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The Case for Unscripted Grief Support: Why we no longer advise people what not to say

When we first started WYG in 2012, we leaned heavily into a category of grief support advice that we no…
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grief support regret

64 Grief Support Regrets: You Don't Know 'til You Know

Recently, going through some boxes that had moved with me, unopened, over several moves, I found a stack of cards.…
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grief and the errand hang text

Grief and the Errand Hang

This year the internet came together to celebrate the "errand hang" and we at What's Your Grief are absolutely here…
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meet them where they're at grief

64 Ways to "Meet Grieving People Where They're At"

"Meet them where they're at" is a common (and sound) suggestion for how to support a grieving friend or family…
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what to say to someone whose mother died

What to Say to Someone Whose Father or Mother Died

We get questions often about what to say to someone whose father died, what to say to someone whose mother…
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What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

I'll probably undermine your confidence in this article when I tell you; I'm not sure how to write about this…
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I'm Grieving and Your Don't Know "Just How I Feel"

I'm Grieving and You Don't Know "Just How I Feel"

Many phrases piss off grieving people, but perhaps none so much as "I know how you feel." Ask someone grieving…
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How To Support Someone Grieving When You Can't Be With Them

  • Blog
  • Litsa Williams
Grief is always isolating. And if you have a friend or family member who has lost a loved one during…
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How To Help A Grieving Friend: Beyond The Basics

This isn't our first post on how to support a friend who is grieving. It probably won't be our last.…
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