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Grief Book Recommendations: WYG Book Club Edition

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  • Eleanor Haley
A little while back, we asked people on our Facebook Page to share their grief book recommendations. People ask us…
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Grief is More Than Sadness

Grief Is More Than Sadness

There are a lot of things we love about writing a grief blog—but if I had to pick one of…
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32 (more) books about death and grief

32 (More) Books About Grief

A few weeks ago, we put together the first half of a book list about death and grief. Today, we're finally…
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book recommendations for grievers

32 Books About Grief

Well, we've gotten a bit carried away... again. Our intention was to provide you with a list of sixty-four memoirs or novels about…
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books for grieving children

64 Children's Books About Death and Grief

When grief hits a family, children often become the focus: how to talk to them about death; how to recognize…
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fault in our stars review

The Fault In Our Stars: A WYG Review

When I decided to go see The Fault In Our Stars the day it opened in theaters I should have…
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The Long Goodbye: An Open Letter to Meghan O'Rourke

Dear Meghan, I feel like I should start this letter with an apology. Someone told me of The Long Goodbye…
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Grief in 'Looking for Alaska': A Grief Book Review

Grief in 'Looking for Alaska': A Grief Book Book Review

The recipe for a good vacation for me is a big pile of books. Leaving for ten days of vacation, I…
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Six Books for Grieving Teenagers

It is a little terrifying when you realize time is escaping you. I was going to start this post by…
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