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Purim: Where Joy and Grief Meet

Today's guest author is Michal Baitz. Michal is the founder and facilitator of The Mending Word, a healing space for grieving and…
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Spend a Day Like Your Loved One on Their Deathiversary

The anniversary of my mother's death, or her "deathiversary", is closing in on me. I usually count on the foliage…
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Is 'Deathiversary' Actually A Word?

I am kind of obsessed with words that should exist but don’t (or that don’t exist in English, at least).…
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Everyday Love: The Death Anniversary Several Years Later

For most newlyweds the first wedding anniversary is day of happiness and joy. Hopefully the couple's year together has been one…
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Coping with a Loved One's Death Anniversary: 30 Ideas

My mother's death anniversary was this past week, October 23rd to be exact. As soon as the fall weather hit, I…
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