What's Your Grief Style: Rational-Creative Griever

Rational-Creative Grief Style

Though no one is all one style or another, your grief style leans rational with a creative bent. Knowing, understanding, and learning may bring you some security and comfort. Doing things, be it small tasks around the house or volunteer work and activism, is a helpful way to connect and process your grief. WIth your creative bent, sometimes that active doing is challenged in making art, music, or some other means of connecting with your grief.  

With this grief style, you may seek to understand your grief by learning the different grief models and theories.  There can actually be some comfort in the practicalities that need to be handled when grieving, as it gives some order and action. Leaning in to your rational style can be useful for things like sorting belongings, preparing for anniversaries and special days, and supporting kids who are grieving.

Society often expects people grieving to show emotions outwardly, which likely isn’t your go-to. And that’s okay. You may find yourself showing your grief thoughts and emotions through your creative expression. It is important to remember that, as long as you aren’t avoiding your grief, it is okay if you are more of a do-er, creator, and thinker than a feel-er and talker. 

Though your style leans rational, it can be helpful to manage emotions by tapping into your emotional self too.  

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