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Stop Trying to Heal from Grief

I know this might sound controversial. Or, at minimum, unexpected from a grief writer and therapist. If you’ve spent any…
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grief is human

Grief is Human so Let's Talk About It

Grief is human, but this doesn't mean you have to like it. (Note: we recognize that grief is not exclusively…
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comparing grief

Comparing Grief and Why We Shouldn't do It

  • General
  • Eleanor Haley
Grief-friends - this is a simple article about comparing grief and why you shouldn't do it. The grief-comparison game is common…
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When Feeling Okay Feels Wrong

I look at grief as more of a frienemy than anything else. To be honest, it's been this way since…
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Grief Emotions Aren't Good or Bad, They Just Are

Grief Emotions Aren't Good Or Bad, They Just Are

I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist or an over-achiever, but I have always viewed myself as a person who generally…
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