Dog Day In Heaven

Photogrief / Photogrief : Eleanor Haley

by Beth White

If I could kiss Heaven I would.

I would attach my wings and fly high in the sky.

Effortlessly into the most glorious golden light.

To kiss My Golden Girl.

My Emmie.

To see her with delight.

I wish I could visit, just for the wonder of sight.

Of that place.

Of her face.

Of God’s grace.

I wonder how they celebrate there, in Heaven.

Do all the Golden Children get together by the shore, to swim and splash and play?

To simply enjoy the day?

To come together with such smiles that the entire earth must see the beauty of them reflected in the sand?

To create the most incredible brilliant glow of joy that every person alive feels a little lighter step and a little more peace?

A sense of happiness reflected in the waters.

I wonder.

If everyday there brings new reasons for celebration, then it must be a sweet reminder of the need of celebration for us.

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