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We know firsthand that working in grief and bereavement can be a challenging and sometimes isolating job. Depending on your practice setting, you may only have a handful of other grief professionals at your organization. You may also be in private practice or are working virtually from home.

For that reason, we've created a professional space to address the need for community and learning that many of us feel as grief professionals. The purpose of this community is to connect around the values of sharing, collaboration, mentorship, support, and education. 


This community might be a good fit for you if you:

  • Love learning about grief
  • Want to connect with other grief professionals
  • Want to keep up on new grief books, research, and theory 
  • Want a place where you can discuss professional challenges, ask questions, and seek referrals

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What’s Your Grief seeks to help people explore ideas, experiences, and concepts related to grief, coping, and life after loss. Browse our library of resources below for online courses, books, helpful blog posts, and more.

We wrote a book!

After writing online articles for What’s Your Grief
for over a decade, we finally wrote a tangible,
real-life book!

After writing online articles for What’s Your Grief for over a decade, we finally wrote a tangible, real-life book!

What’s Your Grief? Lists to Help you Through Any Loss is for people experiencing any type of loss. This book discusses some of the most common grief experiences and breaks down psychological concepts to help you understand your thoughts and emotions. It also shares useful coping tools, and helps the reader reflect on their unique relationship with grief and loss.

You can find What’s Your Grief? Lists to Help you Through Any Loss wherever you buy books:

Professional Education

What’s Your Grief offers online grief workshops for professionals looking to expand their understanding of grief and bereavement. Our training philosophy emphasizes providing a strong foundation in grief theory and research with tangible applications to practice. Most live sessions are approved for CEs by APA and various social work and counseling boards - see each session registration page for continuing education details.

Listen to Our Podcast

In the What’s Your Grief podcast, WYG founders Eleanor and Litsa leave no stone unturned in demystifying the complicated and sometimes crazy experience of life after loss.

They discuss everything from grief theory to coping, one digestible topic at a time. Grievers and grief professionals alike will find their approach practical, relatable, informative, and engaging.

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