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The Griefy-est Time of the Year

Hey Litsa, how's it going? It's going all right. How are you? I'm good. So, we're back with the What's Your Grief Podcast. Yet again. Yet again, we'll spare rehashing all the history of our on and off background of

The Gift of Time: A Shavout Teaching on Grief

 *For this article, I refer to the “Torah” as a broad term to include the first five books of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and subsequent ancient books such as The Talmud* Shavout is a holiday where Jews celebrate the giving

Grieving During Happy Times of Life

Life after loss is bittersweet. We've talked about it time and again. Suddenly happy moments make you acutely aware of just who isn't here to share in them. They can also serve as reminders of time marching on, the world

Grief and the Passage of Time

Episode Transcript So welcome to everybody. This is the first episode of the What's Your Grief. I guess we're gonna just call this our community podcast. It's kind of just like a discussion that we're having and sharing in our What's Your

Times Like These, I Wish You Were Here

Times like these – when 'I'm scared and worried – I wish you were here. When the seconds slow and shapes blur, and I genuinely don't know if everything is going to be okay – I could really use your

Mourning the Passage of Time

I’ll be a year older next week as far as my license is concerned. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s almost my birthday. I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m never terribly thrilled to mark the passage

Good Grief Support Isn't Just a One Time Thing

Let’s have a conversation about grief support. Actually, scratch that, let’s not have a—as in singular—conversation about grief support. Instead, let’s begin an ongoing dialogue. This is only part one of the conversation, which we can revisit and build upon far into

Nighttime Rumination in Grief

Some nights feel like an abyss.  It starts small, with a thought, memory, or worry that cracks the ground beneath me, and before I know it my foundation has crumbled away and I am tumbling into darkness. These thoughts appear

Eight Times Grief Made Me Feel Ugly, Mean, or Crazy

Society has created this narrative that idealizes the idea of grieving with grace. You have probably seen it in the movies, in books, and subtly being reinforced when people compliment you on how strong you are and how you are