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A Grief Greater than the Sum of its Parts

I learned a new word recently – ending. It was coined by physician Robert Webster, describing the last living member…
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suffocated grief child daydreaming

What is Suffocated Grief

I had never even heard the term 'suffocated grief' the first time I witnessed it. Or perhaps I should say…
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nonfinite grief boat off course

Grieving the Life You Expected: Nonfinite Grief and Loss

From a very young age, we begin to develop expectations about the world around us. Our brains create rules to…
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7 Types of Grief You Should Know Right Now

Everywhere I turn people are talking about grief, all types of grief. Mostly they are trying to make sense of…
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Hands: Photographing Symbols

by Tish Reed She still wears her ring.   13 years ago this December, my Dad lost his battle with…
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traumatic loss

Grief After Traumatic Loss

Recently a reader emailed us and asked if we'd write a post about grieving a violent death. She'd been looking…
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grieving someone who is still alive

Ambiguous Grief: Grieving Someone Who Is Still Alive

My guess is that when people read the title of this article they will react with either a, "what are…
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Grieving Before A Death: Understanding Anticipatory Grief

I spent a lot of time with my grandmother when I was growing up.  When I was young, before I…
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Cumulative grief aka grief overload aka "holy crap I can't handle all this loss!!!"

The other day we posted on the blog about different types of grief and we got a great comment pointing out…
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