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Grief Years Later

Grief Years Later: 4 Challenges

Before discussing grief years later, we need to get on the same page about a few things first. Most importantly,…
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Finding Comfort in Grief through Connection and Co-Destiny

The year after my mother's death, I lived mostly an "in spite of" life. I got up and went to…
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integrate grief

What Does It Mean to Integrate Grief?

Not too terribly long ago I was working with a bereaved dad. I was the second grief therapist he'd seen;…
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grief never ends

Grief Never Ends, and That's Okay.

For a decade, I've been saying to any griever who would listen - "When someone you love dies, you grieve…
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growing around grief

Growing Around Grief

Dr. Lois Tonkin, in her 1996 article Growing Around Grief: another way of looking at grief and recovery, tells the…
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Spend a Day Like Your Loved One on Their Deathiversary

The anniversary of my mother's death, or her "deathiversary", is closing in on me. I usually count on the foliage…
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We Don't Recover From Grief, and that's Okay

After some discussion with our insightful readers, we're adding a brief preface to this article.  We feel it's important to…
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What it Means to 'Change Your Relationship With Grief'

There are things that you get over in life. For example a cold, your first breakup, or an argument with…
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When Feeling Okay Feels Wrong

I look at grief as more of a frienemy than anything else. To be honest, it's been this way since…
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