Mostly Blue

Photogrief / Photogrief : Eleanor Haley

I find the ocean troubling; its endlessness frightens me. Its vast and mysterious and it makes me feel about as small as the grains of sand beneath my feet.

I cannot help myself from thinking that countless others have stood before the same ocean since its waves first arrived upon the shore.

Some who crossed it in boats.

Some who fought wars upon its sands.

Some who dipped their toes in its surf on a warm summer night.

When I look out onto this ocean, at the haunting hour when day meets the night, I think about how you looked upon this ocean once upon a time.  I wonder, what did you think? Perhaps the same things I’m thinking now.

That we are small…and the world is big…and someone you love is gone…and the ocean doesn’t care…and now you are mostly blue.

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