A Wedding Guide for Grievers: tips for remembering and coping

With save the dates covering my fridge it is becoming hard to deny that wedding season is upon us.  Though most people who think about weddings probably don’t jump right to thinking about grief, most people who think about weddings probably don’t write a grief blog.  Lucky for you, around here just about anything makes us think about grief.

After a loss, no matter how many years have passed, significant life events are reminders that the person we have lost is not there with us.  For our wedding we may have always imagined that our mom would be there for wedding dress shopping, that our best friend would be our best man, or that our dad would walk us down the aisle.  When that person isn’t there, there absence is a deep and constant reminder of our pain.  The most joyous of events become bittersweet.

We have written in the past about coping with weddings after a death, but our words of wisdom are scattered all over the blog.  Think of today’s post as one-stop-shopping for your wedding-after-a-death needs.  Click on any of the images below to check out our tips, tricks, and creative ideas for remembering your loved one on your wedding day, and some tools for coping to boot.  Whether you are the one getting married after a death or supporting someone who is, we hope some of our ideas will help.

Wedding Dress Shopping Without Mom
wedding dress shopping without mom

Your Wedding After a Death: Remembering Loved Ones at Your Ceremony.
Your Wedding Day After a Loss
Your Wedding After a Death: Remembering Loved Ones at Your Reception.
wedding after a death reception
What should I give as a wedding gift to someone who lost a parent?
wedding gift lost a parentWedding Journal Activity for GrieversYour wedding after a death journal

  The First Family Wedding After a Death
wedding after a death first family

Have some great ideas for remembering loved ones at a wedding or coping with grief during wedding season? Leave a comment to let us know!  

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March 2, 2018

6 responses on "A Wedding Guide for Grievers: tips for remembering and coping"

  1. Unique topic you have chosen and expertly accumulate the information. I love the way you represent the information. My daughter’s wedding was 2 months after my husband, her dad passed away. She asked me if she could have his wedding ring worked into her bouquet, just for the ceremony. She also walked in with her groom. They decided if they were “going into this thing together, then that’s what they were going to do!” It was perfect.

  2. One thing I loved about my sister in law’s wedding was the sweetheart table. She and her new usband sat at a little table by themselves. On the table were photographs, framed beautifully , of my son who died, the bride’s father and the groom’s father, also departed. This made me feel so co forged that my son Jacob was art of their day,

  3. Wonderful tips, and well worth sharing, Litsa. Thank you! I’ve added this page to my “Tools for Healing” Pinterest board.
    I will watch for your tips on coping with funerals, too, as Bob suggested. Meanwhile, your readers may find this post helpful: Facing Another Funeral Without ‘Falling Apart,’ here: http://j.mp/1dGACE3 ?

  4. Ahh, great suggestion for a post – I think most people can relate! We will definitely put that on the upcoming post schedule. Stay tuned . . .

  5. Great that you have gathered these tips together.

    Now how ’bout a post about how to cope with a funeral. Every time I go to a funeral I feel guilty because I feel like I’m really grieving for my loved ones rather than the one whose funeral I’m attending.

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