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64 Reminders if You're Filled With Holiday Dread

It's not just you dreading the holidays. The holidays after a loss are always hard. Holiday dread (or at least…
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13 Ideas for the Empty Christmas Stocking

Holiday grief triggers are everywhere, we don't have to tell you that. Opening that box of decorations is difficult enough.…
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After a Death, the Holidays are a Secondary Loss

I wish I could say I remember the last Christmas my mother was alive. I should remember. I should have…
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Setting Holiday Boundaries (even when it's hard)

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Boundaries can be helpful in grief, but they can also just be helpful during the complicated and draining holiday season.…
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8 Tips for Remaining Present at the Holidays

8 Tips for Remaining Present at the Holidays (While Grieving)

Ok, I'll confess: The reason why I'm writing about remaining present during the holiday season is personal. For the last…
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going easy on yourself during the holidays while grieving

7 Ways to Go Easy on Yourself While Grieving at the Holidays

1. Remember, the Holidays Don't Have to Be Perfect. Disavow yourself of the notion that perfection will protect you from…
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grief during the holiday season

Guilt and Grief During the Holiday Season

I’ve been feeling a little distracted this holiday season.  Maybe a little stressed.  Maybe a little numb.  I’m not feeling…
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Four Easy, Last-Minute Ideas For Memorializing Loved Ones This Holiday

Between the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the spontaneous fits of tears sparked by grief triggers everywhere, it…
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Sending Holiday Cards After A Death: The Great Debate

After losing a loved one, the holidays go from joyous to jumbled. Many people feel they have to navigate a…
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