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fall is my grief season

Fall is my Grief Season. How about you?

I’m operating under the influence of fall. It’s a subtle disorientation that knocks me off kilter just enough for things…
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anger in grief make you angry

Why Does Grief Make You Angry at Friends and Family?

Reading that title, you might be thinking that there are approximately a zillion reasons grief makes you angry. And you’d…
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Is The Second Year of Grief Harder?

If you're still in the first year after a loss, I imagine the title of this article alone might have…
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move on after death

Why do People Think we Move On After Death?

I always wanted an imaginary friend as a child, but my mind wouldn't stretch far enough. I envied kids who…
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If She'll Always Be With Me, Why Don't I Feel Her?

If She’ll Always Be With Me, Why Don’t I Feel Her?

Written and shared with us by our grief-friend, Cara Jeanne. Sharing with all of you, because we have a feeling…
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ways to get in touch with grief

4 Ways to Get In Touch With Your Grief

A few weeks ago, we published a post about absent grief (i.e., feeling like you're not grieving as much as…
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I Don't Want to Talk About It: Coping with Grief Without Saying a Word

“I Don’t Want to Talk About It”: Coping with Grief Without Saying a Word

I may be betraying my trade as a mental health professional to admit that, personally, I’m not much for counseling…
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When Grief Goes From Just Plain Miserable to Problematic

Addressing the question of what's "normal" or "expected" in grief is part and parcel of working in the field of grief and bereavement. Nevertheless,…
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The Uncanny Nature of Grief

If I asked you to list a hundred words that describe your grief, my guess is “uncanny” wouldn’t be one…
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