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The Long Goodbye: An Open Letter to Meghan O'Rourke

Dear Meghan, I feel like I should start this letter with an apology. Someone told me of The Long Goodbye…
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Grief in 'Looking for Alaska': A Grief Book Review

Grief in 'Looking for Alaska': A Grief Book Book Review

The recipe for a good vacation for me is a big pile of books. Leaving for ten days of vacation, I…
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Six Books for Grieving Teenagers

It is a little terrifying when you realize time is escaping you. I was going to start this post by…
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grief activity books for kids ages three to nine

Grief Activity Books for Kids 3-9

There is no question that one of the most common concerns we hear from grieving parents is how to support…
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when kids can't remember: am I like my daddy?

When Kids Can't Remember: Am I Like My Daddy?

Back in early April, Eleanor posted about the results of a survey in which people were asked if they would…
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grief journals

Grief Journals: Should Picking a Grief Journal Really Be This Complicated?

Journaling is a tried and true coping tool for exploring grief, as well as other complicated emotions.  Why does it…
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book cover the disappearance by Genevieve Jurgensen

The Disappearance: A Primer of Loss

Written nearly twelve years after her four and seven-year-old daughters were killed in a car accident in France, Genevieve Jurgensen’s…
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