Celebrities Talking About Grief: Volume 2

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Last month, we started a monthly series on celebrities speaking up about grief. If you missed it you can see our first installment here – we talked about Chelsea Handler, The Bloggess, and Joan Didion.  Why have we decided to highlight celebrities talking about grief?  It isn't because we are celebrity-crazy (though I have been known to watch TMZ now and then -- a tried and true personal self-care technique).  It isn't because we care who was best-dressed at the Oscars or what our favorite actresses look like without their make-up.  

It is because we think talking about grief is pretty important - not just for professionals and grief bloggers, but for everyone.  We love when people are willing to share their experiences with loss, and we love it even more when they are people in the public eye.  When celebrities talk their voices carry further and people listen up.  Unfortunately that can make it even harder to speak up about tough issues - with all eyes on you it can't be easy to talk about the pain of grief.   It is our hope that with all our little voices, and a few of their big voices, we will slowly but surely make our culture just a little bit more comfortable with grief.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper lost his father when he was 10 years old. In his senior year of college, he lost his brother to suicide. He has been open and willing to talk about these deaths, how he coped, and how it has impacted his work over the years. He has talked about it in his book, in interviews, on his show, and with other families who have lost family members to suicide. He has talked about his grief, acknowledged the stigma, and has encouraged others to do the same.  Thanks, Anderson Cooper!

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