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Four Easy, Last-Minute Ideas For Memorializing Loved Ones This Holiday

Between the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the spontaneous fits of tears sparked by grief triggers everywhere, it…
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Sending Holiday Cards After A Death: The Great Debate

After losing a loved one, the holidays go from joyous to jumbled. Many people feel they have to navigate a…
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Just Hold On... When Grieving at the Holidays

We want to take a minute (really, this will only take a minute!) to remind you to hold on. Hold…
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Holiday Moments: Past and Present

by Litsa Williams Before three weeks ago I had never put out a single holiday decoration in my own home.…
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8 Tips For Supporting A Grieving Friend This Holiday

Most people don't intentionally set out to be unsupportive of their grieving family and friends.  We know you may disagree,…
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spending the holidays alone

A Griever's Pocket Guide To Spending The Holidays Alone

The other day I did a Google search looking for articles about spending the holidays alone. What I found was…
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Holiday Grief: When the First Holiday is NOT the Worst HOliday

Holiday Grief: When The First Holiday Is NOT The Worst Holiday

Until yesterday, Eleanor and I had felt like we had said just about everything there was to say about grieving…
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10 Times Grief Made You Cry This Holiday Season

It seems like the older I get, the more happy-sad life becomes. Happy-sad is my new favorite grief saying and…
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ideas for creating new holiday traditions after a death

16 Ideas for Creating New Holiday Tradition After a Death

Someone you love has died and now the holidays will never be the same. I'm sorry to put this so…
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