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A Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Grievers

Whether you are shopping as a griever or for a griever (or both!), searching for gifts at the holidays can…
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Considerations for Caregivers

Supporting Grieving Families: tips for RNs and others on the front line

We have a series here at What's Your Grief called 'What's Your Question', where we tackle the grief questions that…
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64 self-care ideas for grievers

64 Self-Care Ideas for People Who Are Grieving

Self-care is a lot like flossing: You know you should do it regularly, but most people don't. Why? Probably because most…
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Grief Support vs. Comfort: A pro-tip for the compassionate and caring

Litsa and I like to offer advice on supporting grievers.  We've covered a lot of ground, from how to write a…
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Grievers Helping Grievers: A Few Considerations

I believe in the power of grievers helping grievers; this probably goes without saying, being that I am the co-founder of this here…
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Death of a Co-worker

We spend a tremendous amount of time with our co-workers.  They touch our lives every day.  We work together, laugh…
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How to write a sympathy card

How to Write a Sympathy Card

Why is writing a sympathy card so hard? It seems like it should be simple, yet even the most compassionate…
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what to send to funeral instead of flowers

What to Send to a Funeral Instead of Flowers

Sending flowers to a funeral is a customary--I'm not here to knock it. I know that sometimes flowers are the…
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Guilt and Grief

What Not To Say Part II: Guilt and Grief

We posted a couple of weeks ago about what not to say to someone who's grieving. The following week, we…
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