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64 Reminders if You’re Filled With Holiday Dread

It's not just you dreading the holidays. The holidays after a loss are always hard. Holiday dread (or at least holiday ambivalence) is incredibly common. You have survived other hard days. You will survive this hard day. It might be

64 Grief Support Regrets: You Don’t Know ’til You Know

Recently, going through some boxes that had moved with me, unopened, over several moves, I found a stack of cards. It was every sympathy card that I received after my father's death. I was only 18 when my dad died,

64 Ways to “Meet Grieving People Where They’re At”

"Meet them where they're at" is a common (and sound) suggestion for how to support a grieving friend or family member. Apologies if you don't like sentences that end in prepositions, it's just what we're doing today. It's a suggestion I

The 64 Hardest Lessons That Grief Taught Me

You know we love a good 64-things-about-grief list around here. We have tons of them, on so many topics, often crowdsourced from tens of thousands of WYG readers and social media followers. Sometimes we plan them and sometimes they find

64 Tips for Coping With Forgetfulness in Grief

We've said it once, and we'll say it a million times: You're not losing your mind, you're just grieving. Yes, I know, your brain feels as dull as a butter knife these days. You lose your train of thought mid-sentence,

64 Grief-Words That Should Exist

Many moons ago, we wrote an article about the limited language of grief. We lamented the reality that, in grief, we often have thoughts, feelings, and experiences that seem to defy language. We feel isolated and alienated, and as though

64 of the Best Things Ever Said to a Griever

People ask us this question time and again: What should I say to someone who's grieving? They ask, hoping there is an easy answer or checklist... but I have bad news: Those things don't exist. We recently asked WYG readers

64 of the Worst Things Ever Said to a Griever

We recently asked our Facebook readers the following questions: "What is the best thing anyone has said to you in your grief?" and "What is the worst thing anyone has said to you in your grief?" As the title of this post

64 Examples of Disenfranchised Grief

Disenfranchised grief is a term that was coined by one of our favorite grief researchers, Ken Doka, about twenty years ago. He defines disenfranchised grief as, “Grief that persons experience when they incur a loss that is not or cannot be