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grief dreams

To Perchance Have Grief Dreams

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  • Eleanor Haley
I had the most disturbing dream when my mom was sick. She was sleeping in the big reclining chair that…
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fall is my grief season

Fall is my Grief Season. How about you?

I’m operating under the influence of fall. It’s a subtle disorientation that knocks me off kilter just enough for things…
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anger in grief make you angry

Why Does Grief Make You Angry at Friends and Family?

Reading that title, you might be thinking that there are approximately a zillion reasons grief makes you angry. And you’d…
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Is The Second Year of Grief Harder?

If you're still in the first year after a loss, I imagine the title of this article alone might have…
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move on after death

Why do People Think we Move On After Death?

I always wanted an imaginary friend as a child, but my mind wouldn't stretch far enough. I envied kids who…
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sensory memory grief

I Miss the Sound of Your Voice: Grieving Sensory Memory

I have a baby. She's ten months old. She was a late-in-life baby, so her only siblings—both sisters—are 10 and…
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grief math

"How Old Would She be Now?" and Other Grief Equations

"When will I ever use this?" is a timeless refrain. Kids have been saying it since the invention of geometry. And,…
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What the Newly Bereaved Should Know

Hello to the newly bereaved. I'm sorry to meet you here in the place where loved ones leave you —…
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If She'll Always Be With Me, Why Don't I Feel Her?

If She'll Always Be With Me, Why Don't I Feel Her?

Written and shared with us by our grief-friend, Cara Jeanne. Sharing with all of you, because we have a feeling…
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