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photographing symbols: acorn necklace

Photography How To: Photographing Symbols

If you follow 'What's Your Grief,' you know we think that artistic expression is a great way to deal with grief.  We…
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grief mural of hand silhouettes spelling out the word "love"

Photographing Inspiration: Murals and Graffiti

When we talk here at WYG about using photography as a tool for coping with loss. I know there may be some…
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grief photography self portrait

Self-Portraits: Expressing Emotion Through Art

I don’t particularly enjoy talking about my feelings, not unless there’s a punch line involved. I am happy to express…
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grave grief and photography

Coping with Death: Grief and Photography

There are times when we want to express and explore our emotions and experiences, but we really don't want to…
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Grief Tug of War: Holding on to Memories as Long as We Can

I am kind of a preservationist. And by 'kind of,' I mean only in my imagination. I am the type…
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