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skipping the holidays grief

6 Things to Consider Before You Skip the Holidays

So, you are thinking about skipping the holidays altogether. Let me assure you: You wouldn't be the first and you…
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holiday grief

The Art of Regrouping (aka it’s not a Hallmark movie Charlie Brown)

Late the night before Thanksgiving I got a call from my mom, who explained that she slipped and fell down…
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grief grinch

You’re Not a Grinch, You’re Just Grieving

I would like to take a moment to stand up in defense of holiday villains. You know who I mean,…
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ornament kids grief

Remembering Ornament: A Holiday Grief Activity for Kids & Teens

A couple things you should know about the WYG gals before diving into today's post. 1) We are notoriously terrible…
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A Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Grievers

Whether you are shopping as a griever or for a griever (or both!), shopping at the holidays can be tough.…
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Holiday Music Out of Key: When songs become sad

My Christmas season starts with a quiet tradition; it’s one I picked up from my mother although it was never…
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thanksgiving togetherness

Holiday Togetherness Game Plan: 11 tips for taking a time out

Alright, let's have a quick pre-holiday huddle to discuss your game plan for tomorrow.  Not where you're going to celebrate or…
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Grief and Food: 10 reasons why your Thanksgiving spread might make you cry

Grief doesn't always turn you into an unpredictable ball of emotion, but sometimes it does.  Sometimes things like a song, a…
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holiday and hardship

Holidays and Hardship: Will the kids be alright?

My pretty little girls living in your snow globe-sized world, what wouldn't I give to keep you wrapped in a…
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