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Inside Out Offers Important Lessons for Grieving Children and Adults

If you're wondering whether Pixar's newest movie Inside Out will make you cry, the answer is maybe.  I know because I saw…
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Support for Grieving Children: Grief Centers and the National Alliance for Grieving Children

Oh man, you should have seen us the other day, heavy bags slung over our shoulders dragging oversized and awkwardly…
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grief and bullying

Grief and Bullying: A Letter to Teens & Preteens

Dear Griever, It’s hard to believe that this letter needs to be written.  You can call me naïve and out…
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holiday and hardship

Holidays and Hardship: Will the kids be alright?

My pretty little girls living in your snow globe-sized world, what wouldn't I give to keep you wrapped in a…
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Grief in 'Looking for Alaska': A Grief Book Review

Grief in ‘Looking for Alaska’: A Grief Book Book Review

The recipe for a good vacation for me is a big pile of books. Leaving for ten days of vacation, I…
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Six Books for Grieving Teenagers

It is a little terrifying when you realize time is escaping you. I was going to start this post by…
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Helping a Teenager Deal with Grief

It’s difficult to sum up how to support a child or teenager without being overly general because, just like big wrinkly…
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school after death

Going Back to School After a Death: 9 Tips

As you are going through the motions of planning carpools, packing new book bags, and laying out first-day of school…
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harry potter and grief

The 8 Horcruxes of Grief: The Harry Potter Grief Model

Disclaimer: The grief model outlined below is completely unsubstantiated. The opinions expressed by the author in no way reflect the…
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