What’s Your Grief Style: Emotional-Creative Griever

Though no one is all one style or another, your grief style leans emotional with some creative tendencies. Experiencing, processing, and expressing emotions helps us to incorporate them in meaningful and healthy ways.  Additionally, becoming comfortable with these difficult emotions can help us better understand ourselves and manage our loss moving into the future.

With an emotional grief style, it will likely be helpful for you to find ways to connect with others, to express and talk about your loss, to better understand your emotions, and to feel supported by others in feeling your emotions in the time and space they come up. It may be especially hard for you when people minimize your experience or rush you in your grief. 

In addition to talking about emotion, you may also (or instead) find comfort in expressing emotions through art and creativity. You may also find yourself drawn toward music, poetry, photography, and other forms of art about grief and loss.

There is a great benefit to embracing the emotional self, to help us feel the difficult emotions rather than avoid them. Though your style leans emotional and creative, it can be helpful to manage emotions by tapping into your rational self too.  

Our grief support guide for the emotional-creative grieving style can offer a good place to start! You can also check out the following resources:

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