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Grief and Gender: Intuitive and Instrumental Grief

We are usually pretty hesitant to even hint at categorizing, labeling, or classifying grief. There are so many different grief…
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12 Challenges for Grieving Extroverts

A while back, Eleanor wrote a great post on grieving as an introvert. If you missed it, you should check…
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The Utility of Laughter in Times of Grief

Among the kinds of coping you expect to see from a griever, the reaction that seems to surprise people the…
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What's Your Grief Style? (aka coping for your kind of crazy)

We talk a lot here at WYG about different grief theories.  We do our best to break them down in a…
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Introverts and Grief: Exits are to the front and the rear of the funeral home

Introverts and Grief: Exits Are to the Front and Rear of the Funeral Home

You know those emergency exit announcements they make whenever you’re in a crowded place? Ladies and gentlemen, please note the…
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