16 Ideas for Creating New Holiday Tradition After a Death

Someone you love has died and now the holidays will never be the same. I’m sorry to put this s

Neal and Gordon

by Bobbie Applegate My sons Neal and Gordon were about as close as brothers could be. They were only

Life with a Grief Monster

This is my grief monster. He was born the day my mother died. I was really frightened of him at fir

Until We Ride Together Again: My dad’s motorcycle

by Samantha Bryant We bought my dad’s motorcycle from my mom; hauling it back on a trailer ove

Spotting Emotional Manipulation in your Support System

Today we want to talk about people who are maybe not so good for you in your grief or, oh say, life

Double Exposure: Remembering Lily

by Caitie Greene This is a photo of my friend Lilly who suddenly died from a heroin overdose in Apri

‘Tis the Season for Grief-Related Social Anxiety

Part of my self-care regime is reading The Onion articles whenever possible.  I don’t know w

Magnificence of Nature

by Monica Sword When I experience the magnificence of nature, I am reminded of the life forces surro

Dear Grief: Share your letters to grief and support Children’s Grief Awareness Day

Dear Grief, It’s been a few years since I’ve written, I’m not sure if you noticed.