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64 Grief Support Regrets: You Don't Know 'til You Know

Recently, going through some boxes that had moved with me, unopened, over several moves, I found a stack of cards.…
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What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

I'll probably undermine your confidence in this article when I tell you; I'm not sure how to write about this…
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I'm Grieving and Your Don't Know "Just How I Feel"

I'm Grieving and You Don't Know "Just How I Feel"

Many phrases piss off grieving people, but perhaps none so much as "I know how you feel." Ask someone grieving…
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what not to say to a griever

64 of the Worst Things Ever Said to a Griever

We recently asked our Facebook readers the following questions: "What is the best thing anyone has said to you in…
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What Not to Say to a Griever: Illustrated

People mean well (usually), but sometimes well-wishers choose the worst possible things to say after a death.  So many of the…
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