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Growing Through Grief

Today we're welcoming WYG mental health intern Patricia Cole with a guest article about her personal story of growth through…
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Reflections on Grieving a Father

It seems hard to talk about grieving a father without first reminding you of this: before the day that your…
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Father's Day Grief

Help for Your Father's Day Grief

Over the years, we've written quite a bit about Father's Day Grief. Though there's always more to be said because…
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Grieving the death of an elderly loved one

Grieving the Death of an Older Adult

Earlier this week, we published the article, Please stop minimizing the death of older adults.  It was admittedly a bit of a…
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Surviving Father's Day Grief: When sadness meets storytelling

Father’s Day has always felt a bit different to me than Mother's Day. Perhaps because of gender stereotypes or how…
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Becoming a parent After the Death of a Parent

Becoming a Parent After the Death of a Parent

After someone you love dies, almost all “blessed events” thereafter become a mix of happy-type emotions and sad-type emotions.  In…
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The Path

by Erik Boone Every night, I stayed with my dad as he slowly transitioned. He was in hospice. In the…
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How Do I Use a Belt Sander & Other Questions for my Dead Dad

How Do I Use A Belt Sander & Other Questions For My (Dead) Dad

You love someone who's died, right? I mean, if you read or follow What's Your Grief, that seems like a…
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Supporting Kids Who Can't Remember Their Dads This Father's Day

It is no secret, I hate Father’s Day.  If you missed last year's Father's Day post in which I discussed the…
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