Grief Secret Project:
Submission Guidelines

“Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable." 

Fred Rogers

Many of us have a grief secret that we keep tucked away out of fear, shame, sadness, or guilt. In keeping the secret bottled up, we give it power to keep us isolated and cause us ongoing pain.

When we share these secrets, we create space for support and connection. Many also find speaking their secret out loud is a first step towards finding peace and self-forgiveness (though we know this can be a long and difficult process).

The purpose of the grief secret project is to provide a space where people can anonymously speak their grief secrets out loud. In doing so, the secret often looses a little of its power, and they help the next person to see they aren't alone. We will share grief secrets on @GriefSecret on Instagram.

Please see our suggested guidelines for sharing your grief secret. This project was inspired by Post Secret which you can learn more about here.

Submitting a Grief Secret:

Please submit grief secrets one of the following ways:

  1. Mail your grief secret to us via card or postcard.

The act of creating a card and mailing it gives you time and space to reflect. Your (post)card can be anything you like, but if you would like to print out an addressed postcard for ease, we have a template you can print out if you click here

If you use your own card or envelope, mail your anonymous grief secret postcards to us below. We invite you to get creative and artistic - or to simply jot down your secret and send it off. It's up to you; there are no rules!

Send Grief Secret Cards To:

What's Your Grief
3600 Roland Ave
Baltimore, MD 21211

2. Share your grief secrets with us via email.

If you'd like to share your grief secret with us virtually, you can either email it to us at or send it via direct message to @griefsecret on Instagram.

We prefer that you write your grief secret down on a card, take a picture, and send the picture to us. You may send just the secret itself in the text of your message, however, it may take longer for us to post it as we will have to format it ourselves.

3. Record an annonymous audio recording of your grief secret.

Use the button below to record an audio file (basically a voice mail) with your grief secret. Please do not share your name, as these are annonymous and will be shared as part of the grief secret project. Please limit your recording to 60 seconds.

Check out @griefsecret on Instagram