Speaking Up About Grief: Volume 4

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If you are a regular WYG follower, you probably know that we have a soft spot for celebs who talk about grief and loss.  It normalizes grief, it pulls grief out of the shadows, and it reminds us that death doesn't discriminate.  As human beings we are all in this together, coping with losses one day at a time.  So take a break from Amanda Bynes' scandals and spend some time with celebs who are talking honestly about grief.  This month we are highlighting celebrities who have been willing to talk about grief after losing close family members to violence.

Mark Ruffalo

After recovering from a brain tumor that left him fearing his son would grow up without a father, Mark Ruffalo's brother was tragically murdered in Beverly Hills.  Ruffalo opens up about this devastating loss and shares an honest wisdom about the impact of such an unexpected loss.  Check out the Huffington Post article, focusing specifically on Ruffalo's comments around the murder, or check out the full article at mensjournal.com.

Jennifer Hudson

The murder of Jennifer Hudson's family was very public and so many of us felt for her, trying to handle such traumatic losses in the public eye.  Jennifer Hudson talked on Oprah's Next Chapter about how she tries to manage so many losses, including that of her mom.

Kelsey Grammer

Leave it to Oprah to bring celebrity grief to the big screen.  Kelsey Grammer lost both his father to murder and his sister to a brutal rape and murder 6 years later.  Five years after that his half-brothers were killed in a scuba diving accident.  Grammer opens up to Oprah about his grief, drug use, faith, and the impact of his losses so many years later.

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