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times like these, I wish you were here grief

Times Like These, I Wish You Were Here

Times like these – when 'I'm scared and worried – I wish you were here. When the seconds slow and…
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WYG grief definition

WYG's Definition of Grief

We've written extensively about grief over the years. We've expanded and clarified; we've waxed poetic; and, yes, perhaps we've even…
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grief words that should exist

64 Grief-Words That Should Exist

Many moons ago, we wrote an article about the limited language of grief. We lamented the reality that, in grief,…
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We Don't Recover From Grief, and that's Okay

After some discussion with our insightful readers, we're adding a brief preface to this article.  We feel it's important to…
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How to Cope When it Seems Like Everyone Wants to Forget

How to Cope When It Seems Like Everyone Wants to Forget

I recently read a quote from grief researcher and theorist Kenneth Doka: "All grief becomes disenfranchised over time." I actually…
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When Feeling Okay Feels Wrong

I look at grief as more of a frienemy than anything else. To be honest, it's been this way since…
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Grief Emotions Aren't Good or Bad, They Just Are

Grief Emotions Aren't Good Or Bad, They Just Are

I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist or an over-achiever, but I have always viewed myself as a person who generally…
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Who's in Charge Here? Coping with loss of control

  • Emotion
  • Eleanor Haley
Grief isn’t an emotional experience, it’s an entire paradigm shift.  When something bad happens that's beyond a person’s control, like…
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When Grief Gets Physical: Dealing with Physical Grief Symptoms

Of all the unimaginable aspects of grief, there is one thing we hear people say time and again that they…
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