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WYG offers creative online grief support courses and webinars created by mental health professionals who have lived through personal losses.

What is an online grief support course?

What’s Your Grief provides an online learning space for all people wishing to explore, learn, and connect around topics related to grief, grief-coping, loss, and grief support. Our courses don’t just educate about grief, they also provide practical coping tools and ideas for creative expression. As with all WYG endeavors, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment that respects all learning and grieving styles.

Who should take an online grief support course?

Anyone! Our courses are designed for any person who would like to learn about topics related to grief and loss, grief support, and coping with grief. Specifically, our courses may be helpful to people grieving the death of a loved one and/or a non-death loss. As well as professionals and volunteers working in fields related to grief and bereavement.

Who teaches these online courses?

All courses are created by Eleanor Haley, MS, and Litsa Williams, MA, LCSW-C. We are mental health professionals and co-founders of the grief websites, ‘What’s Your Grief and ‘Grief in Six Words.’ We have each coped with devastating personal losses and worked for over 15 years in the field of grief and bereavement, both in-person and online. Additionally, we have both taught at higher education institutions and have a passion for online psychoeducation.

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When I found WYG, and began reading articles that articulated in some organized way, the ramblings, thoughts, and feelings that flooded my heart and mind, it was such a relief. I suddenly felt like I could breath and that I wasn’t alone in my grief; that I wasn’t going crazy or grieving “wrong”.

- Mandy

You have helped me immeasurably find my way along this tough road. You've given me the strength to say no and the courage to say yes when both were needed. You are shining lights in a dark time. Thank you from the bottom of my broken (but healing) heart.

- Laurie

This site had been a light in a dark time. Hearing others stories, reading the articles and just being a part of it has made the loss almost manageable.

- Poppy

I found this site right before my dad became ill and died unexpectedly 26 days later. Every day I read the posts and instantly knew I was not alone. The posts often prepare me for what I may not realize is approaching. Best grief site ever.

- Sharon

I came across your site after my son died. Your articles helped me understand how I feel and that I am not going crazy.

- Asta

The online class "Navigating Your Grief" was very helpful. Having a community to share with and support others is so nice. It's kind of like group therapy online. I highly recommend WYG to anyone who is experiencing loss and grief.

- Elizabeth

I share this site address to all I come to know on the grief roller coaster. It helps me still as I navigate the path, and come to new valleys either on my private journey or that shared with many.

- Sylvia

What's Your Grief is a very important piece to the puzzle that has become my scrambled, mixed up life.

- Kathleen

I've been reading WYG faithfully since my husband of 52 years died. It has helped me very much with my grief. Advice and help can always be found.

- Della

I've been grateful to feel there is a community of friends who understand grief and can offer me comfort in times of sadness and hope in times of sorrow.

- Amber

I love your page. I like that I'm able to share your articles with family and friends. I'll say "this is me" or "read this to understand my children." So, it's given my support system ways to help me because it's educational but in a really easy to read way.

- Megan

How has WYG helped you grieve?

Your feedback is super important to us! Send us a message telling us the ways in which What's Your Grief has helped you cope with your loss.

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