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are grieving stages real

What You Really Need to Know About 'Grieving Stages'

What you really need to know about grieving stages is that, for the most part, they are a myth. It's…
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Stop Trying to Heal from Grief

I know this might sound controversial. Or, at minimum, unexpected from a grief writer and therapist. If you’ve spent any…
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how long does grief last

How Long Does Grief Last? An age old question.

"How long does grief last?" is a logical, valid, and common question. Grief, especially early on, causes distress in many…
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grief myths and grief assumptions

How Pre-Existing Grief Assumptions Can Make Grief Worse

You don't know what it's like to grieve for someone significant until you're in the depths of it. I think…
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Your Grief Feels Enormous When Someone Dies, Here's Why

It bends my mind to consider how universal and common the experience of losing a loved one is. How could…
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grief is human

Grief is Human so Let's Talk About It

Grief is human, but this doesn't mean you have to like it. (Note: we recognize that grief is not exclusively…
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grief reactions grief responses

Grief Reactions vs Grief Responses

Though these words are often used synonymously in everyday speech, in mental health there is an important distinction between reactions…
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integrate grief

What Does It Mean to Integrate Grief?

Not too terribly long ago I was working with a bereaved dad. I was the second grief therapist he'd seen;…
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avoidance behavior

What is Avoidance Behavior? An Explainer

Our experiences are complex, but for the sake of simplicity, let's break them down into two separate categories - inside…
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