What’s Your Grief Style: Creative Griever

Though no one is all one style or another, your grief style leans creative. You may think if you don’t create, you aren’t creative. But in reality, creativity can mean creating and it also means connecting with and appreciating the creative expression of others.

Creativity allows for an external expression of an internal experience. Whether it is the complex thoughts or feelings, grief may feel difficult for you to process and share in the traditional ways. When talking isn’t working for you in your grief, finding a creative outlet is an ideal way to process your grief. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the creative outlets that you connected with before your loss can prove tough to connect with after. This may mean pushing yourself to explore new mediums or to focus more on connecting with work created by others. 

Though your style leans creative, it can be helpful to manage emotions by tapping into your emotional and rational self too.  

Our grief support guide for the creative grieving style can offer a good place to start! You can also check out the following resources:

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