26 More Quotes about Grief for All You Quote Lovers

I say “some more” because we also have quotes about grief and loss here and a few more here. Why you might ask, would we create a third article about grief quotes? I promise you; we have a good reason that combines our love for quotes with our passion for exploring grief through photography. 

In January, we hosted a Photo-a-Day Grief Photo Challenge. For this challenge, we provided a prompt a day for 25 days, and we challenged people to take a photo inspired by this prompt. 

This post is about quotes, but if you’d like to see more related to our photo challenges, head over to Instagram and check out our profile @whatsyourgrief and the challenge hashtag #wygriefphoto.  

Anyway, to provide participants with some extra inspiration each day, we posted the prompt with a quote, usually from authors and other quotable notables, but sometimes from What’s Your Grief articles. At the end of the month, we had collected quite a few quotes related to life after loss that we wanted to share with you. Because who doesn’t love a good quote? 

In all seriousness, I think quotes about grief are especially helpful. Grief often has people at a loss for words, and when we can’t explain, express, or communicate how we feel about something, it makes us feel alone.

But then we stumble on a relatable grief quote and BAM, we realize we’re not the only one. Grief is universal, and it’s timeless. It touches everyone, from Shakespeare to the writers behind ‘This is Us’. Would we prefer loss not be so ubiquitous? Of course, but it is, and knowing others can relate can help us to feel a little less strange and slightly more seen.








We’d love to know your favorite grief quote. Share it in the comments below.

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February 28, 2020

5 responses on "26 More Quotes about Grief for All You Quote Lovers"

  1. “Learn to live with the loss, not the person “

  2. Our first anniversary in 41 years not together….. ! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH…. ALWAYS AND FOREVER ~~~ JIM.

  3. Our 42 nd. year would be starting if you were here. I miss you very much….. I love you very much and I always will. You are where I want to be and soon that will come to pass. Although I will think of a companion, there will never-ever be anyone but you! Never will marry and BEG GOD TO TAKE ME SOON….. LOVE ALWAYS JIM.

  4. The “See the full article here” link button on the email did not work. I finally decided to visit your site and look for this one and the “Making Amends” article. If I had to choose the best grief quote to help all concerned to understand and be more tolerant of each other, it would be this “Grief is not a competition.”

  5. thanks to sharing this post ^_^

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