mother. The tears are still flowing, and I have this horrible “pain” that is filling my entire body. I miss her so very much, but I thought it was strange that it could hit me so hard, so many years later. It is like she transitioned today. She filled so many hours of every day in the last few years that I had her, and now there is this emptiness that I try so hard to fill. I find myself picking up the phone to call her and tell her something important, then realize that she’s not here anymore. I sometimes think that these moments are the times when she is also thinking about me. Of course, that doesn’t make my tears go away. It doesn’t fill that void in my life where she used to be. Your message has helped me to know that this is a normal part of grief.

  39. My beautiful healthy mother passed away suddenly on February 5th. She fell, bumped her head really hard, was rushed to hospital and never woke up. She was in a coma for four weeks and passed away. She had suffered bleeding on the brain, and a fractured skull.
    No one can relate to how you feel, unless they themselves have suffered a traumatic loss of a loved one who they were close to. Life after this will never be normal. You learn to deal with it, because you have to, but things are never the same. This is your new normal.
    I find happiness in things yes, but nothing brings me as much joy anymore without having my mother around. Mothers give us unconditional love, one that has an unexplained bond and a life that makes us feel anchored. Without my mom I feel lost and very alone, the feeling of loneliness is difficult to describe to those who have not been through it, but all who have will totally understand. We need our mothers, no matter what age we are. I will never get over the death of my mom, I know that now. The closer we were to our mothers, the deeper the grief is. All we can do is know that someday they will be there for us again and wrap us in their loving arms. I look forward to that day mom.

    • Diane, I truly understand how you feel. My mother died March of this year from a fall just as yours did. She was 89 and strong as an ox and just as stubborn. We lived together since my dad died February 2014. I now know how much pain she was in but I think she wanted to be strong for me. I felt she never grieved because of me. If I only new but I should have known. They were together 63 years. My mom fell in the garage and developed a hematoma on her brain plus broken ribs and collarbone. She fought hard for 6 weeks. The hospital sent her to a nursing home after about a week in the hospital. I should have insisted they keep her in the hospital. She went downhill from there. I could write a book on the things they put her through. I could have brought her home and should have. I blame myself for all her pain. But I trusted the doctors. Losing your mother is like no other pain in the world. I had her for 66 years and find it so hard to go on without her. I was an only child so I don’t have anyone that understands what I’m going through. I cry every day and just want to stay in bed. But I can’t because I have 4 dogs, 2 cats and a chinchilla to take care of. Without them I would not have a reason to live.

      • My sincere condolences to you on your loss. Thank you for replying to my post. Knowing that there are others out there who have been through what we have and are experiencing the same feelings of grief, sadness and loss, somehow makes it that little bit easier knowing we are not alone in our grief. Life goes on around us, even if we don’t want it to. Sending you my best wishes. Diane

    • Diane i understand exactly how you feel and I feel the same. my beautiful Mom died without reason on September 30, 2018. Life is not the same or will ever be! Nothing really metters much to me anymore- I miss my mom and will miss her to the end of my life. If not for my dad, i think i would not be here still.

      • My condolences to you on your loss. Thank you for your reply, knowing we are not alone and that others do care and are experiencing exactly what we feel, somehow makes it just that little tiny bit easier. Sending best wishes to you.

  40. Loss… that’s definitive and I can relate to this. Having lost my mother 8 years ago and my father last year left a huge hole that I can’t fill. Hardest of all is not having them here to nurture a relationship with my son. The value system and moral compass they provided me is priceless and I do want this for my child. Too often in today’s world we face varying opinion and perception based on snippets of news and information never taking the time to fully understand the human impact or what it means to be human. Everything they taught me was grounded in love. I simply want that back.

  41. I lost my mother in July 2018. I miss her all the time. My pain gets worse when I think that my siblings did not appreciate her, did not honor her, and would not even call her, years before she passed. After a lifetime of selfishness, now they try to come close to me, possibly for financial reasons… Is it normal to feel “coldness of the heart” for siblings and relatives that would never call, never write back to our letters…? I cannot pretend we are one big happy family, as in my heart I feel that they have betrayed mom, and they were a source of her constant pain . . .

    • That is exactly how I feel, you describe it exactly how it is with my family. I understand how you feel because I feel the same. I don’t feel like forgiving and forgetting how my family were in the past towards my mum when she needed them. I don’t blame you for how you feel because I feel exactly the same.

  42. Reply to Kathy September 8. I’ve looked everyday for a reply and let me say. thank you so much for replying and your encouragement. It does make a difference that I am not alone. I sometimes feel its only me that is taking my mom’s passing so hard but I now see this is the way it is. Right now I don’t feel it’s going to get better just extra baggage you carry. Guess that’s the way life is. I was expecting these feelings. God bless you.

      I’m glad if my reply helped you to feel a little bit less alone, but I know it’s poor consolation. This is been one of the toughest things I’ve faced in my life so far, and I miss her every day and every moment. Sometimes it’s bearable, but then I know that I’ll pay for that later with it being twice as unbearable. It is a way weight that we will always carry around, I just pray that it becomes a little lighter because I know that my mother would want me to embrace life while I’m here as it’s very fleeting. I know this and yet it’s still so hard to move on. I can’t imagine the rest of my life without her in it, but yet I have to.
      I have heard the first year is the hardest, first Thanksgiving first Christmas first birthday etc. I know that it will be a tough year, and that we are still early days.
      Try to focus on honoring your mother by leading a full life. I truly believe that they loved us, and would not want us to withdraw from life. Please hang in there. I hope that the raw and paralyzing grief SILL become more bearable. God bless you too. I wish you peace and strength. Cathy

      • Hi Cathy,

        I lost my mum 8 hours ago. I am so devastated. I am 29 years. My mum and I had planned so many things together. She never went abroad. She so badly wanted to travel to Switzerland with me, my dad, and my brother. She wanted to see me get married and play with me and my brother’s grandchildren. She was just 50 when she died – Breast cancer final stage. I am so glad to find support here.

  43. It started six or seven years ago. There was a traffic accident. Disc compressed and not really sure what damaged but after this the falls started, some severe. First a crack behind her neck that would have paralyzed her with any more trauma. A metal plate was put in from the front that was screwed in that held it together. There was a spot on her brain. Many, many doctors. Rolled off bed onto oxygen machine that caused a football bruise. A vertebrae lower in back that was fused together. Caused pain constantly forever. Had COPD, lower & dental implants that caused much worry because of length of time they had been in. Parents never took care of her teeth as a child. More than once low iron so we had to go to Cancer Center for infusions. Then came the dreaded diagnoses of Alzheimer’s. For five years I mourned my mom’s death knowing what would come. I had to take her and my dad to all doctors appts. They would not tell them the truth and could not tell me what the doctors said. At one time she had 9 doctors not counting my dads. I lived 2.5 hours away. I had retired prior to this thank goodness but was always on alert. Our home phone was constantly transferred to my cell number. The past four years I didn’t have to be there so much but you knew her short term memory was constantly getting worse. She would visit me for one night and then went home. After I was at their home after three days she’d practically kick me out. While there the usual routine for them changed and that’s very bad for Alzheimer’s patients. Even though the two of them did not have a good marriage my dad was now doing a lot. I told him one day he would not be able to leave her alone but that happened all the time. Almost every visit there would be bad bruises from falls or hitting things in the house. She fell once in the bath and busted her lip which should have been stitched but we decided better for her to leave it which we later regretted because it aggravated her. My visit are now more often. Sometimes she really wanted me there but times were bad when she wanted me gone. Memory is much worse. She turns a/c up & down constantly. Dad had a real big problem with this . Wandering is a big problem even through the night. Eating right now was good, had put on some weight and it was great. She was herself. I’m the oldest of two and lived the closest so we had always been very close. I waited on her as if she was a child. I helped her shower, hair/haircuts, nails, tucked her in bed, waited on her with anything she wanted. She was my life. I loved her more than anyone in my life and it was okay with everyone. Of course I was getting tired and needed to go home for a couple nights. At the time she is being very careful walking. You would have thought she had vertigo but it wasn’t. Had terrible balance issues. She did not want me to go but I assured I’d be right back. Along about now my dads patience is running thin. I ask he show compassion which wasn’t his thing. When I returned she had two very bad falls and had multiple cuts, scrapes, and horrible bruises all over her body. She collapsed in my arms when undressing her for a shower with total fright. She said he pushed her down and was kicking her and tried to kill her. We both were sobbing & I promised I’d never leave her again. Remember she had alz but was very convincing. Of course he denied it but was it true? She ended up in the hospital for a bladder infection that she did not have so they treated the alz. When we finally got her home she could not walk at all. My sis arrived & we taught her to walk again. For two weeks it was all downhill. She very very agitated. Drs. had her on so many drugs for the alz that usually kept her knocked out. We only gave her half pills but had to do something because of the agitation. My sis & I took turns sleeping with her but we were up with each other & still got little sleep tending to her. The final straw was stopping eating & drinking. Hospice was very little help. The night she passed I called when her breathing changed. They showed up 30 minutes later and said it could be minutes or hours & call if we needed anything. We were all around her hospital bed at home when she struggled to take her last breaths which liked to have killed me. As she laid there it was like the most horrible thing that had ever happened to me. That was July 26, 2019. I have had a horrible time accepting all of this but mostly she’s gone. I taped her voice & have many pic on my phone that I look at every night & cry. I cry all day. I miss her more & more as time passes. I can’t do house work. Everything is a wreck & that’s not me. Usually OCD. Like others I thought of not wanting to live anymore. I have children, grandchildren, & great grandchildren and I am still married as he cares for me. He lets me cries and we talk all the time but nothing helps. It seems as though when I talk to someone about anything with my mom they have got to tell me about there mom. I understand how they feel but I want to scream can you just let me talk of my mother. I sympathize with everyone on this sight as I am one of you. The one thing that gives me peace is knowing one day i’ll be with all my loving mother again. I just wish it was now. I will not have a life again without her. I try but it’s only pretend so people will leave me alone. From the moment I was born I was first in her life and she has been first in my life since retiring 16 years ago. I am dedicated to her and now her memory. Only God knows how I miss her. The pain is totally unbearable,

    • Sherie,
      I lost my mom on July 19, 2019 to Alzheimer’s (my brother’s birthday). What you describe is exactly how I feel. The waves wash over you and you are paralyzed with grief. Mom couldn’t walk, talk or even move at the end. She broke bones, and became completely immobilized in bed. We don’t know if she was aware or, if so, how much. We watched helplessly as she struggled to swallow and breathe. It felt so surreal. She really missed HER parents at the end so I know the loss never goes away…
      People say it’s a blessing, or that she’s in a better place. They mean well, but how can we face a world less bright without our greatest friend and support for the rest of our lives.
      My house is a mess also. I can’t get things done and don’t feel like doing anything. I know how you feel. The illness was a living nightmare. And the end was no better. And now we are left expected to pick up the pieces and move right on because losing a mom is the “natural” progression. I’m sorry for your loss. I know how you feel n

  44. Your post hit home! Grief changes throughout the years, but is always there. I know my mom is always with me and we will meet again.

  45. On October 25th of 2019 it will be exactly 12 years since my mother has passed your words said exactly what I’ve been trying to say for 12 years when I read your post I simply broke down and cried as I do almost every day thank you for putting into words what I have been trying to do for 12 years

  46. Today would be day six for me. Six days since I lost my mom. I received a call from her the morning that she died, we chatted about how she was excited to go to work that morning, as she was an Activity Director at a nursing home and was having a BBQ for the residents. Her last words to me were, “I love you” as she hung up the phone. A few hours later I was at work and received the call that my mom had passed out at work and was asked which hospital to send her to. I had them send her to the hospital closest to my location and drove as fast as I could to be there for her. I made it to the hospital before my mom, I had a very uneasy feeling about this. When she finally arrived I sat in the room with her as the doctors were working and I knew that everything was not okay. I was told she had a stroke and they needed to take her in for a scan. When the doctor came back he told me my mom’s head was filled with blood and the outcome was most likely not good. My mom needed to be life flighted to another hospital for treatment. I went with her on the helicopter, the entire time tears streaming down my face, I could barely breathe. When we finally landed I felt so paralyzed, unsure of what to do next. I was brought into a small room where a nurse sat with me for a brief moment and asked what I needed and I just wanted to be alone in that moment to try to pray and gather my thoughts. It was the most lonely feeling, but I was trying to be brave for my mom. The doctor brought me in to see my mom after a short time. That is when he explained to me that most likely if there was a chance for my mom to recover she would have brain damage. My mom and I have had many conversations over the years and she always told me, “I don’t ever want you to make the medica decisions for me because you’re too emotional, have your brother pull the plug”. Of course, who ever thought that joke would actually become my reality. The rest of the day was filled with doctors asking me to sign here, sign there, consent to this and that. As I sat in the waiting room with my family I felt angry. I knew that everyone there knew how tough my mom was and thought she would pull through. I could feel my mom was gone. I knew no one liked it when I said it, but my mom was no longer there and I knew it. Perhaps it was because of the bond we shared, I was so in tune with my mom even with the semi false hope we were receiving from the doctors I knew my mom would go to Heaven that night. Once they finally came to the conclusion there was nothing more they could do I made the decision it was time to let mom go. I know she would be proud, I sat by her side and held her hand and kissed her head and sang her favorite song to her (Delta Dawn), I promised her she would be okay and there was nothing to be scared of. The next few days were absolute hell and torture for me. The anxiety was so overwhelming. I would wake up gasping for air, and even now, I feel like I’m in a tunnel, like no one understands and I am walking around like a zombie. It’s hard for me to even be a mother to my daughter. I feel so alone and so hurt. My mom, she is my everything. I have a 10 year old little girl and my mom was the most incredible Mammie you could ask for. She helped me every single day after school with her so I could work on my career, took her camping and hiking in the summer, always sat next to me during all of my daughters games. My mom had me at 16 years old and worked so hard to provide me the best possible life she could. My mom may not have had the fancy house or nice car but that stuff wasn’t important to my mom and I envy her for that. What was important was spending time with her family. The week before she died we took our annual vacation together with my daughter and niece. We spent the day at the ocean and I remember the water was so cold and my mom kept looking at me and smiling and would say, “come on Kristy, one more step, one more step”. Then she looked back at me as I struggled to walk in the water and said, “oh come on, we are making memories”. I still can’t believe that was the last vacation I’ll ever have with my mom. I’m not sure how to keep going or moving forward. We have her services tomorrow and it makes me feel sick to my stomach. This pain is by far the worst pain you could ever imagine. My birthday is September 20th, my mom’s is the 26th and my daughter’s is the 30th. September used to be my favorite month. I’m now dreading this month. I don’t want ny birthday to come, I don’t want to celebrate holidays, I don’t feel like I’m me anymore. I’m sorry for such a long story, I just felt like I needed to get this off my chest. I feel like I am suffocating. I just want others to know you are not alone.

    • Kristy,
      Your story really brought back some sad memories. I lost sleep tonight missing my Mom and thinking about losing her in the hospital and making those horrible decisions there.

      The most important thing we have in common is what our Moms last words were: “I love you”. Remember that. Bless your Mom’s heart and bless yours too for being such a caring and loyal daughter. Hang in there. It’s so hard but you are not alone.

      • Hi Fran, thank you for your reply. It seems those sleepless nights are never ending. We are both fortunate to have “I love you” as our last words. I have found that most people I know did not/do not have the kind of relationship my mother and I had. We were so close and she was truly my whole world. It’s hard to keep going without her. I feel like 31 was way too young to have to lose your mom. I feel very cheated. I try to remember all of the good times and appreciate the fact that I had such a wonderful mother, but it seems so unfair to have to keep living and experiencing life without her. One day at a time.

    • Kristy, first thank you for sharing. I’m 36 and both of my parents died 2 months ago. My mother died first and my dad died 7 days later. Everything that you have described is normal and it hurts really bad. I’m having a very bad week right now, can’t stop crying. I think about every memory from when I was a kid and I just break down. I have a 6 year old girl and just little things that she does and I do with her remind me of things my mom did with me. I was extremely close to my mother and the thought of never being able to pick up the phone and just call and talk is the worst feeling ever, the finality of the situation is the hardest and I’m still not ready to accept. I’m going to counseling which helps some, but those moments that I’m alone are the hardest. They say that you will never stop grieving, but that it will be less intense and less often as time goes on…having a hard time seeing that happen. It’s hard to function, but we have responsibilities to our work, and family. I just needed to vent some and share my feelings, it may not comfort you, but I want you to know that everything that you are feeling is normal and I’m going through the exact same thing.

      • Hi Steve, I am just seeing your reply. I am sorry to hear about your parents. It has now been 2 months since my mom has passed away and it really doesn’t seem to get any easier. The pain is so unreal and I’m finding that I am missing my mom more and more as time goes on. All we can do is try to keep going. One day at a time. I hope you’re doing okay.

  47. My mother died by suicide March 20, 2017. Every year that goes by, and granted, there hasn’t been many, I physically ache for her. When I’m scared or in pain, sick or worried I still reach for the phone that will never be answered. You’re articles and thoughts are exactly how I feel and I can never put my thoughts into a coherent sentence. Thank you for always doing that for me. Comfort in numbers.


  48. My Mum died from Cancer in April 2018. Ever since I have not been able to be happy. Its affecting my husband and at some point my little girl. The worst is I feel gulity when I am little happy and as such remain in a perpetual state of grimace and cynicism. I miss her too much and wish she were with me. I wish she thought me how to live without her….

    • I am sorry for your loss and your ongoing pain. My father died when I was 17 and my mother when I was 51, but my reaction was much the same, the void in your heart and life. It’s okay to grieve. However, your mother wouldn’t want her passing to cause you to lose enjoyment in everyday life. She would want you to go on. You may recall that song from the musical Carousel. Remember those lyrics “walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone.” Hope for a brighter day, hope for your family to be healed, hope that you will enjoy everyday activities more. Hope for a joyful future for you and your family. And then, if there is something you can think of to help those hopes come true, work on those activities. Bless you!

  49. I Lost my mother due to my negligence and iam repenting now which is of no use. We had shifted our house six months back so that we could demolise the house & rebuild again. My mother did not like the idea as she had spent 44 years of her married life with my father as sentiments were attached. I did not care for sentiments as the house was very old & water was leaking during rainy season. I shifted the house to rented house a street away from my old house. We did not check for Vaastu of the house. We checked only the entrance.Little did we know what was store for us at the rented house. My mother was not happy in the rented house. She became silent i convinced her a new house will be built & construction was taking place. She was a self independent person who use to do all her work. Three months passed without any problem then suddenly one day in the evening on 5th April 2019 she suddenly came walking and sat on the bed and her left hand & leg could not move she suffered brain heomorrage she wastaken to hospital and discharged on 17thApril the doctor told she would recover slowly little did we know after on day bringing her to the rented house on sunday morning she passed away. then somone told because of the toilet built in Northeast direction this happened to my mother.

    Till date or ill my last breathe i can’t ask for forgiveness also to my mother all this happened because of me.
    Iam really sorry mama pls forgive me for not listening to you i have only regrets in my life & i lost my mother. due to my stubborn ness i feel am resposible for whatever happned i can never see my mother again now that house is empty without my mother presence and i feel i have no right to live in this world. I miss her each and every second of my life. I love my mummy i cant accept the fact she is not there for me, My innocent mummy believed in me but what i did is unforigveable

    • Please do not be guilty. I think this would have happen anyway. The direction of which something is built would not have effected your mum. X

    • Nandina…please don’t blame yourself. It truly was not your fault. Your mom knows how much you loved her. It was a medical issue that caused her death. It would have happened no matter if you were still in her original house, or which direction things faced.
      Blaming yourself is normal. I blamed myself for having my mom go to dr when she was tired, and it was a Urinary tract infection. The antibiotic they put her on, Bactrim, knocked out her kidneys. She was in hospital a month, and had 7 dialysis treatments. Before she went on the antibiotic, she was active, went grocery shopping, walking easily. After 3 weeks she could no longer move her legs, just her toes. Then i suggested that she let them put a permacath in so she could go home and continue dialysis on an outpatient basis. She went into A fib, and drs said they didnt think her heart would survive dialysis, so i brought her home and enrolled her in hospice. She died 11 days later. If i had just given her cranberry juice, she would probably still be here. The Bactrim killed her.
      Grieving for my mom has been horrendous. I lost my dad when he was 60 to lung cancer in 95, my brother at age 40 to liver cancer, another brother at age 54 to liver failure (no one knew he was even sick), and then mom july 30, 2018. I handled all of the other deaths well, but i still cry over my mom. She was my best friend and i visited with her daily. I miss her so much.

    • Your mum has forgiven you and accepted your apology. Your stubbornness might not forgive you, but only you can deal with it.
      I’ve been through a similar situation, the pain will still be there but when you own it, it will ease the pain

  50. My mom died sept 27th 2018… She had metastatic lung cancer.. She lived 8 months. I still feel like it just happened. She was my best friend, and the only one who loved me in the family aside from dad.(hes gone to) . I still cannot function right and see a therapist weekly. I am going to be getting divorced soon, and i think my 5 year old hates me. My wife fills her head, even though i work hard, and provide. Its just not right, and i feel really alone. Nothing is enjoyable anymore, and if i could stay in bed, i would

  51. My mum died on the 27th October 2018, it was her 52nd birthday. She died of choking so no warning at all.
    I wasn’t there then Mum was out for dinner with Dad happily married for 25th years.
    I am really struggling we were all so close. Dad is devastated like me and we have grown closer, but i do keep pushing other family members away mainly my mum’s side. Finding it really hard to reply back to them. I rarely ever cry not because i don’t want to i really do but i cant. I already had depression and anxiety before all this which has just gotten worse. Feel like i’m really in shock stunned mode with flashes of grief or anger. We had to deal with autopsy and waiting for the results as the food had gone down shortly afterwards so the paramedics thought she could have had an aneurysm. Had to have an inquest because it was an unexpected death, we were praying along with many others that it wouldn’t get picked up by the newspapers, thankfully it didn’t but it did mean for about a week after the inquest i was so wound up in case with nowhere to unleash it. My 23rd birthday was a month after she died, the funeral was a fortnight before my birthday which wasn’t ideal but couldn’t really plan it earlier and the next date was a couple of days beforehand.
    I am signed off work due to depression/grief. I live independently my own flat with support coming in. I have been trying different things out, but am just really struggling and not really sure what to do…

  52. My mother passed away from breast cancer in April 2016 after nine years of remission, but with only a week from diagnosis until death.I am a single working parent of three,and my mother was all we had as other family lives abroad.I hate life without her.Every day is a struggle,and I still wrestle with the guilt of not being with her the moment she passed.I spent nearly all week at the hospital with her but I was not there when she was leaving this world.I will never forgive myself for that.This is a pain that never ends,time does not heal all wounds.

  53. Thank you for all your posts. My mom past away two months ago and this is the first site/blog that truly resonated with me. I’m a 55 year old male with one younger brother. We all are a small family living in different regions of the US. Even with the physical distance we talked every day and vacationed together every Christmas and summer. My mom was my best friend. Every phone conversation ended with our saying “love you ” . Even at 55 her unconditional love was a comfort. Now I feel an emptiness, sadness, and loneliness. Will there ever be real joy again..

  54. My mother died almost a year ago and like everyone here, I am still struggling to find my way. She was a wonderful mother, grandmother and my best friend. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her but as difficult as her passing is, there is something that she said to me (that I believe applies to us all) which lessens my pain. Two months before she died, she told me that she was concerned how her death would impact me. She told me I would have to be strong and try very hard to move on with my life. Death did not scare her but the thought of my suffering did and she needed to know that I would be okay. She knew I would grieve and it would be very difficult at first but she did not want this emotion to consume me. Mom told me all mothers need to know that their children are going to be fine regardless of their age and that I would be honoring her by taking care of myself and enjoying my life. She wanted to hear me laugh again and to be remembered with a smile.

    I have my good days and bad days like everyone else who has lost a loved one but on those terrible dark days when I feel a piece of my heart has been torn out, I think of what my Mom wanted for me and what would make her proud. Taking care of yourself and enjoying life, is the very last thing you can do for your Mom.

    • Hello – I wanted you to know that your post was just beautiful! And ironically enough, you wrote it on the one year anniversary of my Mom (and my best friend!) passing away. I just found this group and am so glad I did! Thank you for putting your feelings into words so eloquently.

    • Thank you for this. My mom died 2.5 years ago and I can’t seem to get past the overwhelming sense of loss. I came across your comment tonight and feel it was a message my own mom would have wanted me to hear. My mom often talked about how much she looked forward to heaven one day. I know she didn’t fear death. We were so very close and it hurt her to see me hurt. She wouldn’t want me to be living my life the way I am, in constant pain and sorrow, unable to move forwad. I can hear her through you tonight and appreciate the new perspective you have given me.

  55. Thank you for all these posts. My mom died 14 months ago. I think of her every day. I think about her before I fall asleep every night and every morning when I wake up. I feel intensely sad. Mom was my best friend and confidant. I’m 55 years old and I don’t know how I make it without her. Lots of days I don’t want to live, it feels like i’m living in a nightmare. I’m just waiting for oblivion. I work so I can suffer in comfort. I have work. I have a sister, nieces, some friends. But the connection I have with them is so much less than what I had with my mom. Life has very little meaning anymore. I never wanted to be in this phase of life. It has very little meaning, very little joy.

    • Your post hit right at home with me James. I am a 54 year old single male and my Mom has been by far the most important person in my life. No one else even comes close. My Mom is in hospice care with only weeks to live. I can`t talk to her because she cant` speak from dementia. She has cancer too and is very emaciated.. Its the saddest thing I`ve ever seen and felt. I am devastated . The future looks bleak as well. I live alone and the lonliness is overwhelming without being able to speak to her anymore. .This is going to be a nightmare.

      • Dan, I can relate to what you are saying. My elderly mother passed away 2 weeks ago, July 26, 2019 after a 6 week general decline. She was also in hospice and the decline was horrible to watch. I wanted to do more, but truly nothing could be done. I have come to the understanding that things were much harder for me than for my mom. Despite the fact that she could no longer speak, I continuously spoke to her. Told her I loved her, patted her, stroked her. Just continue to do those things for your mom. She will feel it and believe me, you will have those comforting memories after she’s gone.

    • James, I feel the same like you do. It is so hard sometimes i dont know what to do with myself…

      • I feel the same. My mother left on 15 March 2018. I saw her taking her last breath in my house. It was traumatic and still is. I am 57 and never married. She was all I had. Nothing/Nobody makes any sense or meaning to me anymore. Just waiting to join my mother.

  56. My mother died 19 almost 20 years ago. There is no end to grief. She’s been gone longer than I had her in my life which was a hard day to deal with. I’ve lived without longer than with but it’s still no easier ,not really. The bad days become less, but they can come back just as bad as the first days after it happened. That feeling , that longing , that emptiness. I suppose “that” is grief . I remember asking my dad one day, when will I feel ok. He said , maybe in 20 years we won’t cry anymore and be ok with it. Well, 20 years is almost here and now , he’s died too this year , so when we hit that 20 year mark, there’s double the emptiness.
    I have since my mother died, visited spiritual churches. I have,twice , received messages from my mother. Not the generic , non specific type , but dates, names , events, sayings , songs, pets, that , if the women who told me these messages are fake, then they deserve a hell of a lot of credit for being able to read people like that. This was a place was totally anonymous, you didn’t book, you didn’t sign in to on arrival, no one knew you were coming, it proved to me there is something else after this, I don’t know what, but that was my mother speaking to me I am convinced. You truly can feel it , like love ,like grief , you can’t see it or touch it but you just know it’s true and it’s there. I went a sceptic too.
    As the medium said to me, the dead are more alive than the living , and it’s true. They are not living a life of grief or worry or upset , they’re just waiting for us. They’re there somewhere, surprisingly upbeat and , in my experience, not particularly missing us. Definitely not grieving.
    Doesnt make it any easier to bare here in the land of the living though. Doesn’t make it any better doesn’t make it any worse, just the same feelings of a big void that can’t be filled or blocked out, a dark cloud over everything , wishing they were still there. I will continue to go to spiritualist churches hoping my father will come speak to me. He hasnt yet not has my mother turned up again, they’re probably too busy living a new life in death and don’t want to see my miserable face just yet, cos they know that there is more to this than we can ever know in our lifetime. Until then, I will live under my black cloud , sometimes grey, sometimes just the white clouds blocking the sun ever so slightly and living in the past probably too much but I won’t search for a way to deal with it or heal it anymore because there isn’t one. We think we can’t take it , we think we won’t get through it but we do. Accepting this is the way life is now and making the best of it.

    • I get you so much and feel your pain. My mother sadly passed away in my arms when I was 13years old & my big brother looked after his best from then on until he sadly died 3 years ago. So I’m now 30 and not a day goes by I don’t feel lost or alone,like no one understands except me. The memmories of her are fading and each birthday & christmas just seems to be getting harder or more difficult to deal with. Its somehow comforting reading your story knowing I’m not the only one as people’s stories tend to difer so much from our own. I hope you find inner peace and happiness. I have been trying to,however bleak and hard some days may feel. I think finding some peace within myself may help but finding peace within turmoil is hard. Was nice hearing your story and all the best with your future

  57. Hello my name is Stephen Upton ,
    I have read the comments of a large number of the posts, I now understand for the first time in my life how dark and suffocating loss can be.
    I was always close to my mum especially as a young boy my mum was the only person who I needed in my world .
    Through the tough days of school , and then the teenage years and on to young adult , I only ever confided in mum ,she guided me through life and taught me to be proud of who I am today.
    Sadly on 3rd January 2019 , after 10 years of being her carer , after she suffered a stroke, I am still unconsolable after my my mum died in my arms here at home.
    Although the emergency call handler told me how to do CPR untill paramedics arrived neither I nor they were able to save mum.
    In my mind , I feel I failed her at that moment when she needed me the most, and it burns me every day to my soul as she never let me down once in our lives.
    The loss I feel is consuming me in sadness and darkness, I am lost in a world that I don’t feel a part of anymore.
    I pray that mum and dad are together again,and that they are safe .
    Please forgive me mum and dad , if I decide to stop this myself, I’ve taken care of everything I need to do , my journey is over
    I’m so sorry , I love you.all my love Stephen.

    • Stephen, it is impossible to cure illness and prevent an unexpected inevitable tragedy. Within life’s worst outcomes you have been a loving caring son. You have also been lucky enough to have a true friend and companion in your selfless mum. It is difficult to separate the ending that you could not change from an inappropriate sense of guilt and pain but you must deny any misguided sense of responsibility. Any responsibility remains to remind yourself you were loved, you loved in return and you must remember that forever.

    • Hi Stephen, I am sitting here in floods of tears. I too lost my mum, in April this year. I was her carer for 12 years. My mum died unexpectedly in hospital and I didn’t even get to hold her hand or say goodbye. I am broken inside that I wasn’t there for her. I miss her so much. I feel totally displaced, as if my whole world has been turned up-side down and inside-out. 12 years of looking after someone and then they are gone. Being a fellow carer, I understand your grief and loss Stephen. It’s not just the loss of someone you loved dearly, but the loss and confusion of who you are now and how you go forward. I personally am on medication and have been referred for counselling and maybe this could be the way forward for you as well. I too have thought about taking my own life, but it really isn’t the answer. I do hope you find a way through all this darkness. I am struggling badly and can only hope with time and a clearer head that I can put some proper perspective on this and I hope you can too. But for now, I am going to cry when I feel like it, I am going to miss my mum, I am going to rant at the world for being so cruel, I am going to take things at my own pace and I am going to try and stop beating myself up with ‘what ifs’. Sending out a big hug to all who have lost dear ones and a special hug to you Stephen, my fellow carer.

    • Hi Stephen my name is Sarah. I sadly lost my Mum too in my arms when i was 13years old. She hadn’t been keeping well for a while but at 13 I didn’t expect to lose my best friend my mother.My big brother did the honourable thing and looked after me his best as my guardian until I left at 16. He sadly died 3 years ago and he was my “go to home”after mum died. I’m now 30 and just feel so lost and sad. I miss her so much. I thought I had gotten used to her being gone but now my brother is gone aswell i just feel complete loss and sadness. I’m trying to find inner peace within myself to be happy but this loneliness feeling won’t budge. It was sort of comforting reading your story because when you lose a loved one you feel like your the only one who understands how u feel inside as every story is differnt but reading your story just now I realise you feel the same pain inside as me. I hope you find some inner peace and self worth within yourself as I’m sure our mother’s would want us to. hope to one day find the same but as time goes on In only feeling an longing aching feeling inside that only grows a little deeper for her as years pass by.

  58. My dear mother, my best friend passed away this past May. 2 months and I just cannot seem to get on…..I feel like an alien…..I see different, I hear different, food I enjoyed is just not the same. Sleep, oh sleep what is that. I have been turning to blogs because I am just not getting much support….family, friends, work people….it appears that I should be healed….well I will tell you I am not. I will never be healed from the pain of her leaving this world as suddenly as she did.
    We had a conversation at 10:13 at night And within 1/2 an hour or so she was gone. Still shocked, anxious, and the emotional roller coaster sucks so bad. I long for more moments and it is all I can think about. Thank you everyone for your heartfelt words….means so much

    • I lost my mom 3 years ago. I sob everyday and am NEVER happy. I don’t feel like doing anything because I am miserable. She was my best friend, the best mom, the only one that will ever understand me. No one in my life will ever love me like my mom. I have tried therapy, medicine etc. How does one deal with losing their everything! You know everyone who hasn’t lost or loved their mom thinks get over it. I CANNOT. I am forever broken. 😢

    • Same I lost my mom Six months ago in an accident. So no closure.. She went to job in a village, 80 km from city and met in an accident. couldn’t reach the hospital in city. So no time to say goodbye or last conversation. I am married and stay in another city to I met her 15 days back. Dint know it was last meeting. I m depressed lost interest in life altogether. Same as u , I too doesnt feel supported fom friends, relatives. Rather I feel they don’t understand and not allowing me to grieve from the very same day.
      It hurts to see that for everyone life is as usual and for me it’s changed forever.. Nothing makes me happy or at peace.

  59. It’s been more than half of my life that my mother is gone, and yet I still grief from time to time. I grief for the mother I never got to say goodbye to, for the woman I never got to meet as a person aside from being my mother, and I grief for myself being without a parental person to look up to and get support from. It was 17 years ago this June, and I still remember the day I was shocked by her death as if it was last year. I cannot understand that she chose to not tell me about her terminal illness, but it must have been hard for her as well.
    There are times like recently, when I’m feeling lonely and I think more often about her. I’m not even sure whether we would have the best relationship given my life choices, but I’d like to think she would be proud of me.

    When my father died 5 years ago, it was nowhere near as terrible. He already died internally when my mother died back then. He grieved for 12 years until he finally managed to kill his body with alcohol. I was simply glad that he didn’t have to suffer anymore. I rarely miss him, but the few moments I still remember from my mother are incredibly precious still.

    Please, if anyone who reads this has a terminal illness themselves, please tell your children even if they are relatively young. Any death is incredibly hard to get over with, and a sudden one leaves so many things unspoken.

  60. This article summed up how I have been feeling after my mother passed at age 59 unexpectedly. It made me be able to put into words how I feel….

    Time does not always heal all wounds, sometimes it just changes the wounds into smaller wounds, or wounds that only hurt on certain days or when you think of certain things. But even though the wounds might be smaller and not hurt as often, when they do hurt, it is a different pain than when you first received them, it is a deeper pain that you remember from before and you know you will be alright, but you also know that those little wounds will hurt again in days or weeks to come. But each time you go through a painful flare up, you grow a deeper love and connection to the person you lost.

  61. You NEVER get over it, especially if she was loved so much. You never get over the suffering if she had a long illness. You never get over all the the regrets that you have and the lost time on petty things. No one else will ever care for you as much, and your happiness. You just live on and live with your regrets and grief until you are no more.

  62. Crumbling like a pile of sand. That hit me hard it is so fitting. My mom passed one year ago this month. I say month because it felt like weeks. The month of June has a new unwelcome feeling. My moms birthday is today. Love to all missing their moms. I know I’m not alone.

  63. I found your site after many searches, and I thank you. My mother died when I was eleven, I am now fifty six, but I still miss her. Had no other family that stayed close so I was basically alone for a lot of years. But, as a lot of us do, grew up strong and capable. Until it comes to funerals. Can’t do funerals. Basically fall apart at the first sad song, have to walk outside and sob in private. And there I stay, no matter how much I try to “get my self together”. Don’t think it will ever change.

  64. Mom died on May 24th, at home, with me holding her hand.

    I was very lucky to be her son.

    The personal experiences I’m reading are helpful.

    It’s a rough trail and there’s not much sun.

  65. i wish there is any way i may talk to my mother who died 3 years ago, i wish at least i may see her talk to her in my dream, she was my strength my power my motivation. I hope she hears me when i call for her when i miss her. i wish i may talk to her ,is there anyway … 🙁 🙁 🙁 i wish i can see you whenever i want at least in my dream

  66. i wish there is any way i may talk to my mother who died 3 years ago, i wish at least i may see her talk to her in my dream, she was my strength my power my motivation. I hope she hears me when i call for her when i miss her. i wish i may talk to her ,is there anyway … 🙁 🙁 🙁

  67. I feel this full with mother’s day approaching. I feel this disconnect from so much time passing and I wish I could feel close again.

    • If you ever seen the movie it’s a wonderful life and George Bailey is sitting in martinis bar having a drink and praying for God to show him the way and then he gets a punch in the face from his daughters teacher. That’s the best way I can describe losing my mother I never expected it I never saw it coming it happened so fast . She was conscious up to the end and surrounded by myself my sister my father and my husband we were there till the very end singing you are my sunshine. It was the most agonizing experience of my life Her last words to me were honey don’t be afraid I’m not afraid when death comes to you you were accept it and you’re not afraid anymore and a little while later she was gone but the truth is I have an excepted it I still feel it I have my good days but When the grief comes back it’s that same punch in the face all over again it’s nice to say this to people who understand thank you

  68. The pain is deep and my heart broke the day she died. I ran across this the other day and some good points are made about life after a loss.

  69. Whenever your dear is in the serius level of cancer or heart attack and doctors have dishoped her it maybe ignite a little hope in you search and read about “cryonics”(cryonics means freezing body and tessues exactly after death by special method that tessues dont rot in the hope of revive human in the future by that times science and technology) plz for humanity put this message in anywhere helpful

  70. Yes this is me….it’s 5 months and her first posthumous birthday wa s2 weeks ago and I’ve been floored. Yet what’s floored me more that people feel I should be letting go of the grief or aren’t getting it … I’m fact my sister in law has muted my messenger messages after I was honey and told her that starting a what’s ap group a few days after my obvious pain at my mothers birthday for what to get my mother in law for her bday and asking us to chip in was insensitive … to which I got how her life is stressed faith work right now, she has things on, she is sorry I feel that way but she’s at a loss as to why I’m like this…. so I got more honest and was eventually shut down. This was hard … hard realising some, even family, aren’t comfortable and frankly don’t want to know about your pain when it rains on their parade. I’m glad your honest how the pain is still always there as I feel it’s getting harder rather than easier and I think more of what could be especially as I watch my 22 month old stop asking to see her pictures and I think of what he will miss from her side. Are you on Instagram or do you have a blog? I started one just for this grief life as I felt so many are sick of hearing about me … I’m on Instagram as Jada Johnson-Dutfield if you would like to connect …. and my podcast is connecting really helps me as does talking and writing. Thank you for sharing x

  71. It was beautiful (Sad but beautiful ) to read all the love that was felt for the ones we have lost. I too have lost much and lost very deeply. This may sound odd to some, maybe give you peace or maybe you wont believe it but this is my take on the loss. My dad passed 2 years ago on the 7th of March. He was in a nursing home and just passing his time. I had great visits several times aweek and on Tuesdays with my brother as well for the past few years. During our last few visits he would go somewhere else , I could see his face soften and his eyes would turn a beeautiful icy blue s he drifted. I’d ask him “Dad where did you go” He would smile and say “Oh, They’re just waithing for me” He had a large family and he was the last to pass away. The several days before his passing I got a bad cold and couldn’t go in so my husband went in and had a great visit. Dads voice became weak and he whisperd to my huband that he was going home in 3 day and 24 hours, which put it on Tueaday morning. Monday I was pretty sick and a bit concerned but Tuesday morning I felt perfect and headed to pick up my brother and visit dad which usually was around noon. Driving up I-5 (Washington) all of a sudden the cab of my truck became (so difficult to describe the feeling) it became the most beautiful loving bright warmth your heart and soul could imagine. It filled my heart with such unconditional love and joy I burst in to tears at the purest form of love that I was feeling. I looked up and my dad was a younger man and smiling the most content smile and reached his hand out and waved goodbye. It had been 3 days and 24 hours, he passed at 11;38. He was home. In the background I could see shadows of figures and I assumed it was his family waiting for him. I regained my thoughts and a few moments later the nursing home called to say dad had passed and I quietly replyed that I already knew. There was no sadness or fear of what came next for him. Nothing but beautiful true pure love awaited him. He showed me or GOD let him show me, which ever you believe that yes it is very very difficult to move forward in our lives, some days nearly impossible. We hopefully can take comfort that they have found peace and are pain free. My mom passed when I was 6 and my dad when I was 56. I hold that love so tight and I take that core love they gave me and the strength of my faith and I move forward each day. He too was my anchor of love and strenght all my life. I wish all could experience what I did. I feel very honored to be shown that. While his passing is incredable difficult to manuver past I still feel his love. I tap my heart twice when I thnk of him, I feel if I’m thinkging of him he’s thinking of me. I know he is alright and maybe when my time is up someday I will be ok too, ones passing has a different understanding and meaning to me now. doesn’t mean it easier because it is not, I was given the idea of what might come next for all of us. Just thought I’d share and its the first time I’ve really spoke of it. I hope you all can find peace and joy in the memories and most of all heal with love, that is what they would want. You all are very loved.

  72. I lost my mom 03.04.2108. I can’t get over it. Not at all. She was my best friend, my rock , my everything.. i have got 2 daughters, one of them is disabled .. needs me. I have to b for her. To stay alive, and it is so hard. Nobody understans. I also have cluster headaches which i had for years. My life is a struggle, i am a wreck , i don’t like waking up.

    • I feel the same way about my mother. She died 3 years ago and I am still a mess. If it were not for my husband, I would not want to be alive. Thank you for your description of what your mother was to you: your best friend, your rock, and (especially) your everything. I am in the 4th year without her, and still cry every day and cannot imagine going on so many more years without her. Good luck to you.

  73. I can relate to the posts. My mom died on the 16th Jan 2019 at 2:20 in ICU. It huts hurts this strange reality called death. Getting on in a world in which I finally join those who have to accept: my mom, best friend, haven, is gone.

  74. Correction September 28,2018. October idk where that came from. Unless it was due to previous comments

  75. Well here I sit reading as tears drip my my chin as they have for the past two or three, hell maybe four days now.
    I lost my beloved mother October 28,2018. The absolute worse day of my life. It was a Friday. I found out at work that I needed to leave and go straight to my mothers. I knew in my heart why I was needed. My husband with me hand and hand. I’ve always found such comfort with him but not on this day nor the days to come. Not because of something he did or didn’t do, it’s all within me. See there is no comfort for me anymore. I long to feel my mothers arms embrace me, kiss my cheek and say I love you, Cha. But that’s a phase of my old life, one I’ll forever crave to feel just once more. Some days I feel okay others I’m like a tiny little boat out in the roaring ocean waves taking on water pleading for my mother just one more. Would it be just once more to satisfy me till my turn comes, I think not but it sounds convincing.
    I’ve thought about suicide several times these past few months. I wouldn’t, I just couldn’t do that though. Oh how that would break my mothers heart. I hear her say Cha you are strong, you can do this and everything will be okay. See my mother and I have struggled all my life and she struggled all of hers. We were always hit with difficult tasks it was just our way of life. My mother would face everything head on with smile and a courage’s heart. A force to be reckon with and love as fierce as blue embers of fire. She taught me everything. She was my mother and my father, my best friend, she was my rock. If ever I felt down I’d straighten my crown and remember who’s daughter I am. She was the strongest most loving caring woman I’ve ever known. No matter what life threw at her it couldn’t break her spirit. Aside from her mother dying, my grandmother. See my mother was very young when she had me so all three of us women had a special bond. At times when I look back I can see my mother May of thought I looked at my grandmother as a mother and probably so when I was a child. It was the comfort that my grandmother could give to both my mom and I. When my grandmother passed a light went out in my mothers eyes. It never came back. I looked and looked for it but it was gone. My mother was very much alone in her mind. Oh how I wish I could of filled some of her emptiness but she was consumed by griefs ugliness.
    Slowly I watched my mother decline. I didn’t know what to do or to say. I never knew her pain as I know it today. With that said, I couldn’t fill anything for my mother. It was just an emptiness that I suppose is always going to be present as far as I can tell.
    My mother was in pain meds and heart meds. Lots and lots of meds. The pain meds brought the landslide down. I knew when I started to see my mother take more than prescribed and nod off there was a big problem. When I would try to talk to her about it, she would get angry and irritated at me. Then some days she would see they were a huge problem. She got herself in this pill circle if you will. It’s where people who get pain meds and nerve meds swap, trade out, buy and borrow from each other. She started taking things that weren’t prescribed to her and had bad adverse reactions. It was terrible and heart breaking to see my mother like this. The Monday before my mother passed, she called me early early morning. As she spoke, she spoke about being with my step father all weekend. That couldn’t possibly be for he has been passed since May of 2015. Alarmed I jumped from bed, jerked on my clothes, called my oldest daughter to keep my mother on the phone till I could get there. I arrived and called for an ambulance. My mother was very mad at me. I knew she was over medicated but I also knew there was something else going on with her. She wouldn’t listen to me in fact she was livid. Feeling helpless and hopeless I made my way over to the two women’s apartment that was supplying my mother. I told them to stop or I would do whatever I had to do to make sure they were stopped. These women were talking out of their heads. I left and spent that afternoon calling every doctor and pain clinic within a 60 mile radius. It was exhausting but I was able to stop some of the pills from reaching my mother. I was then faced with what to do with her doctor and meds. I was scared now of what it may end up doing. Would I be pushing my mother to get her pills from the streets. Idk. So with that I did nothing else. Even though I was haunted by the fact I knew something bad was going to happen to my mother.
    My mother called me one last time. It’s weird but I somehow knew that would be the last time I spoke to her. She was still not in her right mind. I kept telling her something was wrong. She kept saying she didn’t feel well and wanted to rest. I was so scared and I told her so. I said, I love you momma and with her sweet voice I heard her say, I love you too Cha, everything’s going to be okay. All my life I always believed 💯 when I would hear her say that but not on this day. This day was different. A few days later that dreadful Friday came. I’ll never be the same. My whole world as I knew it changed. I’m trying to adapt but idk if I’m doing a good job. My days and weeks and months are all crossed with lots and lots of time I can’t recall.
    The holidays were the worse. I constantly thought about my mother and what she would be doing if infact she were here. I had a sadness that just wouldn’t lift. I can’t be what I need to be for my children and husband I do have here with me, in the present, waiting patiently for their mother, his wife to return to the person I was before my mothers passing. Idk if I can ever be that person again. I’m not so sure who I am so with certainty I can say idk if I’ll ever be back to the one I was before. I can tell you I will strife to be but in case I can not please love me anyways. Know what made me jaded not that I’ve always been as I am before you now.
    I will continue to pray and forge forward the best I can and I’ll get stuck from time to time, please during that time lend me a hand and encourage me to grow. As I straighten my crown and remember who’s daughter that I am.

    Love you my dear sweet mother. I’ll see you again until then stay close with me in heart. I carry you with me always. Your there for ever goal made or medal awarded to your grand babies and every tear shed out of joy or sadness. Your still very much apart of me. That I can never be stripped of. It’s mine forever and for that little window I have solace

    • Hello Chastity

      Your post reminded me so much of my mum, especially about when your mum used to always encourage you and seemed so strong and able to face any problem and so gave you strength, too.

      My mum passed away in April of 2006. I have thought of her every day since then, perhaps for a moment or two or sometimes longer. She was my rock in life! Nothing seemed quite as bad when I shared it with her. She had so much common sense and she seemed so strong. I was not able to tell her how much I loved her when she was dying. I wanted to but there were people there and I should have said, could I have a moment, please, on my own but I didn’t. I was frozen with fear. I managed to tell her that I would look after Pinky for her (Pinky was her little pet bird who she loved). She had hardly spoken for hours before I said that but when I told her about Pinky, she suddenly spoke, so strongly, “I know you will.” Those four words were so heartfelt that I believed she was trying to tell me that she loved me and didn’t want to leave me – people have told me so, anyway – they were extraordinarily loud, strong words and yet she was slipping away even then. I hope she knew that I felt the same. I am lost without her. She, like you, was my mother and my father rolled into one. I miss her oh, so much. Thank you for reading.

      • Dear Delyse,
        I entirely agree with you about what you wrote about the pain and emotions. My Mum died on April 4, 2015, the day of Easter. I can feel the sadness, the pain and the sorrow invade my body and my soul. Emotions are so deep and strong that I’m getting confused and lost when the anniversary of her death is approaching. This morning, I woke up suddenly because I had a nightmare. I saw her inanimated and I do not understand why I’m not dreaming about her smiling at me and telling me that she is truly happy where she is now. This nightmare was destabilizing..She was my rock in life, my best friend, my beloved Mum. To my eyes, she was the most wonderful Mum in the world. She was here when I was crying, she was here when I was happy…. It may sound childish. I’m 49 years old but when the pain is getting overwhelming, I can feel this little girl inside me who lost her Mum. She passed away 4 years ago. I was there when she was dying at the hospital. I was in shock for months… I miss her so much.
        I can feel your pain.
        Thank you.

      • Beautifully written. Your mother knew how much you loved her.

    • Hi Chastity,

      Firstly, I’m so sorry about the loss of your Mom. I read what you wrote with tears in my eyes because I so related to so many things you said. I’m an only child and my Mom and I went through so much together, lots wonderful and some terrible. My dear mom passed on Feb. 27, 2019. I’ve been numb every day. I just want to sleep, but wake up crying every morning realizing I will never see my best friend again. Friends and family say all the right things, but it all feels so empty. They all tell me that I’ll get through this because I’m a strong woman. I am because my Mom made me that way. She was my rock and anchor. I don’t know if I can keep that strength now that she’s gone. I hope so. I’ve also thought of suicide just to end the incredible pain, but I know that’s the last thing my Mom would want me to do. So I have to honor her wish to go on and live a full, happy life. You are so blessed to have a husband and children. I never married. I wanted to, but for whatever reason it didn’t work out for me. My family doesn’t live nearby either. They love me from afar, but its not the same. Hug and kiss your kids everyday because your Mom lives on in them as well. Please email if you get a chance.

  76. Dear Mother,

    On 15 March 2018
    You departed this world.

    Watching you take the last breath
    Cremating your body thereafter
    Collecting your ashes and
    Scattering them into the sea
    Have broken me…totally!

    Having nurtured me with love and care
    For more than half a century
    Your absence makes me drown
    In an ocean of tears…

    You mattered most to me
    But now nothing matters…as much!
    Waiting patiently
    To complete my sojurn on Earth
    Embrace eternal sleep
    To return home to you, Mama!

    Grief comes in waves!!!
    Your loving daughter

  77. You will live on, even though you can’t feel it now. You are stronger than you think, even though you don’t feel it, as at present you’re very fragile. It’s been over a year since my mum died and I’m still a zombie with daily anxiety….only existing to eat, a little exercise and sleep. I lived with mum for 59yrs, I was her soul buddy. Now in her house I’m haunted by her daily, all her belongings kick me in the guts with sorrows. But how can I throw them out, they once gave her life meaning and joy, they were part of her? I talk out loud to her, and she tells me to carry on, and do all those sensible things we ought to for our health and joy. So I honour her by trying to do so. It’s all we can do – honour our departed loved ones who would want us to continue a good life – until our time comes. But our time has not yet come, so we must struggle on, and we will find some joy again. Surely we owe them that. Our mums, dads, sons, daughters all loved us – and would WANT us to carry on, as we would them if died. So the best thing to do is honour them by carrying on – and being healthy, doing the right thing, and being an example to others who will also experience shocking losses.

    • Hi Bryan, Thank you for all your heartfelt posts. I so relate to your experience. I lived with my Mom for 50 years. Everyone keeps telling me to move out of our apartment, which I will eventually, but for now I need the familiarity of the life we had together. Yes, it is so painful at times to see her things, but also a comfort. I will however with the help of a dear family member purge her things a few months from now. I will of course save the favorite, sentimental and special things. I encourage you to do the same. I do think that it will help foster the feeling of moving on. I will be giving a lot of my Mom’s clothes to women in need charities and I think that my Mom would be happy knowing that someone else will enjoy them. Besides, my Mom was a bit of a “fashionista” and I can hear her saying “why are you holding onto that ugly thing”? (insert a little smile here). If you get a chance email me and let me know how you’re doing.

  78. My darling Irish mother died of cancer 21 Sept 2017. I thought I’d be on the mend by now that it’s over a year. My problem is that I lived with her for for 59 yrs, I had a great life with her, she allowed me unlimited freedom to date women, travel, study, work where ever I wanted it to. My father died when I was 16, so I kind of just slipped into the role of her breadwinner, even though she had a small pension. The depth of our love for each other was bottomless, so now the depth of my grief is acute. She left me her home, as I was the primary carer for two painful years, even washing her when the time was near. She was a proud Irish woman, only trusting me, her son, to take care of all her needs. Although, living in her home, now my home, was comforting at first, so many of her things cripple me with sad memories, all her belongings. I talk to her over breakfast and during the day and night. I know what she’d want for me, to carry on, colour my life with new experiences. Keep fit and healthy. I’ve been to many therapists, all more or less saying the same thing; eat well, sleep, and exercise, and avoid quick solutions like drugs and alcohol. Which I’m avoiding, yet the acute anxiety of trying to just forge a new life without her seems impossible. Each day is consumed by just existing and eating something healthy. The only respite is sleep, then the nightmare begins when I wake to a new day. I just hope the pain eases over this year, feeding myself with positive thoughts that I can go on. I believe I can, and know I can….I must – for her. She saw me take my first breath, I saw her take her last. The pain is acute, but we’ll all get over it when the reality seeps in that this is the price we pay for being alive, that we all lose precious loved ones we never dreamed we would.

    • Your words really touched me, thank you. I lost my darling Irish Mum on 30th October 2017. Still devastated and so lonely without her. She was my best friend x

    • Hello Bryan, i read your post, thank you for sharing, i instantly related to your words. I too was there for my mum at the end and felt her last breath blown onto the left side cheek. I dont live in her home and miss not having her home to visit. Mum was my rock, such a selfless person and struggled for years with her illness which was agony to watch. I always said if she can bare it then so must i. I nursed others over 30 years but nothing prepared me for the pain i have inside at witnessing not only mums struggle and awful circumstances but also her painful passing which nobody should have to endure in this day and age. You sound a good honourble son and supported your mother, be proud of yourself. Please feel free to messge me.

  79. My mother passed away on Nov. 1, 2018. I feel a loss so deep that I ache for somehow to find a way to cope with the loss. I can’t describe the feel except for my heart was riped out of my chest and I’m just walking around without a heart. People that haven’t gone through this just don’t understand. I have recently start attending a grief support group. This has helped just to talk to other who have experienced the same type of loss. Grief will eat you alive and you have to grieve. My best advice is: Don’t let others tell you how to grieve and how long. Each of us have to grieve at our own pace and how we choose to grieve. Just as long as it comes out and your dealing with it.

  80. My mom died 10/15/2018.. She was my best friend, confidant, tv watcher, eating together, joking & laughing.. One thing I will never forget was how much she loved me. She would tell me all the time. I think that’s one thing I miss so much. I know no one will ever love me like my mom did with all my faults. She would always tell me how pretty I was or I had nice legs and face.. you know only things your mother would say to you. Everyday is a struggle cause I miss her so much. I just wish I could go back in time and re-do so many things. The grief I’m told has many forms and one of them is time travel, and what if I had done this or that instead. I’ve lived with my mom for so long and now the house is empty. I know I will never find anyone that loves me more than her and who would have gave her life for me, no questions asked. My dad was an absent type of verbally abusive male, it was my MOM that loved me.. I miss her so much.

    • My darling Irish mother died of cancer 21 Sept 2017. I thought I’d be on the mend by now that it’s over a year. My problem is that I lived with her for for 59 yrs, I had a great life with her, she allowed me unlimited freedom to date women, travel, study, work where ever I wanted it to. My father died when I was 16, so I kind of just slipped into the role of her breadwinner, even though she had a small pension. The depth of our love for each other was bottomless, so now the depth of my grief is acute. She left me her home, as I was the primary carer for two painful years, even washing her when the time was near. She was a proud Irish woman, only trusting me, her son, to take care of all her needs. Although, living in her home, now my home, was comforting at first, so many of her things cripple me with sad memories, all her belongings. I talk to her over breakfast and during the day and night. I know what she’d want for me, to carry on, colour my life with new experiences. Keep fit and healthy. I’ve been to many therapists, all more or less saying the same thing; eat well, sleep, and exercise, and avoid quick solutions like drugs and alcohol. Which I’m doing, yet the acute anxiety of trying to just forge a new life without her seems impossible. Each day is consumed by just existing and eating something healthy. The only respite is sleep, then the nightmare begins when I wake to a new day. I just hope the pain eases over this year, feeding myself with positive thoughts that I can go on. I believe I can, and know I can….I must – for her. She saw me take my first breath, I saw her take her last.

  81. My mum died when i was 17 years old..

    16th december will be 17 years since she passed and i can honestly say i still have not come to terms with the fact she is gone…

    I still rememner every detail about the day she got sick and the day tht she died, my whole life fell apart, she was my best friend, i cry myself to sleep pretty much every night still now even though all the years have passed, i never recieved any councelling, i never had anyone i could talk to, 17 years of bottled up emotions have really got to me this year… my dad died a year after my mum too so i had to deal with losing my dad while grieving for my mum, how do you even get over something like that at such a young age??? At any age!

    Still now i feel i have nobody i can talk to about how i feel because people just assume im “over it”

    • You never just ‘get over it,’ you integrate it in your new life, and it’s hard to believe, you’ll be richer for it. But it will take time, as your new experiences will slowly help fade the pain of the crippling sorrows. The acute pain you feel now will prompt you to take a new path, it will be very difficult to take those small steps, eating well, a little exercise and trying to get some sleep without meds. And then exploring new hobbies, writing, like here on this forum is healthy, maybe some painting and playing music. Take somekind of comfort knowing everyone will one day experience crippling loss, it’s part of the human condition, deep sorrows comes with joyful times. No one can live a full life without these two experiences. In a way losing my Mum, after living with her for 59 years, has being the biggest shock and turning point in my life. I don’t believe anything can ever pain me as much from now on. In a bizarre way, that’s comforting. I’m numb to all sorrows, but sadly to almost all joys. I am, and believe I will, begin to increasingly thaw out to experience some joys in life again. I hear my mum inside of me, she speaks to me, encourages me to get on with my life, eat, sleep and be healthy…do all those little chores around the house that need doing….

  82. Hi
    My mum died October 13 2015.
    Her funeral was the 22nd Oct
    We had to pick a day between my sister’s birthday 20th and my daughter’s 24th.
    The October time is so painful.
    Death isn’t just one traumatic event most of the time. Death and losing a best friend went on for a period of time therefore I think that is why we lose weeks and months
    She is home so I feel homeless
    My father/abuser died January 27 2016.
    I was so angry that his death now could morph into overshadowing the grief for my mum the strongest most admirable woman I know.
    Then on 3 March 2016 my best friend rang for me to get to her house as Conner her 7year old son had been hit and killed by a car at 100km per hour.
    I remember standing on the road looking into the swaying canola fields whilst trying to digest the police markings blood and realising that soon there won’t be any time left soon that hasn’t been tainted by these losses.
    I was confused and didn’t even know who I was crying for in the end.
    I stayed for 3 months to help my friend but I do know that you have to be able to grieve for everyone individually.
    For me it didn’t work.
    I had 2 more losses shortly after and couldn’t even attend their funerals.
    I’ve spent all night crying again and found this site.
    I have never spoken to anyone about my experience with losing my mum.
    I related to so much others have shared I guess I’m just not as optimistic about living year after year with these memories.
    If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you

    • You will live on, even though you can’t feel it now. You are stronger than you think, even though you don’t feel it, as at present you’re very fragile. It’s been over a year since my mum died and I’m still a zombie with daily anxiety….only existing to eat, a little exercise and sleep. I lived with mum for 59yrs, I was her soul buddy. Now in her house I’m haunted by her daily, all her belongings kick me in the guts with sorrows. But how can I throw them out, they once gave her life meaning and joy, they were part of her? I talk out loud to her, and she tells me to carry on, and do all those sensible things we ought to for our health and joy. So I honour her by trying to do so. It’s all we can do – honour our departed loved ones who would want us to continue a good life – until our time comes. But our time has not yet come, so we must struggle on, and we will find some joy again. Surely we owe them that.

  83. Wow – Thank you all for sharing so honestly how you are working through and struggling with your grief. My mom passed on September 25th 2018. So yes, it’s only been 44 days… My Dad passed 22 years ago, so I believed I possessed a bit of knowledge of what I would be facing. Having said that, losing Mom knocked me very hard and is VERY tough! Nothing prepares you for the loss of deeply intimate relationships such as a parent(s).

    I do, however, take comfort in a conversation I had with my dad when I was 7 or 8 years old. I was just coming in to understanding what death was and I came to him in tears asking him what will I do if something were to happen to him and mom? He paused and simply said ‘ You’ll do what I did when I lost my parents — you’ll go on and LIVE!’

    The days leading to mom’s passing were overwhelmingly tough and extremely difficult. One day, while sitting bedside with her in August I thought back to last Christmas. I had sent Mom a heart felt letter telling her all the wonderful things I’d experienced because of her, all the things I appreciated she did, and all the things for which I was proud of her. When we spoke on Christmas day she asked me ‘if I was alright?” She was worried I was sick or something! The innocence of her comment then still makes me SMILE (albeit it’s a somewhat sad smile). I realize their will be plenty of emotions within the upcoming holiday season. But, I also know I can pull on my dad’s simple advice every time I need it – “go on”…

    So the truth is that life really is short and clearly our own time will pass. The question remains each day: How shall that time be utilized? I will always treasure my trove of moments with my parents and through that I will manage the grief. I know my parents want me to smile, laugh, and have happiness in however I define it. That’s what dad meant when he said “…and LIVE!”

  84. I am 15 years old. I lost my mum when I was 8 on the 10th of November so in 9 days. It will be 7 years. I now deal with severe grief, depression, death anxiety, and social anxiety. It literally causes me pain to think about her no matter how hard I try to think of it in a positive way. I just feel so tired and helpless and like no one around me can relate. I am so intrigued with death yet so fearful. I have suicidal thoughts almost every day and I just feel a severe amount of guilt if I’m ever happy and I don’t know why. I genuinely am so confused and just tired. I want her to come back. to see her smile or even just to have one last conversation, one I would never forget and would cherish… but of course the only way I can do that is by possibly dying. but here’s a couple of dilemmas within that. I love my dad and family and don’t want them to be sad if I died and stuff but also I don’t have a religion and I don’t believe in god and what not, so the afterlife, heaven and hell things of that I don’t believe in so when people tell me she would be proud and is looking down on me I don’t believe it even though I want to. I just want her to come back you know?

    • Oh my poor sweet child, I’m a just turned 54 year old woman who lost her mum 13 years ago and was feeling sad, missing her so looked up ‘I miss my mum’. I have a 12 year old girl – that my mum never got to see – see died when I was 3 months pregnant. I’m so, so, so sorry for your loss. I grieved my mum badly and I was a 40 year old adult – I can’t imagine how you must have felt or still feel. When my mum died I lost my rock, I had my marriage breakdown and have been at the depths of depression and despair. I too did/do not believe in heaven or afterlife. So do not have that crutch to lean on. I did discover however, that there are teachings out there that can provide some perspective on the illusion or story of life we call ‘reality’. For example adyashanti, rupert spira, jed mckenna to name a few. I still miss her with all my heart – I have my beautiful daughter to pour my love into and who loves me with the intensity I love my mum. We are complex, biological creatures – this biology and evolution leads to sometimes overwhelming emotional pain when our loved ones leave us. I wish you all the best in life, as I know you mother would have too. Please think of what she would have wanted for you to be able to find some joy in life and feel and live after she left. yes to shed tears of sadness whenever you need too, but she would not want you to not find a way to live without constant sadness and hopelessness. The fact that you love her so much means that she would want your amazing deep love to go on into yourself and to others. I’m in tears writing this, I wish I could give you a hug and make it all better for you. x

    • I hurt for you! I lost my dad when I was 11, and it was so hard! I was angry and sad and closed down for a long time. I am 43 now, and my mom just passed away, and the grief is deeper than words can express. You are not alone! I encourage you to call out to Jesus. Give it a chance. You might think you are talking to the air, but He is real and He loves you. He knows your pain, and he wants to walk with you through it. With him, you are never alone. Your life has a purpose because He created you. He gives comfort to broken hearts. Even if you’ve never believed before, it’s okay, He’s always waiting for you to cry out to Him in your time of sadness. If you have a Holy Bible, start reading the book of John to learn more about Jesus and how you can get to know Him personally as your Savior. It seems too good to be true, but if you give it a chance, you’ll see that it is true! I will pray for you, Cody Day.

      “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

    • But you don’t have to believe in heaven or God. You mum lives in your heart now. And she is at peace, where ever she is. You were, and are, still very, very close to her. You and your mum must have loved each other deeply. That’s why your grief is so deep. But, as hard as it is now, you must honour your mum by carrying on with your life – bit by bit. You will begin to feel better, sobbing and crying a lot helps for now. And your anxiety will fade over time, even though you can’t see it now. Dark thoughts of suicide will only, as you said hurt your dad and others, but also your lovely mum. She wouldn’t want that. She wants you to live your life here now, on Earth, as she did. we all have suicidal thoughts at times, but I just say to myself, ‘what’s the point?’ I still have a bit of living to do – even though it’s hard, but I remind myself, ‘well I’ve had some good times, so there must some good times ahead.’ You suffered a huge painful loss, but you’ll be a stronger and richer person for it in time, to comfort others who can learn from how you survived, and that will give you pleasure in knowing how you have and will help others. You seem a remarkably young and intelligent and sensitive person. You wrote on this forum. You have a lot to give. Maybe you’ll become a brilliant grief counselor one day. For now though, take small steps, eating well, a little exercise, and sleeping well. And chat more on this and other forums, it helps. You feel a little better knowing you’re not alone. And you’re not.

      • Bryan
        What a beautiful response. I did agree with the part of God though. I hope you continue to advise people on this site.

      • Bryan
        What a beautiful response. I did not agree with the part of God though. I hope you continue to advise people on this site.
        Correction on the God part

  85. My mother died eight years ago this past August. And now, I have been told I will lose my husband within the next few years. I am 67 years old, but I find myself saying to myself, over and over again, “I want my mother. I want my mother. I want my mother.” I grieved deeply for my mother when I lost her, but I went on, as we all do. But now, facing the loss of my husband, my grief at not having her with me almost overpowers me, at times. Years after my grandmother died, when we talked of her, my mother’s eyes would fill with tears. I always thought they were tears of sweet happiness at her memory. Now, I know they were still tears of deepest grief.

  86. Your post has so deeply resonated in me. My mum who was only 65 passed away last year on the 23rd October. I am dreading that day and the 1st Anniversary. Since autumn started creeping in I find myself in a bit of an emotional mess. I miss her so deeply every day and heart just feels sore and sad most of the time. She meant the world to me. No amount of time will ever change that as my love for her will never lessen.

  87. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this! Tomorrow is the ninth anniversary of my mom’s death. October 24th will be the 3rd anniversary of my dad’s death. I am ok. I don’t sit with grief every day anymore. But October…oh October…I FEEL it in my bones, in my soul. It helps immensely to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thank you for your beautiful words.

  88. My Mom passed on March 6, 2015 (and my dad passed the spring before). I thought Spring would be toughest, but I was so wrong. It’s October, my birth month and the start to the holidays that they loved. As soon as the calendar page rolls over I’m smacked with a wave of grief that encompasses every aspect of my life. I feel like I’m walking through sludge so thick it threatens to drown me. My friends have said that it will get easier each year, and I’m finding it to be the opposite. I was so numb the first year after she died. Each year after gets harder and harder. I can’t recall her voice, her smell, or the texture of her hand on mine. I can’t remember what her hugs felt like. I can’t hear her stories or eat a meal with her.

    And what makes it particularly painful for me is my younger brother. He’s passed my stage of grief, and is firmly in the “get over it” phase. He doesn’t want to go over memories of childhood, or do any of the family traditions we grew up with. He’s making new ones with his fiancee. It’s really difficult doing the grief mess by myself, but it’s especially hard when the world has moved on and I’m still sitting in the bedroom with her while she takes her last breath.

    • Oh, Dee, I can really understand your grief. Mine is similar, my darling Irish mum died of cancer Sept 21 2017. I thought I’d be beginning to thaw out by now, but not so. I’m 59, and lived with her all my life. We were soul buddies, and loved each other deeply, hence the grief is painfully deep. I was her primary carer for two painful years watching her slowly die. She saw me take my first breath, and I saw her take her last breath on her bed. I now write from the same bed she died on. Surrounded by her belongings in the house she left me. And my brothers and sisters did nothing to support me when she was dying. And now they just get on with their lives without a sad thought which baffles me. And now when I shop, I’m puzzled at people smiling and laughing. But not for me, I feel dead inside, only existing to eat, sleep, trying to keep myself decent, and a little exercise. All joys in life seem pointless. So what can I do? The pain is immense, but I remind myself that this excruciating pain will force me to be creative in some way, writing, painting, playing music. But not a present. One day, yes. I’ve been to many therapists, but they talk about CBT, and talking to family and friends. But my family don’t want to talk to me, someone who is still suffering, and friends and can only offer good advice….and then I’m on my own again – facing the darkness, the days and nights. Looking forward to sleep. All I can do at the moment is try and eat well, little exercise, some sleep without meds or booze, and try to keep the house tidy, and read or watch a funny dvd when I can. I’ve even travelled to Vienna for a holiday with a good friend to see if that helped. It didn’t, I brought the sad memory of mum with me. She was there all the time, sitting beside me in all Vienna’s lovely cafes. I drink plenty of herbal teas, quietly write about my grief, and read these forums. So it was nice to read yours for me, you made me feel less alone. I hope you feel less alone by reading this. I will recover, and I know you will, too. Please just take care, and keep writing and about it, and maybe talking to someone who knows the agonizing pain.

  89. I shared my birthday with my mother, October 1. My mom passed in March 2011, and I find there is an ebb and flow to grief, time does not really heal all wounds, the grief just seems to change. Tonight I was able to listen to a few of my mom’s favorite songs and smile, other times they make me cry. When my mom died I felt an emptiness that I cannot describe, like a hole in my soul. I knew my life would never be the same, I was 37. I will be 45 tomorrow and I miss my mom. My birthday has never been the same. My life is forever changed. I just accept the good days with the bad and talk to my mom daily. It’s not the same and it can’t be because no one and nothing can replace my mom. But all our moms would want us to live our lives and be happy. I try my best, but life is not the same. Tomorrow I will celebrate my 45th birthday and remember my mom, she would have been 73. And no matter how much time passes, I still can’t believe she’s gone.

  90. My mum died suddenly on 14th May 1999, she was 30 years old. I was 4 years old. She died 5 days before my 5th birthday. I’m 24 years old and I have a disease called Hydrocephalus. My mum passed away of a brain haemorrhage. Because I was so young, I don’t know if I ever grieved properly. I don’t remember anything after the day she died. I’m on a lot of strong pain killers (tramadol and Pregabalin), I’m on antidepressants, daily diazepam for anxiety, and a few other meds. The painkillers is for my head and body pain that I get daily. I have recently started having visions of my mum, particularly at night when I’m in my bed. This has never happened before and I don’t know why it’s happening. Is this part of my hydrocephalus as it affects me mentally as well as physically, or is this some kind of grieving thing? I really don’t know what to think, what to do or who to speak to.

  91. My mom died 8 years ago unexpectedly and I was surprised at how efficiently and neatly I got through it all — handling many of the details with focus and grace and then focusing on taking care of my baby in ways that I believe would have made my mother proud. My first child was four months old at the time of her death and I had my second child two years later so I guess I just focused on them at the time. I remember imagining her saying to me — “oh for pete’s sake, you are the mother now so you get your act together and take care of those babies! Don’t worry about me— I’m fine! I’m more than fine!” But the passage of time definitely does not make it easier as you express — every year it gets harder as I guess I’m allowing myself to grieve bit by bit as I can’t block
    It all out with handling tasks efficiently and the emotions roll in from nowhere from time to time like unannounced, unmanagable title waves. Tonight I found myself unable to sleep and googling her manner and cause of death and wondering why her pain medication for serious disease was so mishandled (she died from a prescribed fentalyn patch) which is a really dumb use of time because what does any of that matter now? I finally got my act together (as she would have said) and focused on dealing with my grief (a way more productive endeavor) and I found your article. It helped a lot. So thank you.

  92. My sister died on 27th oct, 2013 while she was just 16yrs old. Even though this article is about grief for mother, I felt that this is the same feelings I wanted to write for my sister.
    I miss her like crazy and time does not help. More than that no one can help you cope up with the grief except the immediate concerned family and not friends, not even close relatives. NOBODY!!! After some time they start saying that it happens, you should move forward only because they no more feel like talking about the grief.

  93. It will be three years October 7th that my mom died unexpectedly. I think we all deal with it differently. I was very,very close with my mom. I am very grateful that I had so many wonderful years with her. But I think of her every day. And when I wake up at night I think of her then too. I feel so sorry she had to leave so suddenly. There is a painful/ empty void in my life and in my heart that will never go away, I am so sure of this. I do have a lot to be thankful for though. But every October 7th will be a replay of how I suddenly lost my mom.

  94. It will be three years October 7th that I lost my mom unexpectedly. I think of her every day. I still wake up at night thinking of her. It breaks my heart that she had to leave and I can’t believe it has been almost been three years. People keep telling my mom would not want me to be unhappy. Just remember the good times.I’m not unhappy and I do have a lot of good memories, but feel a big deep loss. Does time heal the pain? No. I just miss her so much.

  95. Thank you. My Mom’s 12th is coming up and I felt every bit of this article.

  96. I miss my mom. Now I know I never felt sad and loss before her death. Because losing her is really the reality of the definition that no matter what I do, I cannot have her back. Sometimes I wish I could move on and forget a bit about it.. like how you forgive and forget past traumas, hurt, or people who wronged you. But this is different. You really cannot forget because the loss is very much in the present.

  97. My mother died 5 years ago last Monday 5-14-13 , shortly after Mothers Day 2013 The loss was devastating. It was hard for me to watch her suffer before her death, I still miss her everyday and every mothers day it brings a sharpened ache of loss to my heart . The loss of my loving mother leaves a hole in the tapestry of my life.

  98. My mother died 39 years ago, shortly before Christmas. I was 19. The loss was devastating. It was hard to watch her suffer before her death, but it was harder learning to live without her. I still miss her everyday and every December brings a sharpened ache of loss. The loss of a loving mother leaves a hole in the tapestry of life. We don’t stop loving. We have to adjust to a new normal without their loving, physical presence. My sister and I often speak of the fact that we feel cheated. We never got to know our mother as a woman, only as “Mama”. She will never know my husband or my children. I will always wonder if she would be proud of the woman I have become. I like to think so. This site has such wonderful, insightful articles. Thank you.

  99. Thank you for your words, they perfectly describe the paradox emotions one feels when faced with grief. I lost my mother not even a year ago, and even though waves of sorrow still wash over me quite frequently I am somehow also comforted by the fact that I still remember so much so clearly; her smell, her voice, things she said towards the end of her life. Although some of those memories are deeply painful, they give me something to hold onto while feeling so untethered. I am terrified of that distance you speak of, and the thought that time passing by means losing her just a little more every single day.

  100. Eleanor,
    My mom died too on October 23rd, my sister’s birthday- 10 years ago. Thank you for your words -they could be mine.
    (we met at NAGC this past Summer)

  101. I cried while reading your entire blog. November 5th marks the fifth anniversary of my mom’s passing and I have begun to feel the waves of emotions already start to build up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with all of us.

  102. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this piece.
    It resonates to my core. Monday will be 5 years for
    my mom. I still can’t make sense of the time and believe it’s been 5 years. “It’s baffling to think that I’m their stability when so many days I feel like a crumbling pile of sand. I wonder if my mother ever felt this way – washed away by the tide and rebuilt again by the children the next day. There are so many things I wish I could ask her.” These sentences you wrote, describes how I feel, trying my best for my kids……With so much gratitude , thank you again for writing this piece.

  103. Amen to everything you said. Sept 17 2004 is my mom s day, and still miss her like crazy.

  104. If you experience your mother everywhere and in everything…is it possible that she is there with you, in every breath you take?

  105. This post was so timely for me as I pass the second anniversary of losing my dear mom. It was especially validating by noting that “time does not heal” – the grief just moves into new places in our hearts and minds. I ache for her and miss sharing the raising of my own children and her beloved grandchildren with her. The passage of time hurts in a different way than the acuteness of the initial loss – as her laugh and beautiful smile is not as imprinted in my mind as sharply as it once was and that hurts. I am adapting but only because one has too.

  106. This is such a beautifully written essay; it’s so vivid and relatable and I love the imagery. However, I feel really nervous reading people’s experiences from years down the road, to hear the intensity of grief that remains. I hear that grief doesn’t really diminish, it just evolves, ebbs and flows. I can’t imagine feeling like this for 11 more years to get to year 12, being knocked off my feet by overwhelming sadness, just grappling to function in my everyday life. It just doesn’t feel survivable.

  107. A few weeks ago, I “celebrated” the 10-year anniversary of the death of someone very close to me. The grief still hits me so hard some days that I can’t breathe. I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him, and far too many roads lead me down the “What if…” path. There’s relief and comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in sometimes feeling the pain and sense of searching and loss as though it had happened yesterday.

  108. true true thats why am staying in mothers home at least feel a bit tethered

  109. I feel as though I am the one who wrote this post. It is ME. My mother passed away just 3 days after your mother, 3 years ago and I still feel as though I am a crumbling mess come September and October. I want to hide under the covers until November, except that I love the beauty of autumn and so did my mother. My mother believed in the beauty of this world even when she was sick and knew she would not be okay, she just rejoiced in the healing nature of the sun and sky. I feel so untethered I also wonder how to raise my kids feeling safe the way I did growing up with so much family around. They don’t have that and I feel so sad for them.

  110. I have felt sadder as fall approached. During the summer I had the interest to do activities outdoors that lifted my spirits. I wondered if my better mood would continue into the fall. I really hoped it would. I started to feel sad in mid-August as it was back to school time and the hint of fall, then when we turned the calendar to September I felt sad and apprehensive. I experienced a grief trigger mid-month and the grief felt heavy. It just lasted three days but felt much longer. Now, with the calendar at October, the month of my brother-in-law’s birthday, I find I don’t even want to look at the calendar page. November will be the two year deathversary of his passing and the beginning of the 6 month period of multiple losses. I am grateful for the Whats Your Grief Site. I find comfort here and am glad its available whenever I need it.

  111. My father joined the host of ancestors 7 years ago, 27 days after his mother. I am still learning to navigate this world where he is not a physical anchor, and I work on my relationship with my father in spirit on the daily. Last June my only brother was murdered. My mother and I grew closer than we had ever been, and we were always close. I could not imagine her torment and pain at losing her first born in such a brutal and gruesome way. When she would visit me she would cry out his name in her sleep. Seeing her traumatic grief I never fully made her aware of the depth of mine. And then less than six months after his murder my mother died in her sleep the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
    Grief has settled into a cavernous depression bordering on apathy that I must battle daily so that my son’s childhood is not permanently destroyed by death and the grief that is its longest shadow. This site, these articles have reminded me of my humanity when I am at my lowest.
    Untethered, indeed. And I am clinging to the faith others have in their God and in the me I used to be that I will get through this with some modicum of sanity that will allow me to reach for joy again, at some point.
    Breath by breath a moment becomes tomorrow.

    Thank you for helping me breathe again.

  112. My mother died also died on Oct. 23. My sisters and I are coming on 15 years. It seems like such a long time. Yet somedays it feels like yesterday.
    “Time doesn’t really heal all wounds, it just rolls in like a slow-motion tsunami and carries you off down the shore.” Great sentence. Spot on.

  113. Wow, this resonated so deeply with me, I feel like I could have written parts of it myself. First of all, my mother also died on October 23rd, however I am only just coming up on 3 years since losing her in 2014. Secondly, last year, and now this year, I’ve felt an ache and a tension building inside me as summer turns to fall – my grief and my longing for her dials up intensely. I was telling my boyfriend that it feels like this time of year a switch goes on inside of me before my mind even catches up. It’s like it has been imprinted on my soul that this is the time of year that I lost her, and my subconscious feels the impact before I realize what is happening .

    Also, from the moment she died I came close to having panic attacks at the thought of time marching on and distancing me from her. I can still feel a rising dread if I allow myself to focus on this. I remember a few months after she died, I was walking with a friend who had lost her mother many, many years ago and this friend made the comment that she couldn’t even begin to imagine her mother being here beside her any longer. Her mom had been gone so long that she couldn’t even conjure her presence through imagination. And that thought set my blood running cold. She is still so incredibly real to me and I honestly would not feel shocked if she somehow walked right into the room right now – that’s how present she still feels. But the idea that someday, she may seem so distant breaks my heart in a million pieces.

    Thank you for this beautiful piece. I am so sorry to share this awful date with you, sending lots of love. xo

  114. I agree with your statement that “My mother was home – it existed within her”. Thank you for sharing that. It is somewhat comforting to know that someone else feels the same and is nice to know I am not alone in that. My Mom passed away Dec 3, 2016 so it hasn’t been a year yet. I miss her terribly. I miss being able to take her to her doctor’s appointments and just simply be with her. She did not have an easy death and it was very hard to see her suffer. That haunts me at times. There are so many simple, seemingly mundane things that remind me of her – when I cook and remember her tips, setting a table like she used to when entertaining, cleaning the house or grocery shopping. So much of this was shared with my Mom over the years. I am thankful for the time I was able to spend with her but it also makes the ache that much deeper.

  115. My daughter died on February 4, 2017. We (our family) had time during hospice to sit and talk with her until she couldn’t anymore. We still held her and expressed our love. She passed with her family holding hands with her. Even though hospice lasted nearly 4 weeks, there still wasn’t enough time to really talk. I stayed overnight on the guest bed placed in her room as many times as I could, and her boyfriend stayed on the nights I was too exhausted. Her sister opened up her home to her and we set up her hospital bed in a beautiful sun room with windows all around and a view of the ravine. I have been overcome with grief, guilt, anger, you name it. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that she lived her life as she wanted. She was at the helm. She knew we all loved her, and she expressed her love to us. Alcohol took her life. So senseless. So crewel. She worked for a Fortune 200 HQ for 10 years, simultaneously completing classes for two masters degrees. She received many awards for her community service work, including the President’s Award! We had become good friends in the past few years. She would call me (or dad) first when she had accomplished something, and also when she was disappointed or angry about an event. I guess I seemed to have the right answers. I tried to, anyway, as far as my experience would allow. She tried to escape from her disease. She actually regained her health a few times, but this time was different. I miss her every day, and always will. I am thankful that I have so many good memories, and those are the ones that seem to stick. In the end, we all have an expiration date. Make all the good memories that you can, right now, right here, so you will have those to carry you through until you have to leave this Earth. Be grateful for having that person in your life; many people live in misery and poverty and terror, with no hope for it to get better. Be grateful for every person in your life; do not expect more than what that person has to give.

  116. I heard today that I was unsuccessful in applying for a job I was interviewed for yesterday – certainly not the end of the world, there will be other opportunities. However one of my first thoughts on hearing the news was that I could do with a visit home to my dad for a cheering up weekend, even though he has been dead for fourteen years now. It is this sorrow that has followed me round all day, combined with a feeling of not having an anchor described in the text above. Dad would still only have been the same age as Tom Petty was if he had still been alive. Sad sad sad.

  117. Wow. No one has ever put into words what I feel until now. Thank you for writing this. My mother died 8 years ago and I have never been the same. Thank you for this.

  118. My mother died in 1982. There was grief when she passed, however, I knew someday I would be home with her and my father and other relatives as well. It seem like the grief did not last that long and I can surely talk about her without being emotional. Maybe that is just me, I don’t know.
    I recall writing a song for her and typing in my journal thoughts I was having about her at the time. I believe that help me to so call move on.
    I go with the TS Eliot quote “Not farewell, but fare forward voyagers.”

  119. Although my husband died 2 years ago, which is a lot shorter period of time than the article, it spoke to me. Within approximately a year, I moved from the town that I had shared with my husband for over 35 years. This may have been an attempt to escape some of the grief and pain, I’m not sure. But now, I long to return to the place where the most ordinary things will remind me of him and our life together, even if it brings tears. I feel that I have lost some of the continuing bond by living away. I am fortunate since the move was a chance for me to think about these things, and so I will be moving back after the upcoming holidays. Hopefully, the return will bring me comfort and happiness.

  120. [email protected]
    My Mom & Dad died 45 days apart. Dad Dec 2015, Mom Jan 2016. I will simply never be the same. I’m an only-child and I have no children of my own. I’ve always been a daughter, but now I feel like an orphan. I became very ill March 2016; retired early due to my health; and even now I’m still recovering from the illness but not the pain of grief. From the first few weeks on…I grieved when I’d think of the distance between the present and the last time I spoke to them, hugged them, held their hands, looked into their eyes, heard their voice. Initially, I could say “it’s still single-digit weeks separating us; then single-digit months; and I’m still in single-digit years…in my case single year and months. Their house is still full of their belongings, due to my health. But I know nothing stops the hands of time and I, too, will face Old Man Time, as I move along further from them. Before the concept of passing time hit me, I was drowning in the pain from the realization that they were – no where. They weren’t at home; they weren’t at their winter home; they weren’t at the cemetery. There was no place I could go, for the first time in my 62 years, where I could find them, touch them, hear their voice. That first concept was so powerful and painful that it made me physically ill. As the rawness of that concept subsided slightly, the new concept of passing time began to sink-in. I know I’m not very far out yet, but I cannot foresee the time void ever going away. So, reading your thoughts about the time separating you from your Mom is to me very, very real. It is a comfort to know there are others out there experiencing the exact same emotional pain and anguish!

    • Dear, Patricia,
      I really know what that feeling ‘no where to go’ to talk, see, hug them again feels like. They’re just not here, there, or anywhere anymore. So permanent. My mum died in 21 Sept, 2017. I lived with her for 59 yrs, we were soul buddies, I never felt inclined to marry. So now I pay the price. Alone in her house, in her bedroom where I saw her take her last breath, where I arranged funeral, burial, and gravestone – without the help from siblings, who all now have ‘gotten over it.’ All these duties kept me going but now, a year after, the crippling void with the acute anxiety of knowing she’s ‘just not there’ anywhere. Just her memory and all her belongings I find it hard to sift through and toss. How can I? They were her life? When she died it was pure shock, even though I knew it was coming, as I was primary carer for two years. She died of cancer. For me it is a truism that the loss of a mother is devastating, but I hate to say, struggling to carry on is harder. Forging a completely to new life without them is nigh impossible at 59. Yet, my time has not come, and I must somehow, eat well, a little exercise, some sleep, and try, try to do something that has a modicum of meaning left. All I can say is that I’ll honour her memory, by carrying on, taking heed at her sensible advice on how to live a good life.

  121. My husband went to heaven on 11/10/2009. Less than 2 months later my mom joined him and then two months after that my dad followed. It will be 8 years soon and this time of year never fails to affect me greatly. I miss them all so much. It’s good to know from someone further down the road that it’s okay to feel the way that I do. Thank you.

  122. “My mother was “home” – it existed within her – and now that she’s gone I’ll never be able to truly return. I’m untethered…”

    So much about your post is how I’m feeling too, but this line is IT. This is exactly how it feels. My Mom died in Spring a few years ago, but it’s in the Fall when I really feel the pain. Fall was always family time and we had traditions. Now that she’s gone, those traditions haven’t ever felt right. Other people celebrate the holidays and I just want to crawl into a ball and cry. It’s been three weeks now of the seasons transitioning, and I am struggling harder this year than that first one without her.

    I agree with you about time. It’s not near the solace people pretend it is in that useless platitude. I find myself getting sadder as time goes by when I realize how much I will miss. Experiences with my Mom that I will never have as well as slowly forgetting some of the details about some of our experiences. Memory fades more as time goes on.

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