Looking Forward

  Photos by Jimmy Edmonds “These are montages that I make using my son Josh’s image aga

The Truth about Posttraumatic Growth After Loss

Litsa and I have long had a bee in our bonnet over the rhetoric around grief self-help.  Not all gr

Let’s Go Home

Once upon a time I lived in a little white house with my mother, father, four sisters and two broth

Growth from Grief

by Monica  We feel gratitude when these little hints pop up in everyday life causing us to take not

Grief After Traumatic Loss

Recently a reader emailed us and asked if we’d write a post about grieving a violent death. Sh

Grief Self-Portraits

Alright, we’ll admit it, we have been abysmal at updating this site on a regular basis. Abysma

Ongoing Relationships With Those who Have Died

I cling to scraps of my mother.  I’ll take anything I can get. I’ve extracted all that I ca

Family Photo Albums

While home for the holidays I visited my sister who now lives in my childhood home. One of the firs

10 Times Grief Made you Cry this Holiday Season

It seems like the older I get, the more happy-sad life becomes.  Happy-sad is my new favorite grief