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If you follow us on twitter, or if you don't live under a rock, you probably know that this past Sunday Lou Reed died.  I have learned something in the days since Lou Reed's death.  The world appears to be split into two types of people: those who have no idea who Lou Reed was and those who were deeply impacted by him (okay, these may not be the only two types of people in the whole world, but at least in my world).

Lou Reed was an incredible musician and songwriter, both solo and with the Velvet Underground.  It would be silly for me to even try to write my own Lou Reed obit here, so I will leave it to a little music magazine you may have heard of: Rolling Stone's Lou Reed Obituary.  And if you are still wondering who this Reed guy is, don't miss these 20 Essential Lou Reed Tracks.  And while you're cruising Rolling Stone, check out Rob Sheffield's "Thank You Lou Reed".

When a musician dies it is . . . weird.  You don't know the person and yet there can be a strange pain associated with the loss.  Reed's death has had me thinking about it this week.  Music is so deeply connected to our emotional lives.   Just hearing a songs can take us to another time and place.  They may have written the songs that brought us comfort when even our closest friends couldn't bring us comfort.  Specific songs are part of our favorite memories.  There are musicians who are part of the soundtrack of our lives.

Our Lou Reed Tribute
Our Lou Reed Tribute

There is a quote that is questionably attributed to Brian Eno saying that, though the first Velvet Underground album only sold 30,000 copies, "everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band".  Lou Reed was one of those musicians who impacted not just fans, but countless musicians.  On Sunday night, after Reed's death was announced, the on-stage tributes began.  So, instead of our standard 'speaking up about grief' post this month, we are featuring celebs who honored and remembered Lou Reed in their concerts Sunday night. Enjoy!

Gov't Mule: Walk on the Wild Side, Sweet Jane and Waiting for My Man sing along medley

Phish: Rock n Roll

The Black Crowes: Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

Sha la la la, man . . .

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