Everyday Changes: Fall Challenge Round Up

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In late September, we challenged our readers to photo-document the everyday changes they experienced throughout the fall season. This prompt was open to interpretation, for example, changes could have been related to grief, growth, atmosphere, environment, relationships, etc. Then we asked readers to share their photographs with the PhotoGrief community in our Fall Challenge Gallery or on Instagram using the hashtag #everydaychanges or #photogriefchallenge. We're always blown away by the submissions we receive, but this challenge we were especially blown away. Today we will share a handful of the submissions we received, but we encourage you to browse all submissions when you get the chance.

Shared in the PhotoGrief Gallery:

[by Terri Gullemetz]

"Autumn mornings,

sunshine and crisp air.

Birds and calmness,

years and days.


[by Kayla Cheney]

 [by Anonymous]

"There is always a bright side."


Shared on Instagram


23 days, 10 hours, 45 minutes and 44 seconds. It has been almost a month since you passed. Almost a month and I still have a hard time understanding that this is real; you truly are gone forever. I still expect you to be beside my bed when I wake up, to follow me into the bathroom and keep me company, to be laying by the fireplace, turning over for a belly rub when I walk by. Although those sensations become less and less, they are still there. I'm now at the stage of reminiscing on our life together, and oh what a wonderful life we had. Forever in my heart you will stay, my sweet girl. I love you and miss you more than words could ever express. @whatsyourgrief #whatsyourgrief #grief #everydaychanges #loss #Indi #corgi #shepherd #inmydreams #baby #paws #love

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Broken, Blue, and Beautiful

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I've wanted an excuse to share this picture for a while - and the #everydaychanges #photogriefchallenge from @whatsyourgrief is perfect. . Whilst this picture wasn't technically taken in autumn, it depicts my grief and was the reason I took it. This is Wisteria, at Greys Court. It is over 100 years old. The Wisteria has not just woven itself around the fences, its gripped tight. There is no escape. It's grown solidly around its surroundings - both new and old. Yet life is thriving around it. At some points of the year, it's barren and empty, but when it's blooms (which I've yet to see...) it no doubt lights up the days of anyone who passes. . This to me is my grief. Constant, suffocating, interwoven forever, around the new and the old, yet surrounded by colour, light and life. . #whatsyourgrief #photochallenge #stillbirth #babyloss #leophoenix #bigbrother #babylossawareness

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