Walking On: Creative Expression in Grief

Photogrief / Photogrief : Eleanor Haley

12X14 inches
by Lin Deahl-Coy in honor of John W. Suggs, Jr.

I was driven to paint Sunday. Furiously I painted two images.

This one was the second.

While I was painting I heard my friends voice in my head.

He said, “Lin I have to go.”

I thought, “No No No…you can’t leave me here alone!”

He said, “Lin I GET to go! Now! I love you.”

You can’t be gone…I would know…they would call me. I was feeling even more panicked and desperate. I must be imagining this.

He said, “No Lin, I have to go. they will call you within the hour.”

Forty-Five minutes later his daughter-in-law called to say he had walked on to the kingdom.

I heard the sound of wind chimes 3 times, even though there were no chimes. I think my Angel got more wings.

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