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At What’s Your Grief, we’re all about sharing in the experience of grief, whether it’s through sharing a snapshot, a short story, a recipe, or engaging with others in the comments of our blog posts.

Share a snapshot of your grief.

The goal of the PhotoGrief project is to create a space where people can explore and express their grief through pictures. Browse through the PhotoGrief library and click “Submit Photo” to learn how to submit a snapshot of your own.

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Grief in Six Words.

Each grieving person has a unique story to tell, with a past, present, and future. We’ve collected thousands of “Grief in Six Words” stories over the years, and invite you to read others’ stories and submit your own at our Grief in Six Words website.

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Share Your Grief Recipe.

It’s common to connect with deceased loved ones through food – whether it’s in saving handwritten recipes, cooking traditional foods at the holidays, or in fond memories of cooking together. What’s Your Grief explores and honor these connections by collecting and sharing your grief recipe stories.

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Grief Secret Project

Many of us have a grief secret that we keep tucked away out of shame, embarrassment, or guilt. In doing so, we give the secret power to keep us isolated and cause us ongoing pain. When we share these secrets, we create space for support and connection, and we're often surprised to find that people respond with compassion and understanding.

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