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To Me, From You: Writing Letters From Those We’ve Lost

In grief (and in life), if you can no longer talk to someone you love, people will often advise you…
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hindsight bias in grief

“I should have known…”: Understanding Hindsight Bias in Grief

  • General
  • Eleanor Haley
People have a natural tendency to sift through the ashes of tragedy in search of explanations. To quote Holocaust survivor…
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Where is my Hollywood ending?: When death isn’t peaceful, serene, or good

You know I love Hollywood as much as the next person, but I'm beginning to think I can't trust everything…
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things left unsaid

The Dissonance of Things Left Unsaid

I want you to imagine you're listening to a child play the piano. This particular child is relatively new to piano…
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Guilt vs Regret in Grief

When it comes to grief, guilt and regret are words that get tossed around pretty regularly.  We all have things…
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