Submit to Photogrief

To submit, please read the following guidelines. 

Then email your photo and text to


  1. Submissions should include an original photograph and separate text.
  2. By submitting you agree to our terms of submission
  3. Mainly for formatting purposes, text content may undergo minor edits prior to being published.
  4. Photographs must be original (your own)
  5. Pictures taken of text are allowed, but in general, we will not publish photographs with words and quotes typed directly on them.
  6. Please send a brief reflection (approx. 250 – 1000 words) with your photo. You may use a quote or a poem if you provide the source.
  7. Photographs must illustrate something about loss, grief or your loved one.  For example, you may wish to send photographs that capture:
    • An emotion
    • Symbols of hope, strength, or gratitude
    • Symbols that remind you of your loved one
    • Representations of your loved one’s continued presence
    • Something your loved one would have loved
    • Important moments and milestones

We will reach out to you via email to let you know if and when your submission is published. Please understand, we may not be able to publish all submissions on PhotoGrief.

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