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Where new and old grief friends can learn, share, support, and connect

Good communities meet many needs; they laugh together and feel sorrow together. They talk about serious issues, and they gossip about the trivial. They take turns leaning on one another and lifting each other up–and we want this community to be no different.
The What’s Your Grief Online Grief Community brings grieving people together to support each other in their grief and help them navigate their day-to-day lives in the wake of loss. 
Members of the WYG community can engage in conversations, activities, and meetings around a range of topics relating to the thoughts, emotions, and experiences commonly associated with grief, as well as the difficulties of adjusting to and living the day-to-day related to life after loss. 
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What does the community include?

We welcome people with all different grieving styles and preferences for coping. Whether you’re a joiner or someone who likes to read, watch, and process on your own, we hope to offer spaces and conversations that you will find helpful and engaging. Some of what you’ll find here includes:

  • Supportive forum-based discussions
  • Live discussions and groups
  • Creative workshops
  • Webinar presentations
  • Creative coping projects
  • Grief bookclub
  • And much more!

What is the community space like? 

The WYG online grief community is a continuously evolving private membership-only community hosted on a user-friendly and intuitive platform, away from the distractions of social media sites. 

Community members can engage in live sessions through a calendar of events that includes informational webinars, book clubs, creative groups, and other meetings. 

Members who aren’t quite up for in-person meetings can connect and follow along in their own time through forum discussions, webinar replays, creative and practical challenges, and member-to-member chat.

Membership Information:


Monthly Membership:

Members can join on a month-to-month basis for $12 per month. You can cancel your membership at any time throughout the year. 

Yearly Membership: 

Members can join on a yearly basis for $100 per year. Members can cancel their membership at the end of the year.  

* If you cannot afford membership, contact us at whatsyourgrief@gmail.com to discuss available assistance. 


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I have been working in grief and bereavement for over thirty years and can honestly say this was the best continuing education session I have ever attended.

Lynn, Clinical Social Worker

As a clinical supervisor for both therapists and interns, I have now made all of your continuing education webinars required for all our new staff and interns. I sought out grief education for our team and participated in many live and self-paced options through many of the ‘big’ CE providers. None provided a fraction of the insight, research, or relevance as those provided by What’s Your Grief. Your clinical experience and engaging presentation style, coupled with a tremendous knowledge of the field, make for a great session every time. Thank you

David, Social Worker

Incredible training. I came into this thinking I was here to learn for my clients but came out with so much more understanding of my own grief. I am a bit embarrassed to say that for many years I have listed ‘grief’ as one of the issues I help clients with. This workshop highlighted how little I knew about supporting people in grief and how outdated my ideas were. I now feel much better equipped to help clients and to understand my own experiences. The three hours flew by. This session completed my CE hour requirements for the year, but I will still be signing up for several of your upcoming sessions.

Susan, Psychologist