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If you have spend more than 3 1/2 minutes on our blog you probably know that I love murals, graffiti, and any and all forms of street art.  I saw a great article the other day about a grief center, Olivia’s House, using murals to get kids to open up about grief, which of course got me spiraling down an internet rabbit hole of grief murals and street art.  I am not sure what my irrational draw to murals is all about.  I think it is something about their place within communities, so often speaking to the culture and people of those neighborhoods.  Or, as I talked about in this post about photographing inspiration, maybe it has to do with the beauty they bring to even the bleakest of streets.  Whatever it is, there are few memorials I love more than a mural.  So today I am sharing the love of great grief and memorial murals.

Stephen Watson Memorial

Murals in the Bronx

Great story and video (that I sadly can’t embed, so you’ll have to go to the link) about the role and dying art of memorial murals in the height of violence and death in the Bronx.

grief mural 1

Whitney Houston Memorial Mural

grief mural 2
wikicommons photo by Youngking11






Protest and Memory

Great article in Obit Magazine about memorial murals and graffiti.

grief mural 3

Yusuf Hawkins Mural

A decaying mural created 22 years ago to memorialize the tragic murder of Yusuf Hawkins was revitalized in NYC, to keep the memory of Hawkins alive.

grief mural 4

911 Memorial Mural

Photo by Fred Hatt

grief mural 5

Memorial Mural in The Mission in San Francisco

grief mural 6












photo by Ingrid Taylar

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