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Your Grief Feels Enormous When Someone Dies, Here's Why

It bends my mind to consider how universal and common the experience of losing a loved one is. How could…
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After a Death, the Holidays are a Secondary Loss

I wish I could say I remember the last Christmas my mother was alive. I should remember. I should have…
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A Deep Dive Into Secondary Loss

The death of a loved one isn't just one single earth-shattering loss. In reality, it's a tremendous loss, followed by…
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I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore: Grief and Loss of Identity

  • General
  • Litsa Williams
Identity is a funny thing.  The way we think of ourselves, how we define ourselves, the story we tell ourselves…
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Grieving the Loss of Hopes and Dreams

I just realized my birthday is tomorrow. Seriously, I totally forgot. Although I’m always bad with dates, truthfully I think…
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Adjustment After Loss

Any loss can trigger a domino effect of secondary losses that one needs to adjust to. In the case of a death…
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Secondary Loss -- one loss isn't enough??!!

When we experience death the grief associated with the loss itself is excruciating.  There are the obvious things we “expect”…
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