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growing around grief

Growing Around Grief

Dr. Lois Tonkin, in her 1996 article Growing Around Grief: another way of looking at grief and recovery, tells the…
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yearning and searching in grief

Searching and Yearning in Grief

I have a fuzzy memory of being a child at the grocery store with my mother. I was little, probably…
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Closure Isn’t a Thing in Grief and That’s Okay

Closure Isn't a Thing in Grief and That's Okay

Hello, grief friends, new friends, old friends, friends of friends, you know... all the friend categories. Today we have a…
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comparing grief

Comparing Grief and Why We Shouldn't do It

  • General
  • Eleanor Haley
Grief-friends - this is a simple article about comparing grief and why you shouldn't do it. The grief-comparison game is common…
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grief lessons text

The 64 Hardest Lessons That Grief Taught Me

You know we love a good 64-things-about-grief list around here. We have tons of them, on so many topics, often…
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What's Your Most Basic Grief Need?

I've been thinking about what our immediate and most basic needs are in grief. I guess we could call them…
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What the Newly Bereaved Should Know

Hello to the newly bereaved. I'm sorry to meet you here in the place where loved ones leave you —…
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Absent Grief: Why Am I Not Grieving Like I Expected To?

Never have I ever heard a bereaved person exclaim, "Grief is just as expected it to be!" Grief is full…
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A Deep Dive Into Secondary Loss

The death of a loved one isn't just one single earth-shattering loss. In reality, it's a tremendous loss, followed by…
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