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remember the past

Struggling to Remember the Past

Fourteen years after my mother's death, I find I'm not only grieving her but also my memory of her. I…
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memory of death

Struggling with How a Loved One Died

The moments surrounding a loved one's death can stick with a person. If you were there, the memories can remain…
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sensory memory grief

I Miss the Sound of Your Voice: Grieving Sensory Memory

I have a baby. She's ten months old. She was a late-in-life baby, so her only siblings—both sisters—are 10 and…
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mourning the passage of time

Mourning the Passage of Time

I’ll be a year older next week as far as my license is concerned. That’s a fancy way of saying…
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What's Your Memory? Remembering Everyday Moments

What are your memories of your loved one like? I suppose that’s a personal question, you don’t have to answer…
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grief and oral history

Grief and Oral History: Keeping Memories Alive

  • General
  • Litsa Williams
Almost every time I delete a voicemail from someone I love, I have a thought that some might consider morbid:…
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Losing Relationships: I hate it

Losing Relationships: I Hate It

Last night as I was falling asleep, I had a memory of being in my grandmother’s living room. 'Memory' may actually…
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Holiday Moments: Past and Present

by Litsa Williams Before three weeks ago I had never put out a single holiday decoration in my own home.…
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Meditations on the Empty Chair

by Christina Thurau Every room has an empty space where my 14 year old son Zach belongs. Some days there is denial.…
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