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Exploring Grief Through Photography

Healing Through Photography: Photos From Our Grief-Friends

If you've followed What's Your Grief for even a little while, you probably know that photography is a passion of ours.  We specifically love photography as a tool for exploring and expressing grief. We even have an entire section of our

Exploring Grief Through Photography: Photographing Emotion and Mood

When dealing with grief, you should use every tool in your toolbox. You probably already rely on your tools of rational and emotional intellect to learn about yourself and your experiences; but what other instruments do you have to help

Photography How To: Photographing Symbols

If you follow 'What's Your Grief,' you know we think that artistic expression is a great way to deal with grief.  We specifically recommend using photography because it's versatile, accessible, and easy to use on a basic level  We've blogged about the

Coping with Death: Grief and Photography

There are times when we want to express and explore our emotions and experiences, but we really don't want to talk out loud for one reason or another. One-on-one counseling and support groups are just not our bag, but we

What’s Your Grief Style: Rational-Creative Griever

Rational-Creative Grief Style Though no one is all one style or another, your grief style leans rational with a creative bent. Knowing, understanding, and learning may bring you some security and comfort. Doing things, be it small tasks around the

What’s Your Grief Style: Emotional-Creative Griever

Though no one is all one style or another, your grief style leans emotional with some creative tendencies. Experiencing, processing, and expressing emotions helps us to incorporate them in meaningful and healthy ways.  Additionally, becoming comfortable with these difficult emotions

What’s Your Grief Style: Creative Griever

Creative Grief Style   Though no one is all one style or another, your grief style leans creative. You may think if you don’t create, you aren’t creative. But in reality, creativity can mean creating and it also means connecting with

Grief Recipe Stories: Max’s Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

by Julia Haigh Lancaster, Pennsylvania My friend, Max, was amazing for so many reasons. His outgoing personality and the way he was able to make you feel included is unmatched by anyone I've known. His ability to get caught up